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Slip-Sliding Away

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Slip-Sliding Away

April 28th, 2005  · stk

Now that winter is over (we hope, and pray, and think it is) ... our little girl has had quite a bit of fun playing outside. One of her (new) favorite things: going down the slide! And now, just a couple of weeks after the snow melted, she's learned to do it all by herself.

We think this video is pretty funny, because for all the times that she goes down the slide "proper", we happened to catch the ONE time that she's going down "backwards". *Sigh* Oh well, it DOES show how much she looks forward to Paul's visits, as her interest is diverted prior to taking off down the slide and results in the backwards trip. You can also see her taking off for the corner of the yard, which is where the "Hi Paul" photo was taken.

06-May-2005 - I forgot to put in the link to the video AVI file, for those that might prefer to download and watch at home (non-broadband types). Here you go ...

I wish that I only had good things to report about our little "angel", but alas, I must admit that this past week has been pretty tough. I really don't know WHY we feed her so much food. It only results in lots of diaper "material" and frequent diaper changes AND gives her the energy that drains our own so much. This last little while, she's really been raising hell, doing all the things that she KNOWS she's not supposed to do and while we're busy cleaning up one mess, she's off making another. It's enough to drive one completely mad!

Our little hairless wonder is teething (again) as she's gaining her 15th and 16th tooth. That explains all the extra drool and why she's got her hand in her mouth (or something) constantly. Still, the holy terror is really starting to wreak havoc on the house, the yard and (her recent sport) CHASING poor Tuxedo. We admire the fact that he so tolerant with her, as we were afraid he'd be quick to scratch, but now we find ourselves almost wishing he WOULD scratch, as it might force Alex to think twice before chasing him pell-mell around the house.

Oh, the Oop did have a big, bad tumble down the basement stairs a couple of days ago. Rachel was in her office (downstairs) and Scott was in his (upstairs). We both heard this thud, bam, boom ... then a wail that would wake the dead. Poor Alex (arms full of objects) was trying to make her way down the basement stairs and took a nasty fall. No one knows just how far she went, but it was a bad landing, as she got a double bloody nose out of the deal and a right bloody lip. She also has a cold, so there was a mixture of snot, blood and tears that accompanied the piercing wail that would never end. Finally, we managed to calm her, but her fat lip remained, even after the nose stopped flowing. It was quite an event and the lip scabbed over and is still fat, a few days later.

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