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8-month Oop

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8-month Oop

May 31st, 2004  · stk

We can't say that the "Oop" had a great time on our trip to Edmonton, but she did survive. It's tough to ride in a car-seat for 1,159 kilometers, but (as usual) she was a trooper.

She had a difficult time adjusting to the tent-trailer that we borrowed from Rachel's parents, however. The first night, we tried to put her to sleep, by herself, on one side of the trailer. But she just howled! She ended up sleeping with Mom, which helped settle her down and dad ended up sleeping on the other side.

At home, Alex is now consuming more and more solid food. She's drinking from her sippy cup (but not by herself yet, because she keeps insisting that the bottom tasts better than the top (which dumps the liquid out of the sippy cup all over everything).

She is just starting to learn to crawl, getting her knees up under herself in a very unsteady fashion. She's knows what "kittycat" means, and looks for one of two cats every time we say the word. She absolutely SQUEALS with delight when the cats come near, as she loves to pull their tails (they don't come near very often, either one!) It doesn't seem to dampen her enthusiasm for cats, however.

Rachel spotted a used bike trailer in one of the local 'bargain classified ads' that come to the door. We drove out to have a look and it seemed to be in pretty good condition and fairly well constructed, so we bought it. Of course, we had to test it out, so we took it out for an inagural ride around the seawall at Stanley park. It's a two-seater and Alex is still pretty small, so we ended up having to prop her up with blakets and pillows, so she would stay upright. In true "Oop" form, she slept most of the ride away. She did have fun at the park, where we stopped for a bit, had a snack and let her play in a field full of daisies. It was a gorgeous day.

In unrelated news, Scott has been working at a handyman painting job, left over from the tail end of the last "painting season". He is eager to be finished, as he says, "The only thing less exciting than painting is watching the paint dry!" It's been raining some lately (which is why you're able to read this journal entry). Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and he can finish prior to June 17th, our move date.

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