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Leaving the Oop

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Leaving the Oop

July 31st, 2005  · stk

For the first time, at the ripe age of 21 months, we left Alex in the care of others, while we went an overnight trip to Vancouver Island. It had to happen sometime and who better to look after our precious little girl than her adoring Gran and Grandpa Pilley?

As it turned out, they also had a house-guest, Eileen, visiting from the U.K. Alex liked Eileen and so she had THREE adoring people to "play with" while we were away.

While we were away, we wondered how everyone was coping. Was Alex missing us? Were Gran and Grandpa overwhelmed by the activity, demands and exhuberance of a toddler? Was Alex 'pushing Eileen around'? (Before we left, Alex was putting a book in Eileen's hand and pushing her to a chair, so she could read a story)

We needn't have worried. Alex was having a wonderful time and wasn't bothered by our absence.

Upon our return, we interrupted her dinner. Her face lit up when she finally saw us. She gave us BIG hugs and kisses, but then went immediately back to her meal. Later, she presented us with her "diary" (which her grandparents helped her write):

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Well, I'm not sure what you're up to on Vancouver Island, but I'm having fun. I went on a bus, which goes 'ding-ding' and lots of ladies got on and off. Then I got to go on a boat, where I saw lots of other boats (and some were very big). My Gran is lots of fun. She knows just what big kids like me like to do and what I like to eat (i-beam :D)! I had pasta and meat sauce for lunch at this big market.

After ... I had great fun in this room filled with colored balls. (It was for three-year olds, but I told them I was three ... even though I'm really just almost two).

Guess what? We came home on another boat and then another bus. What fun! Lot's of old men laughed with me because I had so much fun smiling at them.

When we got back, I was pretty tired. I just fell into my crib and napped for 2 and a half hours.

I can't imagine what you are doing, but I played with grandpa after dinner, while Eileen and gran went skunk hunting.

I slept like an angel, but I guess you were having a night on the tiles, because you didn't come home!

Wednesday I had a HUGE breakfast. I ate eggs and bacon (2 rashes), a whole waffle (with maple syrup ... YUM) and then a whole kiwi.

Then we went on an adventure tour to Whistler. I played in the river at Shannon Falls, played in a hollow tree with lots of other kids. At Whistler, I went on this 'bumpety bumpety' thing that FLEW over the tree tops to the top of the mountain. At the top, I played with dusty rocks and got pretty dirty. Oops. :( It was fun though.

I really liked the really tall wooden bear. Grandpa says that it's eight feet tall. I dunno, but it was really big, but it didn't growl. How come? I liked it so much that I stayed there while lots of Japanese tourists took my photo.

I had strawberry "i-beam" and then we went back down the mountain in the "bumpety-bump" thing again.

I was really good in the car on the ride back, even though it was really hot, but I did doze for a while.

What are you guys doing? I hope you're not lost, but don't worry, I'm having lots of fun. (I think we should make this an annual event ... at least, that's what gran and grandpa think).

They are talking about taking me to see fishes tomorrow at a place they call the 'akwairium'? Sounds like fun.

Right now I'm eating some good grub (rice with stew) for dinner. It has lots of carrots (I like carrots). Oh ... for lunch I ate whatever you put in the fridge for me.

Gran says tomorrow we can go shopping for more good food.

Oh ... you're back! It's GREAT to see you.

Love and hugs and slobbery kisses,


Oop Translations:

1) "I-Beam" = Ice Cream (On her 2nd half birthday, Alex didn't like ice cream because it was cold on her fingers. Now that she knows how to use a spoon better, she's decided that ice cream is really good. If asked, "Do you like ice cream?" she emphatically nods her head up and down.

2) The "bumpety-bump" thing was a gondola at Whistler, which vibrates when it passes over the roller wheels at each stanchion.

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