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Glacier & Waterton Lakes Cycle Tour

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Glacier & Waterton Lakes Cycle Tour

August 22nd, 2005  · stk

In 1932, the adjoining Glacier National Park (Montana, U.S.A.) and Waterton Lakes National Park (Alberta, Canada) were combined to form the first International Peace Park, celebrating the peace and friendship between these two countries. In 1995, the Peace Park was recognized as a World Heritage Site.

What better place for a 350-mile loop cycle adventure for a U.S./Canadian couple and their 22-month-old, dual-citizenship daughter?

The area has stunning views of glacier-carved, snowcapped mountains, cascading waterfalls, lush alpine meadows blanketed in colorful wildflowers, rolling prairies with farms and ranches, wildlife, including big horn sheep, grizzlies and deer, crystal clear running streams and rivers, and green forested mountains. The weather includes hot (85°F) days under bright, sunny and cloudless skies. Storms roll through fast and there can be cold, wet days in down pouring rain. The terrain offers thrilling downhill runs and laboriously slow, uphill slogs. The cycling climax, in Glacier National Park: the "Going to the Sun Road" over Logan's Pass. This 50-mile road is an engineering feat, offering stunning and scary views along its windy and narrow route.

Follow along on our cycling adventure, which Rachel diligently documented and Scott has edited and optimized for web-accessibility.

We hope that you enjoy the story and find it useful in planning your adventure.


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1.flag Bill And Deborah Wright Comment
I just read your Glacier-Waterton Tour.
  We were visiting Glacier last week, cycling and hiking. We saw you on Thursday evening as you headed into St. Mary and then again on Friday. I was pleased to see your journal at crazyguyonabike.
  Traveling with a 2 year old is quite adventurous! Congratulations!!
  Bill and Deborah
2.flag stk Comment
Wow ... and you found us on the Internet? Cool.

I can't say that we spotted you, because there are a LOT more cars than cycle's towing yellow buggies!

Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments. Traveling with our daughter is great fun. Heck ... she's great fun.


Scott, Rachel & tiny Oop
3.flag DontheCat Comment
Scott, been very busy what with 5 websites in the pipeline :-)

happy cycling and have fun. Will write in detail soon.

4.flag Comment
It took you less time to do the trip than it's taking you to post about it :|

5.flag stk Comment
Hey ¥,

LOL. True.

Vacation = all day for recreation.

Home = 20 million things that need doing.

6.flag Colton Comment
Wow! I'm from California and currently living in Qingdao, China. I really enjoy outdoor adventures and have traveled extensively throughout Montana, Oregon, Washington and California. I have done some cycling, but nothing like what you have done.