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Blog Button Rollover Images

April 15th, 2005  · stk

Putting a Face to a Name

Lots of folks like b2evolution's multi-blogging capabilities and use it to create a community of bloggers (family members, artist's groups, church congregations, to name a few). This often means that the blog name is the author's name. Why not (like Adam asked) associate an image with each author, so that when you hover over the blog button, you see their photo? (The image on the right shows an example for "Jessica's Blog").

Great idea Adam!

Our blog isn't a multi-blog, so I was reluctant to pursue this question, because I couldn't test it. Unbeknownst to Adam, the technique he wanted to use (Eric Meyer's pure CSS pop-up) is similar to the one I (independently) developed for our image/caption zoom (the "pop" demonstrated by many of the images here). This hooked me!

First, I made a mock-up of Adam's page, where you can see the rollover concept in action and view the inline CSS & HTML using 'view source'. I then dusted off my server software (yellowtip), fired up the demonstration b2evo blog (which IS a multi-blog) and got the whole thing working on my desktop.

This tutorial will provide xhtml(strict)-valid code and use a pure-CSS method to create image rollovers for b2evolution blog buttons. It works with both MSIE and FireFox browsers. Further, this rollover technique can be applied to ANY link, not just b2evolution blog buttons, though this is the focus.

If this is something you might like to add to your site, read on ...

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Updated: 21-Nov-2005
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Knee Knocker

April 14th, 2005  · stk

Finally, spring has sprung! It's raining today (sleeting, actually), but the past 5 or so days have just been beautiful. Glorious sunshine, warm(ish) temperatures and a snow-free ground to walk upon. We are happy. :D

It's been a great relief, to take Alex out-of-doors. She knows what 'going outside' means. She toddles down the steps (crawling backwards down them still) and into the mud room. She makes a valiant attempt to don her jacket or sweater and now knows to put on her 'sun hat'). Once outside, she heads down to the swing set, hoping that we get the hint and give her a push or two. Maybe a ride down the plastic slide, which has rapidly become one of her favorite 'thrills'! She'll climb on the glider and can even manage to get it rocking by herself. When she's not swinging, she's exploring. The problem with this is that she has no fear of anything and is more willing to expand her horizons than Mom & Dad are comfortable with. Combine this curiosity with a backyard that isn't fenced, too many cars going by, driven by people that are 5 minutes late for their very important date and you have the makings of a disaster.

So, Scott built a knee-high knocker fence that spans the width of the driveway. It's short enough for adults to step over, but tall enough to keep Alex confined to the backyard. Because we're in a rental home, we weren't too keen on dumping a pile of cash into the solution, so we ended up stealing :oops: liberating some wood pallets (though I mock, they were, indeed, destined for the trash). Busted apart and with the nails removed, the pallets provided the raw materials. Scott designed it with a pull-out section, so we can get the lawn mower and other large objects through.

Thus, the very first spring project: "The Oop Containment Field", has been completed.

That's where we've been for the past few days ... outside, enjoying the sunshine and the warmth. We've thatched the back yard (getting 10-12 large trash-bags full of dead grass ... amazing). Built the fence (and painted it white). Pushed Alex about a million times on the swing and sent her down the slide, screaming with glee. Scott even managed to fly the $1 plastic helicopter a few times, before (idiot pilot that he is) crashed the thing into an electrical wire, breaking off a rotor. Until that time, Alex had great fun watching it fly and retrieving it. (Repairs have been attempted, but it is doubtful the thing will fly right again). We've raked up the garden, dusted off the deck chairs, had two BBQ dinners and gulped plenty of fresh air.

Ah... FINALLY, one of the mildest winters in Edmonton (but still the worst winter either of us have EVER experienced) is over! "You hear that snow? Stay AWAY!" we say.

Rachel even managed to avoid massive amounts of studying and joined in the family fun. This is her last week of classes and final exams are just around the corner. She's already bemoaning the effort that will be required over the next couple of weeks and the fact that she'll have only 5 days off before the madness begins again.

Unfortunately, during the building of the containment field, Scott (the old bugger that he is) managed to hurt his right knee. Probably nothing that time won't heal, but he's hobbling about, downing ibuprofen like candy and constantly complaining of pain. (Rachel can't wait for his knee to get better, as she is tired of him using it as an excuse to get out of tasks that involve kneeling - like diapering the Oop, bathing the Oop, putting the Oop's toys away.) Scott's worried that this acute knee pain just might become a chronic problem. ;) ha ha

ENGINEERING SNAFU: Rachel pointed out a design flaw in the containment field, yesterday. She noticed that IF I hadn't placed the 4x4 post in the CENTER of the driveway, but instead, had placed it closer to the existing fence and made the whole middle section removable, we could get the Honda Accord (which is being stored) out of the garage. As it is now, we'll have to dismantle the fence when we move from here. (Of course, fixing it now would mean dismantling the fence, obtaining more lumber and rebuilding the majority of the fence). Hmmmm. The fence stays, but Scott is kicking himself for not thinking of this earlier! ;) "D'oh!"

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Updated: 15-May-2005
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Posting via Email

April 6th, 2005  · stk

Hello World

This is a test of HTML

The above outlined text & color may not seem like such a big deal, but you might think it was a bigger deal if I told you that it was accomplished via email. That's right ... blogging 'on the run'!

"So how did you achieve such a feat?" you ask. Well, the answer, like so many others, lies in the questions that are asked on the b2evolution forums. Specifically, a fellow by the name of Matt, was looking for a blogging solution. He had heard that b2evolution did NOT support blogging via email and came to check this out for himself.

I picked up the torch because (1) I had chosen diary-x as a blogging solution in 2001 because it was the ONLY blogging solution I found (at the time) that offered blogging via email (our PCT journal was written using this software and you can see it here) and (2) I hadn't yet blogged by email and because I might want to one day, decided that NOW might be a good time to figure out how to do it!

There is a "How to post by email" tutorial, but it's based on version 0.8.6 and didn't do it for me. Further, as explained by this thread, many people have been experiencing problems trying to post via email.

This article will provide the means by which you too, can make b2evolution blog entries via email. Hopefully, with less of the frustration I experienced in doing it.

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Updated: 23-Aug-2006
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XHTML-Strict ImageMap

April 6th, 2005  · stk

Posting a valid XHTML 1.0 (Strict) ImageMap

EDIT: If you want an XHTML 1.1 valid image map, read these this article.

Note: This article fails once again passes validation because it is written to XHTMLv1.0 (Strict) standards and our pages are now used to be validating against XHTMLv1.1. (Update: I got tired of our website failing in FireFox, using XHTMLv1.1, whenever code had a simple tag typo. We just fell back to using v1.0 Strict, once again.)

 hotspot: clicking takes you to image


If you move your mouse over the image on the right, in the lightened area, you'll see a "hotspot" there. If you click on this hotspot, this page will open into the Adidas running shoes homepage. (Use the browser 'back' button to return, if you would like to see what the Adidas homepage looks like.) THIS is a simple example of an "image map", where a certain area of an image is linked to another page & clicking it will take the visitor to that page. It's a simple example because there is only one "hot spot" on the image and it is rectangular in shape. One can have many hot spots and the shapes can be highly irregular.

Recently, someone on the b2evolution forums asked about posting such an animal in b2evolution - see the original discussion. As it turns out, it's very straight forward, but one has to modify the _formatting.php file so that the html-checker will recognize the code (which isn't as straight forward).

This tutorial provides xhtml(strict)-valid code and shows you what needs to be modified in the /conf/_formatting.php file.

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Updated: 3-Dec-2009
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Half Birthday #2

April 4th, 2005  · stk

I had a tough time getting this video posted, for some reason. (Probably because it's vertical). BUT ... because it took so much time ... her highness (the Oop) is already up from her mid-morning nap and READY to eat some lunch, chuck a few balls around and wreak havoc on the house. So the rest of the post (and pics), will have to wait till LATER.

Later ... (after a big lunch, play time, a poopy diaper, a visit with Paul across the alley, a walk to the postal drop box 5 blocks away, trying to carry too many pine cones, several chocolate covered M&M's (Smarties), and some cookies for snack ... finally, the Oop went down for a nap and I can finish the entry)!

Faster than Alex can put toys in the trash can, her second half-birthday came and went. Not that we had a big celebration or anything, but at this age, a half birthday is more of a milestone than Dad's (or Mom's) birthdays are. It's been a full THIRD of her life since celebrating her first birthday, back in October.

Dad made a cake and decorated it (Mom and Alex enjoyed licking the frosting off the spatula). On her first half-birthday, we were in Vancouver under sunny skies. This year, we were under sunny skies, but 1200 kilometers north and east, with snow blanketing the backyard (but melting fast). Last year, the cake was among her first attempts at 'solid food', but this year she's a solid-food pro and managed to eat with her own fork (well, sort of). Last year, she blew out her diapers. This year, she blew out the candles! Ahh, the difference a year makes.

Alex had a fun time, eating cake and we hope that you enjoy the footage of her milestone candle-blowing ceremony (too cute).

The video file is about 1.5MB in size, so those on dial-up may wish to download the AVI video instead of trying to view the Flash version online. (The AVI file is 1.9MB in size.)

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