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"Hi, Paul"

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"Hi, Paul"

April 25th, 2005  · stk

Alex loves visitors and our neighbors seem happy to oblige. Taylor, the pre-teen who lives about 4 houses down and across the alley, visits on a semi-regular basis. Tucker and a group of kids (all 10-years or younger) have been coming by on weekends, playing with Alex (until she falls and starts to cry, which scares them all away). Diane, Wayne and Grant, our neighbors, love Alex to death, buying her dresses, baking her muffins and cooing at her through the fence. Even their Rotweiler dog, "Roxy", seems to enjoy Alex, sniffing at her through the fence, or trying to jump on her when she's taken out for a walk (as if saying, "come on, PLAY with me"). Of course, she's a tad big compared to Alex, but Alex giggles when she gets her nose close.

Yep, the Oop loves company and according to her, there's no better company than Paul, her buddy from across the lane. He's 75, a retired firefighter and lives alone (his wife having passed some time ago). Now that the weather has gotten nicer, he visits on a regular basis (he's pretty sweet on the wee one). He doesn't come empty-handed either, bringing a bit of chocolate, strawberries, blueberries or some other treat for Alex, who has begun to anticipate these gastronomic goodies (ahem ... and Paul too, of course). Now that she's starting to string words together, she'll often walk to the end of the yard, peek through the fence, all the while saying, "Hi Paul!"

It doesn't matter if Paul is actually THERE or not, she's just anticipating his next visit! It's all rather cute, though it breaks our heart to see her forlornly pacing the back fence, repeating time and again, "Hi Paul, Hi Paul," when Paul isn't there ... like a puppy, crying for its owner ... eager for his next visit.

Alex talks to Paul on her play phone, in the living room, putting it to her ear and saying, "Hi, Paul". And you know how toddlers love to repeat things ... well, we've heard a lot of "Hi Paul", whether we're in the back yard, in the house, in the bath or eating dinner.

Seems that Alex is pretty taken with Paul too.

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