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Oop Milestones

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Oop Milestones

April 27th, 2005  · stk

Rachel has been keeping Alex's list of "firsts", which we've been sporadically maintaining. It's fun to look back at her progress, remembering the first time she did this, or that. Gosh, she's growing up fast. We thought we'd share the list.

A Chronology of Oop Firsts

•  First breath (03-Oct-03/brand new) At 4:50AM a new cry is heard in Vancouver,BC

•  Holds up her own noggin (13-Oct-03/10 days)

•  Rolls over (25-Oct-03/3+ weeks) She rolled front-to-back, but it was a freak event, not to repeated any time soon. She was pretty much a blob that you could place anywhere, knowing that she'd be in the same spot, later on. We utilized this, but paid a price when she DID start to move.

•  First tears (1-Nov-03/4 weeks) They weren't actual drops (plenty of those those will come later), but more like "moisture".

•  Sleeps through the night. (11-Nov-03/5 weeks) - After a month of sleep deprivation, Rachel was especially thankful. Alex pretty much, with a few exceptions that only last a few days at a time, slept through the night from this point forward. We learn that this is unusual and count our blessings.

•  Discovers her thumb. (26-Nov-03/7 weeks) - We never thought we'd be so thankful that our daughter learned to suck her thumb, but it now means that she can soothe herself if she's hungry, tired or upset. Aside from the annoying "slurp, slurp" sound, it brings a measure of peace to the household. Of course, later we wished she'd get that bloody thumb OUT of her mouth, proving that parents are never happy.

•  First hearty laugh. (18-Dec-03/11 weeks) - Dad was carrying the Oop in a front-facing Snugli, walking down the street with Rachel. The Oop lets out a "ha, ha, ha"! At first, we think something is wrong - asthma attack? - but then, when we realized what happened, we break into a fit of laughter. We never did find out what tickled her funny bone.

•  First non-breastmilk food (27-Feb-04/4+ months) - Her first taste of formula. The Oop is just taking in more than Mom can make.

•  First "solid" food (15-Mar-04/5+ months) Bleck ... rice cereal. She loves it! Of course, it could also be referred to as the day Alex learned to fingerpaint! ;) Solid food means that the solid diaper products begin to stink too. We're all for progress, but GEEZ ... pee-ewe!

•  First swim (15-Mar-04/5+ months) - Alex first gulped chlorine at the Brittania Centre Pool. It was a very big day for Alex - two firsts! Oh, and the experimental results: sinks like "a stone". ;)

•  First half-birthday! (3-Apr-04/6 months) - Has first taste of chocolate cake. Likes chocolate. (A LOT).

Alex's first swing ride

•  First blood. (8-Apr-04/6+ months) - Rolls off couch, lands on face & gets a bloody nose. This is when Mom and Dad begin to realize that they can't leave Alex in one spot and expect her to be there when they return. It takes a while for Mom and Dad to clue in, which only adds a few more lumps to her noggin, but (thankfully) no more blood. Ouch! No permanent damage is done (we think).

•  First Swing. (10-Apr-04/6+ months) - We don't have too many firsts on video, but this is one. Gran & Grandpa Pilley installed a toddler swing underneath the back porch balcony at Pender Street. It was such a lovely day and we thought the Oop might like a new experience. LIKE? She loved it! (She's been a nut for swings, being tossed, slides ... we're afraid we're raising an adrelaline junkie!)

•  First Tooth (13-Apr-04/6+ months) - The first enamel shows up on the bottom center, left side. She's quick on teeth, having nearly a full noggin of them at a year and a half, but very slow with hair, still mistaken for "Alexander", in place of "Alexandra" when in public. (Pink dresses help!)

•  First fortune cookie (26-Apr-04/6+ months) - "Your love life will be happy and harmonious" (which is nice, if not - we're hoping - 18 years premature). Dad's is more apropos: "A thing of beauty shall bring you great joy." (Rachel immediately assumes it's referring to her, while the Oop joyfully slurps her first bowl of jello down, which, like chocolate, she loves). :D

•  Pulled herself to a standing position (26-June-04/8+ months) - Right after we moved to Edmonton, from Vancouver, Alex was able to use the couch and coffee table to stand erect. (Thank God the coffee table has rounded corners). This marks the beginning of the "Oop bumping period", when she started cracking her head against all sorts of objects, as she learned to manoeuver about.

•  Later Dude! (15-July-04/9+ months) - Alex learns to wave "bye-bye" (which she does when people arrive too, not knowing that BYE is BYE and BYE is NOT HI!). Can you say "cute"?

•  Climbs Two Steps (27-July-04/9+ months) - With mom watching and worried about a backwards flip, we watched Alex struggle to gain altitude! (Thankfully, the stairs were carpeted).

•  Rocking Out! (1-Aug-04/10 months) - Bee-bop, swaying, head bobbing ... Alex is grooving to the tunes and digging the sounds.

•  Climbs the Whole Flight (03-Aug-04/10 months) - A week later, the Oop has learned how to climb the whole flight of stairs. We are in the midst of a physical development growth spurt! The Oop is learning to MOVE!

•  First Cycle Tour (10-Aug-04/10+ months) - We decided that we'd better get the Oop going on adventures as we like to do them, so we packed her up and headed south, to Canmore, for a 5/6 day cycle touring adventure from Banff to Jasper, along the Icefields Parkway. She had a great time, though it took us a while to adjust to her playing in the dirt! She didn't seem to mind riding in the bike trailer, but then again, she wasn't pedaling (dad was)! The off-site journal has some photos of the trip.

•  First Steps (31-Oct-04/12+ months) - It's all been leading up to this moment and finally, on Holloween, Alex takes her first steps ... to the front door to see all the kids, who are arriving at the front door non-stop! (We lost count after 100+ kids came for candy and we damn near ran out of treats). Alex took 5 tentative steps, just to get a peek. (And mom missed it, because she was doling out the 'goods').

•  First Cold (22-Dec-04/14+ months) - Just in time for Christmas, the Oop is feeling the effects of not getting immunized from breast milk. Her 2nd trip to see Santa was marred by the effects of her cold, which made her tired and cranky. Poor Oop.

•  First Trip to Emergency (26-Dec-04/14+ months) - The Oop had a VERY exciting Christmas day (so exciting that she forgot to take a nap)! Then, we went over to friends for dinner and Alex played hard with their kids, all evening. By the time we arrived back home, driving through a near white-out, Alex was knackered. She went right to bed, but woke us up at 2AM, when she was barking like a dog and laboring to breathe. Our kid had the croup and what a SCARY experience for newbie parents, as it looked and sounded like each breath would be her last. Parting piling drifts of snow, dad drove like a banshee to the emergency clinic, where Alex entertained the nurses, got some cold steam laced with steroids and picked up a stuffed toy duck, which we now call "Croupie". A Christmas to remember!

•  First Loose Tooth (7-Nov-09/6 years 1 month) - Alex is very excited to have finally gotten a loose tooth (bottom front right incisor). She's wiggling it and playing with it, using her tongue. Most of her friends have already lost teeth, so she's eager to 'catch up'!

•  First Spelling Test (26-Mar-2010/6 years 6 months) - Alex has been practicing for her very first spelling test in Mrs. McDonald's 1st-grade class. She got 90%, after transposing the "Pee" for a "Queue" in the word "play". (The others look like a cinch! Lord knows, she's spelled "Mom" and "Dad" a zillion times!)

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