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Geographically Challenged

Geographically Challenged

October 15th, 2005  · stk

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Penn State Football: Radio Broadcast Now Available For Free, Worldwide

Starting this fall, Nittany Lion fans will be able to listen to free audio and video streaming via GoPSUnow. Audio broadcasts of Penn State’s football games, voiced by Steve Jones and Jack Ham, will be available free of charge regardless of location. The recently launched design is compatible with a wide range of devices and screen sizes but is not yet featured as an app.

I enjoy watching Penn State Football games, but I don't live in an area where they are often broadcasted. I don't live in Pennsylvania, so can't listen to radio stations in the Penn State Sports Network. My solution has been to listen online. Here are some links I use to listen to Penn State Football online.

psu football

Nov 9, 2013
@ Minnesota
Kickoff 12 pm (ET)

Game is televised nationally on ESPN2 (Blacked out on ESPN3)

(If you're geographically-challenged or don't get the game on your living room television - turn to Internet Radio or Internet TV!)

Since 2005, Randsco has been helping geographically-challenged Penn State fans listen or watch - online - to Penn State football games. 2011 will be no exception. Tell your friends, "If you can't get the game on your television or radio, go to to find out where you can listen (or watch) live, online." Support Internet broadcasting!

Click for online listening options and links

[ Penn State - 10 | Minnesota - 24 | FINAL ]

NEXT: Purdue

2013 Season 31-Aug - Syracuse WIN 23-17
07-Sep - Eastern Michigan WIN 45-7
14-Sep - UCF LOSS 34-31
21-Sep - Kent State WIN 34-0
05-Oct - @ Indiana LOSS 44-24
12-Oct - Michigan WIN 43-40 (4OT)
26-Oct - @ Ohio State LOSS 63-14
02-Nov - Illinois WIN 24-17 (1OT)
09-Nov - @ Minnesota LOSS 24-10
16-Nov - Purdue
23-Nov - Nebraska
30-Nov - @ Wisconsin




Penn State College Football on the Web

Living in Edmonton, Alberta, we don't see many Penn State football games on television. Heck, here ... if it's not played on ice, it ain't on T.V. (From the fan-base, you would think hockey was the National sport of Canada, but it's not ... it's Lacrosse). So what's a geographically-challenged PSU graduate & football fan supposed to do?

The Internet started out as an academic tool and historically, was built on a "for-free", "to-the-betterment-of-mankind" philosophy. In years gone by, Yahoo-sports used to broadcast college games at no charge. No longer. 2004 marked the first time that you had to pay to hear live, streaming audio of Penn State football games via Yahoo-sports.

I refuse to pay for something that's televised on major U.S. networks, across large portions of the country (regional games) and broadcast over a network of radio stations that cover much of Pennsylvania. I may be geographically-challenged, but I don't see why I should have to shell out money because of it.

So, in the spirit of the Internet - (which I still hold dear, offering a photo-caption zoom technique, and also provide programming and support for folks) - I'm sharing the information that I've gathered about listening to live audio of Penn State football games on the Internet.

If you're interested in listening to live Penn State football games on the Internet, (or applying similar search techniques for your favorite college football team) ... then read on, brave fans ...


If you find these Penn State Football links useful, please consider donating to It'll help keep us researching creative ways to listen online to Penn State Football games.

It's getting more difficult to find PSU football games online, because the Penn State Sports Network is clamping down on radio stations with "listen-live" options that broadcast games.

We think this sends the wrong message to PSU alumni and vow to keep finding ways to bring geographically-challenged grads together, by listening to Penn State football games, on-line.

When it comes to Penn State home games, my solution last year is the same solution I've using this year - The Lion 90.7 FM. It's a student radio station and the announcers are students, but they only cover home games. I like supporting student radio and the play calling and discussion is both interesting and good.

Things get more challenging when Penn State plays away games. Historically, I've relied on Yahoo-sports coverage, (provided that their opponent has such free coverage). Michigan doesn't and as much as I want to listen to the game, I'm not going to pay $50 for the year (or $6.95 monthly) for a subscription at CSTV, when there are live coverage is offered free over the radio airwaves. It's the principle of the thing.

Last year, I gave up listening to Penn State away games - listening only to home games ... thinking I had no choice. This year, with a Nationally-ranked team, I'm much more excited about each game and have become a tad militant about finding streaming broadcasts.

The technique I used is pretty simple and can be applied to most major U.S. college football teams. Most major Universities (like Penn State) has a radio affiliate base that broadcast football games to small towns across the entire state. For Penn State, the radio affiliate network is listed on GoPSUsports. I went down the list and found all of the radio stations that have a 'listen-live' option.

My links to Penn State Football:

Student Radio - The Best Choice

wmp wamp real The Lion 90.7 FM (State College, PA) - Support student radio! Great home game coverage, with student announcers. Note: Home Games ONLY Sep 12, 2009 | When I hit the 128kbps option 15 minutes before kickoff, I got a "server full" message. Refresh let me in. (Looks like a full connection soon. Might have to go with a lower kbps stream ... or try one of the other listening options).

wamp real  ComRadio ( - Student hosted. About: "Generally, the station's schedule includes student-produced news and talk shows as well as play-by-play of Penn State sports. When student programming is not on the air, ComRadio supplements its coverage with Associated Press All-News Radio.") Link worked well and WinAmp player came up for me. Sep-11 | Link updated (Thanks for the email, Mark!) Website


wmp MERF 95.7 & 103.5 FM (Lewistown & Huntingdon, PA) - The Abacast embedded player provides a good listening solution. 2-Nov-2013 | New Link

wmp WAEB 790 AM (Allentown PA) - Note: This station uses IP-sniffing to allow only Unites States listeners. The good news is that if you're outside the US, there is a work-a-round. Instead of using the link above, come in the back door (which brings up their Oldies station). Then select "News/Talk AM 790 WAEB". ;) 18-Sep-2010 | New Link

wmp wamp real  WKOK 1070 AM (Sunbury, PA) - I've never had much success with streaming media using my local copy of the Windows Media Player (even though I have the latest release). Using the link on the site, I couldn't get an audio signal. However, when I pointed my Real Media Player at - - (File - Open URL), I got a signal. Sep-08 | It must have been an issue on my local machine. This year, I reinstalled Windows Media Player and WKOK's "Listen Live" link works fine for me! YAY!

wmp wamp real   WAVT 101.9 FM (Pottsville, PA) - T-102 FM in Pottsville, PA broadcasts on the Internet. Their "listen live" link is in the upper left. (40 Kbps, 36 KHz, Stereo signal).

wmp wamp real   WPPA 1360 AM (Pottsville, PA) - Click the listen-live link, in the right-hand column, to catch PSU football games. The signal is only 32 kilo-bits per second (compared to a normal 128kbsp stream), so might sound a tad like a 1960's transistor radio. (For that old-time effect).

silverlight WILK FM 103.1 (Scranton/Hazleton, PA) - The first SilverLight player I've seen to broadcast Penn State football games.

silverlight WSBA 910 AM (York, PA) - The embedded Windows Media Player makes WSBA unique. It's a nice solution, as it transcends independent listener solutions (with version, O/S and configuration differences & problems). Sep09 | Link Updated. WSBA now uses a SilverLight player (with non-silverlight options) Website

Might Work Better for you?

wmp WJBR 1290 AM (Wilmington, DE) - The embedded Windows Media Player makes WJBR ("The Ticket" - Sports Radio 1290 AM) unique. It's a nice solution, as it transcends independent listener solutions (with version, O/S and configuration differences & problems) ... Flash Macromedia Ads are repetitive and annoying, but the signal appeared to be strong. Sep-08 | WJBR now uses IP sniffing and if your IP is outside of the United States (like me), you're prevented from accessing "listen live" content. The station might be an option if you're IN the U.S. (or stationed with the military), but then again, they may either cut Penn State games (dead air) or shift to alternate programming. I dunno.

wmp real  WFIL 560 AM (Philadelphia, PA) - Same problem I had with WKOK. When I clicked "Listen Live", nothing happened. However, when I pointed my Real Media Player at this link, I got a signal. Right-click on the link (or "live link" on the WFIL site), Copy, Open Real Player, File -> Open -> Paste link ).

Dead Dogs

wmp WTPA 93.5 FM (Harrisburg, PA) - The Cumulus Media embedded player provides a good listening solution. 4-Sep-2010 | New Link (Moved to 92.1 & no longer streaming games | Nov-2013)

real  WHGL 100.3/102.9 FM (Troy/Elmira, PA) - Clicking the "Listen Live" link on the "Wiggle" website brought up my default player (WinAmp), which yielded an error. However, manually plugging the "listen live" link into RealPlayer yielded a signal. 23-Sep-2010 | New Link (No longer streaming games | Nov-2013)
The link:

wmp ESPN 1250 AM (Pittsburgh, PA) - The Ando Media embedded player provides a good listening solution. Sep-10 | Seem to be no longer covering PSU games

wmp  WVNJ 1160 AM (New York, NY) - When I clicked "Listen Live", I got a customized player that connected and buffered, but I never got a audible stream. (I tried with different browsers, but the same thing happened). Maybe it will work for you?Sep-09 | WVNJ program director emailed to say "local Penn State affiliates are not permitted to stream the games online because of exclusive licensing agreements is no longer included in the Penn State Sports Network", which both sucks AND explains why some stations are "offline" during the games.

wamp  WNPV 1440 AM (Lansdale, PA) - The default player (for me) was WinAmp and the signal came across consistent and strong. Sep-07 | WPNV is no longer included in the Penn State Sports Network

wmp wamp real WRSC AM 1390 (State College, PA) - None of the "Streaming Options" worked for me. Maybe they will for you? If they do, let me know. Sep-08 | looks like they WRSC pulled the plug on "listen live" options, because this year, I don't see any such links on their website.

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1.flag Andy Davis Comment
Thanks so much for the PSU radio links!
2.flag stk Comment
You're welcome, Andy.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.
3.flag Matt Comment
Wow, I can't honestly thank you enough for your page with all of the PSU streaming audio links.

I had been searching around for some time trying to gather links, and your page really saved me the time.

Thanks again!
4.flag Andy Davis Comment
Going to listen to PSU on WSBA and hear them beat Wisconsin! Thanks again.
5.flag Ram3 Comment
Hi fellow PSU alumni, thanks for the links to PSU football... GO STATE!!!
6.flag stk Comment
Andy - This post has been a big hit! Glad that folks like it. (I'm still partial to The Lion).

Happy listening!
7.flag Jim Comment
Wow! Your info was a godsend. We're in FL and, of course, no TV coverage of PSU v. Wisconsin here. But I'm listening to the student radio station thanks to you. Roar, Lion, Roar!
8.flag PSU Alum Comment
Thanks so much for the links - I was getting frantic trying to find the game!!
9.flag stk Comment
That's what we're here for. Don't forget to make the page part of your "favorites".

Great season, eh? Great game too!!
10.flag Jim Comment
Great game!!! We're listening to the York PA radio station. Registered for ESPN online, but they didn't have the PSU game available. Streaming was really poor anyway.
11.flag stk Comment
Jim ...

Glad you found the links on this site useful.

Yes... the MSU game was a good one. Had the lead early and (pretty much) wrapped up!

Now ... on to a BOWL game!!
12.flag Jim In Central Mass Comment
Thank you very much for your efforts and information. Just fantastic! Penn State 28 Minnesota 27 and I listened to the hold thing while fixing some major rot on the trim and sill of my bedroom window. Thanks again!
13.flag Debra Comment
Living in SEC/ACC country, your site is a godsend! Seems ABC thinks Oklahoma vs Missouri would be a bigger draw in Atlanta today.

I'm lucky if the AJC gives PSU a sentence or two.

14.flag stk Comment
Jim & Debra,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Exactly the reason I made the post.

I may live in British Columbia, but my heart is in Happy Valley, every Saturday afternoon, when the Nittany Lions are playing football!

I just need to get that wireless router and take the laptop out to the woodshed, so I can be splitting wood (being productive) and listen at the same time! (Save those really knotty logs for when the Lions need s big play).


15.flag Jim In Central Mass Comment

Too true your comment. I just configured an older laptop (win98) to pick up the game on "The Ticket". Once again ABC chooses to air games other than what will be an awesome matchup, Penn State/Wisconsin. Must be some contractual thing. I am listening to pre-game right now on the laptop. Will probably tidy the garage. Get yourself an Orinsco Gold wireless card. They are only 11mbps, but have great range and you can get them on ebay (with external Antenna) for around $39. They are the first choice for those into wardriving.

Cheers to you too!
16.flag stk Comment

Surprisingly enough, I just WATCHED the first PSU in +5 years. (We happen to pick up a Seattle station, KOMO, here in Yellow Point).

Sure Hope that Joe Pa is OKAY.

Too bad that Derrick Williams didn't make that interception ... he'd have gone and scored a touchdown.

It was amazing to SEE a game ... (I'll have to figure out why KOMO showed the PSU/Wisc game ... I'd have thought it'd be Neb/Missouri instead)

AHA ... Here's why ... What an odd coverage map!! (The west coast usually gets nothing but PAC 10 games. Maybe it's because the game is played so much "earlier"?).

17.flag John Sobczak Comment
Thank you for the PSU football radio links! I was searching everywhere and then I found your site. I owe you a cold beverage...or a hot one if you are freezing in Canada. Sarasota, Florida Penn State Fans!

Go Lions!
18.flag David Comment
Thanks so much for providing these links! The biggest obstacle to living in New Zealand is access to PSU football. Life is perfect now :-) Go State!
19.flag stk Comment

I'm glad you found the page useful, but I fear 2007 will be a year of change for online broadcasting of PSU football games.

I suspect that Penn State will stop the 'listen-live' broadcasts from stations I've noted above. Technically, they are in violation of the "Penn State Radio Network" TOS.

(Toward the end of the 2006 season, I noticed that a number of stations ceased to air the PSU games).

The GOOD NEWS is that "The Lion 90.7" will carry student-announced coverage (HOME GAMES only).

I think that PSU's stance on monetizing audio broadcasts of football games, on the Internet, is a travesty (as people living in Pennsylvania get radio broadcasts for free).

I'll fight back the only way I know how - by reducing my donations to the PSU Annual Fund, by whatever amount is required to 'tune-into' Penn State away games.

More on this later.

Thankfully, the first 3 games are home games!! I'll be listening tomorrow, for sure!


20.flag Gene Castellino Comment
Thank you! I am a PSU grad. I moved to Sicily, Italy this past year. Although it's midnight here, (PSU-ND)it's great to hear PSU Football on 90.7 via the internet.
21.flag NDFan Comment
Go Irish! I don't have a TV, and I couldn't find a radio station in South Bend to listen to the Notre Dame v. Penn State game. So thanks for letting me listen to the Irish!
22.flag stk Comment

You're the first non-PSU fan to comment. Thanks!!

I'm glad you found the links useful and were listen to your team.

It's always tough to start with a freshman QB, but you know what? ... give Jimmy a couple of years and he's gonna be HOT!!

Good luck and thanks for taking the time to comment.

23.flag Erwin Kindangen Comment
Thanks to your helpful website, I could finally tune in to PSU game!

There's a 13 hour difference, so the game kicked off at 5am my time (I am in Jakarta, Indonesia). But it was worth it as we beat ND!

Go State!
24.flag stk Comment

I used to live in Sumatra (Lhok Sukon, Aceh Province) ... so I know what you're talking about.

Unfortunately, it was before "the Internet" ... so I had to wait some time to find out the score. :(

-stk out (listening in Seattle, WA to 'the Lion FM')
25.flag Linda Comment
Thanks so much. I am a PSU fan just moved from PA to NC...I want to listen to the games. I searched myself tonight, but you did all the work for me. GO Lions.
26.flag Nittany1988 Comment
Nice! Thanks for the links. It is so difficult to find anything in Ohio that isnt scarlet and gray.
27.flag Tom Comment
Thanks, over here in Italy I have been dependent on the Web for delayed scoreboards.
Now I can enjoy the game LIVE !!!!
28.flag AC Comment
Hard to find, nice job!
29.flag Gene Castellino Comment
tom, where in Italy? I am in Sicilia.
30.flag Britt Comment
I am living in England for a year and the number one thing that I miss is the PSU games, thanks for making my life SOO much better being away from home!
31.flag Mustafa Cakir Comment
thanks for the links. i was about to lose my faith to be able to listen the michagan game. i am in Turkey and it is just impossible to follow our beloved nittany lions here. you made my day, thanks again
32.flag stk Comment
Britt & Mustafa,

Glad to help bring a Penn State football to your homes. (Too bad they didn't beat Michigan, eh?)

33.flag Ryan Comment
The links are good but it seems only the comradio really has the games on live...whats the deal?
34.flag stk Comment

Interesting, I didn't realize that comradio covers away games. I did know that the Lion FM only covers home games.

Radio stations that air PSU games (via 'listen live') are technically in violation of the Penn State Radio Network broadcasting network contract. It's one reason some of the links no longer work (WJBR 1290 AM "The Ticket" and WNPV 1440 in Lansdale, for a couple of examples).

In an effort to make money, PSU is clamping down on these roque broadcasts.

So ... (1) Shhhh! and (2) I'm listening on WSBA 910 (haven't tested any others).

35.flag Brian Comment
Great research. I agree the student announcers aren't too bad. Listening while I'm away from home at work.
36.flag BK Comment
910 is playing some bs classical crap. where's my f-in pregame show!

what stations are people listening today online?
37.flag Jody Comment
OMG, you are wonderful. I have been so frustrated looking for online radio stations every week. Thank you so much for posting this!!!!

BTW, I can't get WVNJ to load the last couple weeks. They were my previous fallback, although it was nice--the last 2 weeks the game has been on in my area. :)
38.flag Tom Szymanski Comment
It is nice to listen to Penn State games on the internet or on the media players. When can not get a Radio station that carries Penn State Sports. Like to know what File -> open,> URL to put. Thank You.
39.flag Fred Buckholz Comment
OK, if this works it will be great, thanks!. Try running down the Buckeye broadcasts! GO BUCKS!
40.flag stk Comment
Fred - The PSU-OSU game will be nationally televised in the U.S.A. starting at 8PM EST.

Because it's a home game for the Nittany Lions, the Internet broadcast should be on either of the recommended stations: -or-

Go Lions!
41.flag Fred Buckholz Comment
If I was in the US I would definitely be in front of the TV, but as you are I am geographically challenged too. Currently I am in Tvarditsa, Bulgaria.
42.flag stk Comment
Yep ... I kinda caught that, with the flag. ;)

You'll be getting up early for the game!

The Buckeyes are favored by a few points, I think. :(
43.flag Fred Buckholz Comment
I have this football season regimen where I automatically wake up at 3 in the morning for the 8 pm games.
44.flag stk Comment
LOL ... the only time I get up at 3 AM is if I get a fire call. :| Mind you, when yer team is ranked #1, a tad of discipline is required. :p

Nice to have an OSU fan leave a comment (it'll help take the sting out, if Penn State loses).

Enjoy the game!
45.flag Dave A Comment
Thanks, stk! I only wish had found this earlier in the season!

I am listening to the Purdue / PSU game on The Lion now and it is great!

I got sick of the delay and silence of GameTracker. I even paid for CSTV for a month ($10), and their site is so slow and useless, I could not even connect to the radio broadcasts - when there was one.

Nice website and being a PSU fan in OSU-land (Columbus, OH area) without cable or satellite, this really helps! At least that means I got last weeks game on network.

In this age of the Internet, there is no reason anyone should be deprived of college football games.

Thanks again! Go State!
46.flag stk Comment
No problem, Dave. Glad you found the site! :D

Purdue ... Eye-Veh ... A run-back on the starting kickoff? a Hail Mary last pass? Now I've got even more grey hair!

I agree about the Internet. That's why I've got this page. ;)
47.flag Megan Comment
Thanks so much. As a recent PSU alum now in graduate school at Virginia Tech, the Penn State at Temple game is the first one I haven't been able to find on tv this season. I almost thought I'd be deprived of my PSU football this weekend.
48.flag Greg Comment
I am in Leipzig, Germany still fuming that my tickets to the Temple game at the Link are sitting at home unused. I usually just watch the stats on CBS sportsline when I'm out of the country, but decided to see if there was a way to listen. I can't thank you enough. This makes missing games and no U.S. TV a lot less painful.
49.flag Greg Comment
WE ARE.....
50.flag stk Comment
51.flag Marcus Comment
Thanks for the links...wish I would have seen this page earlier in the season.
52.flag Henk Comment
Still good info for the 2008 season> Thanks.
53.flag Mjk Comment
Your website is a savior for the Coastal Carolina game! With the PSSN's grip on broadcasts it was tough to find. Thanks again!
54.flag Jim In Central Mass Comment
I am using the York station for the Coastal Carolina game. I don't know, but I plugged in 17756 as the zip in the login window. Maybe this is their way of trying to screen out those outside of PA?? Works though. But I do see now that you can pay a reasonable fee, $9.99 per month for streaming. I like free though. ;-)
55.flag Joe Allen Comment

You are saving my sanity down here in Florida. Thx for the info. All us Lions here in Orlando are greatful. Stay warm bud.
56.flag Doug Gabel Comment
Every year it is a challenge to find PSU Football on the radio. Thank you so much for putting this site together with options. Saved me alot of time. Will consider a donation.....
57.flag Palm Beach Comment
Thank you for the great site. I grew up in Centre Hall just over Mt. Nittany, and now in S. Florida I love listening my blue and white.
58.flag ImTheJudge Comment
Thank you so much for your links! Why did they find the need to cut away from the game??!! You saved the day!
59.flag Art Carney Comment
Today you were a life-saver. After watching the Oregon State - Penn State game on ABC today for almost three quarters, ABC switched to the Oklahoma game with no warning and no explanation, leaving us Nittany Lion fans stranded. Thank God we were at least able to listen to it here! Go Lions!
60.flag stk Comment
Hey Jim - I used the York station for a bit too, during that game, just to make sure I had an "away-game" option. Worked fine for me too.

(I think the "first-time listener" thing is used to collect demographics, but since it's optional, I usually click "cancel")

"The Ticket" won't let me stream anything, since it sniffs my IP and says "Sorry, you're out of the U.S., no audio streaming for you". (I can't tell if they cover Penn State Football for people in the U.S.) :(

Maybe someone in the U.S. can test it for me next week and let me know if I should keep them on the list of "recommended" stations?
61.flag Joe Allen Comment
Hey Scott,

Found this site which does NFL (who cares) and college. Thought you may like for your site.

62.flag stk Comment
Joe Allen - Cool. Thanks for posting the link. I think most of those stations are included in the PSSN, but I'll give them a run-down to see if there's anything new/different.

Cheers! :D
63.flag Gopher Comment

Was looking all over for PSu pre-Game and found WKOK (Sunbury) streaming live and easy connection (9-13-08)
64.flag Matt In Miami Comment
dude you made my day!
65.flag Buck Comment
Thanks a lot for this. I just got off an angry phone call with Time Warner, I pay $45 a month for the complete college sports package, and guess who's game isn't covered? But they were more than happy to offer pay-per-view for $25.00. They even told me that nobody cares about Big Ten football, so they only show WAC games in Hawaii. So I'm laughing at my TV with Purdue dominating Oregon.

Go Big Blue!
66.flag Brian ('88) & Wes ('73) Comment
Thanks for the radio links! Go State! We are geographically challenged in Laguna Beach CA and have a nightmare every year trying to see and listen to away games.

We attend most home games, but refuse to pay the outrageous cable prices to watch the away games on TV in CA. Your help is much appreciated and we are raising a beer in your honor.
67.flag Judy Comment
I moved to NC from outside of Scranton, PA and I found that WILK has the live broadcast of the game every Saturday. Just click on listen now, I'm even on an Apple and can get it! Here's the link:
Hope this helps any PSU fan that wants to listen - Let's go State!
68.flag TDBizzle Comment
Thanks sooooo much for the links and your site in general! I never thought I would have such a hard time finding PSU football on TV and radio in the DC metro area. It is extremely frustrating to be so close yet so far away...
After over an hour of searching for online streams to no avail I stumbled upon your site. It's a damn good thing cause I was about to give up. Now I can at least listen to PSU whoop up on Temple.

Big up and nuff respect! :D
69.flag S2flyer Comment
Thanks for the information. Penn State alumni are the best in the world.
70.flag Larry Snow Comment
How can I watch the Penn State-Illinois game on Saturday here in GA? ABC is carrying the VA Tech game here.
71.flag stk Comment
Larry - I don't know - yet. (You're a day early, as I don't usually check the television scheduling till Thursday). ;) If you check back tomorrow afternoon, I bet I'll have a coverage map posted. :D

72.flag Larry Snow Comment
Thanks stk. I'll stay tuned. I think it will be on ESPN 360 so I can watch it on the computer, but I would rather see it on TV.

BTW, I'm not positive that VA Tech is being shown here, but am guessing from a map I saw. The local station in Tallahassee still says games TBD.
73.flag stk Comment
Larry - You're options appear to be PPV or watch free on ESPN 360 (360 isn't an option for us).
74.flag Larry Snow Comment
Thanks stk.
75.flag Doug Glantz Comment
Thank you for this great site and great information.

I can remember the days after I graduated (1971) and my wife Darla (1972) when we were in New England and sometimes had trouble getting the games.

Now my daughter Amanda (PSU 2007) is in Western Australia going to vet school. And I sent her this great information so she could hear the Illinois game tonight (tomorrow morning her time).

My lucky daughter Meredith (PSU 2010) will be in the stands for this exciting WHITEOUT! (even though she could not get a season ticket when they sold out in 90 seconds. What is wrong with the Penn State and the people in charge of tickets when a student living on campus can not get a season ticket. Grrrr! I'll keep bringong that up forever any time they call for alumni donations. But that is another story. Sorry about getting distracted but it really bugs me, as you can see, that my dauther Meredith is a Junior living on campus and penn State excludes her from having a season ticket.

Back to the point, THANKS Again for this great information, and my daughter Amanda in Australia thanks you.

Go Lions!
76.flag stk Comment
Doug - You're welcome. I love hearing about PSU alums in far-flung places that find the info useful.

Interesting about student season tickets.

In grad school ('82 & '83), we were offered season tickets (via mailed order form, prior to start of term, for home games only) for a mind-numbing price of $38 (think all students were offered this deal). It was a terrific bargain and the seats weren't bad considering the price (grad students were next to the alum section, about the 35 yard-line ... far away from the raucous freshmen in the endzone).

I had a friend living in a mobile home off of N. Atherton (around Village Drive). We used to walk from his place, through cow pastures, to the stadium on game-day. Bet that area is now completely built up! (Been ages since I've been back).

Sad to see this has (apparently) changed? (Gee, the stadium is even bigger now too).

On another note ... you've got quite a family of lions!

77.flag Lee Comment
Thanks for the great links!!
78.flag Nittany North Comment
Thanks so much for the compilation. I live in Nova Scotia. In the past few years, I have not missed one PSU football game live on TV, when home.... with a little help from FTA! Just arrived home from the PSU-Illinois whiteout game ... was FANtastic. Will be in Hawaii for the last 2 games of the season and was worried about not being able to at least hear the games ... you provided the solution for me.
79.flag Avenyou Comment
All I hear on the Lion is Latin Mix.
Finding the Penn State Purdue Game online seems impossible.
80.flag Avenyou Comment
Finally got PSU-Purdue on WAVT.

Thanks for the help!

81.flag Tom Comment
Thanks so much for your help! I finally found this site and was able to listen to Penn State football while living here in South Africa! Why didn't I find this before?! GO LIONS!
82.flag stk Comment
Avenyou - "The Lion FM" only broadcasts HOME games. ;) Glad you finally got it sorted. :D

Tom in South Africa - Just bookmark the site and tune in at the appropriate time! (Must've been a late night game for you?)
83.flag Meghan Comment
This website is great! My husband and I struggled through last season trying to find online broadcasts- not only do we have no TV coverage, but also a 12hr time difference so we only catch night games live. This season has some great late games and I am so relieved to find more options for listening. Thank you so much! Go State- Beat Wisconsin!!
84.flag stk Comment
Meghan - You mean ... *gasp* ... you wouldn't wake up at 12AM or 3AM to listen to a game? :o

LOL ... You are not die-hard Penn State fans! :p

When I worked in Indonesia in the late 80's ... I had friends tape games state-side & then watched them 2 weeks later!

Glad you found the site and will be listening to the Wisconsin game. Go State!
85.flag Ralph Campbell Comment
Down here iin Australia and was trying to Google Penn State Radio stations. Then, EUREKA, I found your site. Thanks alot. Don't get much college football news down, cricket, etc.
86.flag stk Comment
Ralph - I hear 'ya. Here it's hockey and the CFL. Harumph!!
87.flag Peter Comment
Thanks for the PSU radio links. Though I'm not a PSU alumnus, there are numerous PSU alumni in my family (including one who played quarterback). Sure do enjoy Penn State football. From Peter in Timisoara, Romania
88.flag stk Comment
Peter - Curious to find out the identity of your quarterback relation! :p

Glad you found the links useful.
89.flag POTC Comment
You totally saved me. I'm in New Hampshire and they're broadcasting Boston College vs Wake Forest. Comcast blocks ESPN360.
Thanks SO SO MUCH!

SO STATE!! WE ARE.......
90.flag stk Comment
91.flag Max Comment
Thanks so much for the service of providing fellow PSU fans with a listing of listening options.
92.flag stk Comment
Max - No worries. Started out being "for me", but being a blogger and a tad of a rebel ... I shared!
93.flag Pat Comment
The WKOK feed does not work well for me...lots of breaks. WAVT is perfect!
94.flag JR Comment
Thank you for posting the links ... I am in the middle of the Arctic Ocean all fall on a research vessel but now I can still listen to the boys in blue & white ..... GO STATE
95.flag stk Comment
JR - Now that's the definition of "geographically challenged", when it comes to following the Nittany Lions! You're at the bulls-eye of our target audience!

Let's hope the Lions prevail in the White House tonight!
96.flag Nancy Koebel Comment
Why is it that none of the State College stations offer streaming audio? Apparently WRSC has let their website domain go (any links go to a fake site). There are lots of us who would like to not only listen to games but to pre-game coverage, and finding it is tough. You're pretty much reduced to out of town stations.
97.flag Nittany North Comment
Most games are available in video delivery on Justin TV ... but you need to wait to game time to find them.
98.flag stk Comment
Nittany North - Thank You! I'm watching now (waaay better than listening).
99.flag PSUGuru Comment
100.flag stk Comment
PSUGuru - Yeah, I mentioned ESPN360 ... but only if you have the right ISP. ;)

(i.e., Currently can't get ESPN-360 in Canada).
101.flag Dawn Beachy Comment
Thanks so much! In Sydney, they only play the top 8pm game, so I struggle to find ways to see/listen to the game. Love this site!
102.flag stk Comment
Dawn - Thanks for commenting from down under! Go State!
103.flag Christian Comment
Thank you very much for the information...after having lived in Canada for 4 yrs and now Hawaii, finding a PSU game to listen to on-line has been a frustrating challenge. I used the WAVT-Pottsville link today and worked without a hitch.

Thanks again...and go STATE!
104.flag Alisha Comment
Awesome site! I live in Ohio and cant even get the Big Ten Network on tv. Thank you so much for the live games! WE ARE.... :)
105.flag stk Comment
PENN STATE!! (Score!!)
106.flag Sharon Comment
You're the best. Thanks.
107.flag Mark Rogers Esq. Comment
When I moved to PA from another state about 10 years ago, I was taken aback by the near-fanatical worship of Penn State football. I went to college, I would like my alma mater's team to win, but the Penn State people - even people who never went to Penn State - were irrationally over-the-top for the team. I wondered if these
people ever read a book, or if there was no cable TV in PA. Then, when this horrific scandal broke and JoePa was fired, the idiotic students PROTESTED. What utter morons. This was
serial child rape. To hell with football and a coach who makes a million dollars a year. ITS A GAME, YOU TWITS. This worship of A GAME is what caused people to cover up this awful series of crimes. Child rape? We can't report that, because it would be BAD FOR THE GAME. Eff the game. Grow up.
108.flag stk Comment
Mark - I wondered if the scandal would result in comments on this post, which I made nearly 6 years ago. Congrats on being the first to voice your opinion.

I don't believe name-calling, nor disguised cursing really helps the victims of these unbelievable crimes. How could a man of such trust, with such power, access and apparent selfless charitable giving DO such a thing? (Of course, I'm talking about Jerry Sandusky).

What is irrational to me is why the blame for this would fall on Joe Paterno? He didn't witness the 2002 incident. He couldn't stop it from happening. By the time he found out about it, the crime was long since past. While he might have had a difficult time wrapping his mind around the fact that someone was accusing his long-time friend and colleague of a horrific crime, he did the right thing and reported it to his superiors. Up the chain of command like all of us are taught is a proper course of action.

In doing so, that complaint moved up the chain and landed on the desk of the very person that is in charge of the University Police department (a police department, by the way, that has the full authority and accountability of a municipal policing authority). An investigation resulted and the witness, Mike McQueary, was called in to provide an accounting of what he saw.

What baffles me is what happened afterwards. Nothing. Why? Seems to me Joe did the right thing by alerting the officials, but the officials are the ones that did the wrong thing by burying it.

You're right ... it has nothing to do with the game. I can't say "why the investigation didn't result in charges being laid". I can - like you - speculate ... but that would be wrong too. What I can't do is vilify Joe Paterno. He reported it. He didn't bury it.

What happened to all the victims is awful. Sick. Disgusting. And I sure hope that Sandusky gets both his due and the professional help he so obviously needs.

But "eff" the game? Seems a tad misguided. However, I do understand that by referring to "the game", what you really mean is all the money, power and 'the business' associated with college football. Yes ... it's a sport with tradition, a strong fan following & it's big $$ for the schools. Perhaps full-ride athletic scholarships should be banned? That might help put athletics into perspective. (But lots of kids who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend such a University, like Penn State, would suffer.) Dunno.
109.flag Mark Rogers Esq. Comment
Dear Stk:

There is a time for outrage. This is one. Yes: eff any sporting even that is so important to people that they will tolerate serial child rape by a former coach. I, and you cannot help these victims; especially by tepid language. Sports in universities are somewhat important, but take up too much money and time. Its time for outrage at a culture that so worships a game that we get this result. And I note this happened over years; it was not a single incident. I wanted the people who rioted after JoePa was fired to feel the heat of their fanatical support for a game. Thanks for your note; I'm sticking with my post.
110.flag stk Comment
Mark - There is a time for outrage. And this IS one. But that outrage should be leveled at those that did this (Sandusky) and those that allowed it to continue.

I do not think that this coach, who reported the 2002 abuse to his supervisor (which did result in a police investigation) is the one who allowed it. I believe those involved in both the 1998 investigation and the 2002 investigation were ultimately the ones that allowed it to continue. Why didn't either one of those investigations result in charges? If they had, a lot fewer people would have suffered and Sandusky would have been caught a lot sooner.

You may be correct at motivation, though that has yet to be determined. May have been a cover-up or there may not have. (May have been lack of evidence. Lack of victims - or parents of victims - stepping forward) Who knows?

None of us. That's who. All we can do is - with 20/20 hindsight - play Monday Morning Quarterback, sit up on our high sanctimonious horse and judge.

That's not right either.

We need more information before we run around leveling our outrage at people who may be innocent, or judging the actions (or inaction) of others.

As a side note, it would seem to me that Mike McQueary might be a more logical target of outrage. While Paterno had no first-hand knowledge that Sandusky was raping children, Mike witnessed it happening. When Paterno was told of the crime, it was already over. Mike, on the other hand, could have physically intervened and stopped Sandusky from continuing to rape that child. While Paterno reported the event, which launched an investigation, why didn't Mike, independently, go to the police? - Just say'n (but don't get me wrong ... I'm not saying this is the "right thing" to do ... just seems more logical, to me).

Fact: Media didn't focus on Mike ... or Sandusky ... they focused on Paterno. Why? Because nobody knows Sandusky or McQueary. Everyone knows Joe Paterno, icon & legendary head coach ... and it's so counter to everything he stands for. That's the sensational story! That's the story that will sell papers, get page-hits and video views. And ... of course ... the public lapped it up, formed a lynch mob & leveled their outrage at Joe Paterno. :(
111.flag NittanyNorth Comment
I know this forum is for the provision of info on how to vie w PSU games, but base on the last couple of posts, I wanted to add my 2 cents. This has been a heck of week of emotions. This year I did a bucket list thing and purchased season tickets .... made all games except E Mich. Used trains, planes, automobiles and a subway to get to this one (NS to TO to take my nephew). The feeling in the stadium was overwhelming prior to the game and I will always remember this event in Penn State history. One relayed post that ended up in my inbox follows. It sums up what many PSU grads are feeling .....

To non-Staters
by Beth Painter on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 6:51pm

... We know you don't understand. Generally, we don't try to explain. Unless you are a Buckeye or Fighting Irish, you probably don't get how an institution embeds itself in a student's life. And that is fine.

But right now, we want you to know this:

We are distraught and truly sickened by this horror perpetrated on young victims by one who represented the Blue and White, and perpetuated by others at the University. We aren't blind followers who drink Blue Kool-Aid. We grieve for and with the victims and their families. We pray for them to find healing and peace and a way to live a good life.

We know that while many people had responsibility, the most visible one almost always goes down first. We are not disputing the need for this to happen.

We are not "defending" anything. We are simply crushed and heartbroken. This is not the Penn State we love, the Penn State that is part of our being.

What you know of Joe Paterno probably comes from television or magazine articles.

We know the man who has lived in the same McKee St house for decades. We have chatted with him as he walked to practice. We have eaten ice cream with him at the Creamery. We have studied in the new library wing his money helped build. We have visited the sports museum and spiritual center he also helped build. We have seen him cheering on other Penn State athletes. We know he loves Penn State as much as we do.

Some of our friends, brothers, husbands, sons have been privileged to put on the Blue and White uniform and listen to 100,000 fans in Beaver Stadium. We know how hard they have worked, how much time they have devoted, how many of them have been part of an excellent scholar/athlete legacy...and how much they love this man and this program.

We aren't stupid or naive. We know Joe Paterno has culpability. We know he could have made different choices - he admitted that. We don't think he is God or always perfect or saintly. But he is the greatest college football coach ever, and he is PSU family, and we don't want his exit to be like this.

WE ARE...not closing our eyes, ignoring reports, pretending this isn't a wretched occurrence.

WE ARE...angry that innocents would be violated under our care.

WE support of appropriate punishment for every person involved.

WE ARE...demanding change to a system that would allow this.

WE ARE...not concerned if you do not understand our love and devotion.

WE ARE...PENN STATE proud and we will rise again."
112.flag stk Comment
Thanks North!
113.flag stk Comment
Mark - This post is intended to provide links for geographically-challenged Penn State graduates to listen to Penn State football games. It is not intended as a discussion forum regarding the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Though I was courteous enough to allow your first two comments, I believe that you've made your point. I have deprecated your most recent comment and kindly request that you make no more. Although I know you think that NCAA suspensions will "send a powerful message to sports-obsessed persons", I doubt that NCAA suspensions will be applied to Penn State (as this is a non-football related matter). And you've made it abundantly clear - "Eff the game." ;) Just out of curiosity, is it only college football you feel is worth "effing", or are all collegiate sports on your list of games to "eff"? You prefer professional sports? Or ... no "effing" sports at all?
114.flag MAT Comment
Scott - great site. Hope you got to see the game yesterday. So proud of the spirit of the school and the fans. It was moving and cathartic.
Woulda' liked a win.
Thanks for the info. Any way you know of to listen online to the 2011 Penn State Football Show with Jack & Steve after the game is over?
115.flag stk Comment
Mat - Yes, I did watch the game ... and I had my fingers, legs & toes crossed during the last two possessions. Thought we might get a come-from-behind victory, but we need a tad more consistency out of the offense.

Thought the fans, coaches & players were great, considering the horrible circumstances that came to light since the last game (Pre-game moment of silence, hospitality toward Nebraska fans, on-field group prayer, grass-roots collection taken for RAIIN, etc).

I'm not familiar with the show you mentioned. If it's a post-game show with Jack Ham, wouldn't it be available on the Penn States Sports Radio Network? (i.e., would think some of the links here would carry it?)
116.flag Jeff Comment
Hey there !

I just found this site! Awesome!

I too have been disappointed how they keep locking down the 'free' streaming of the games.

Which of these links still work?

Gonna try em all of course :)
117.flag stk Comment
Jeff - Every year, the Penn State Sports Radio Network adds and drops a few radio stations. I add them to an Excel spreadsheet and go down the list: (a) website? (b) listen live option? (c) block/stream during games.

It's a fairly simple workflow, but it does require that it be done DURING a football game.

If the game is televised, I prefer to watch the game. If the game isn't on TV (or streaming somewhere on the Internet) ... I plug away at the list.

It's been updated since 2005 and most of the recommended stations "work". This changes from year-to-year and sadly, the list becomes more accurate, as the season goes on. By the time PSU plays a bowl game ... it's dialed in (which ... is pointless, since most bowl games are televised and the NCAA said we don't get to play any for 4 years).

Great the the NCAA is keeping the discussion about football, instead of child abuse, eh?
118.flag 1houser In Central VA Comment
Thanks for the links, I have been trying to get radio links for years and not had any success.