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International Appalachian Trail

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International Appalachian Trail

October 22nd, 2005  · stk

Mt. Katahdin to the tip of Gaspé Penninsula

For many thru-hikers on the AT, the trail ends atop Maine's Mt. Katahdin. No longer. Now thru-hikers can elect to continue north, following the IAT to the true geographical conclusion of the Appalachian mountain chain, at Cap Gaspé, where they dive into the Atlantic ocean.

The trail is only a few years old. Not all of the land has been acquired, so there remain sections of the trail that follow roads, rather than a wilderness track. Still, the scenery is amazing and while walking along the northern shore of the Gaspé Penninsula, one can spot Killer Whale, Seals and other marine life.

We have a "dream list" of adventures that we'd like to do. We've done one long hike, the PCT, in 2002, from Mexico to Canada. Perhaps, one day, we'll do the AT as well. (If not the whole thing, then maybe the northern portion, including the IAT - which appears to be a very intriguing addition to the AT.)

More information on the IAT:

SIA-IAT Website - Good slide shows, history and description of the trail sections.

IAT Organization - Trail history, maps, membership & official trail association.

Budder Ball and Zokwakii's 2003 IAT Journal - After hiking the AT in 2002, these two thru-hikers turned their sights to the IAT in 2003.

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1.flag Vincent Navarino Comment
I wonder if you have ever heard of Scott Herriott's documentary on DVD about the PCT. I will email you the link to it if you want to check it out.
2.flag stk Comment
I oogled Scott Harriot's "WALK" DVD.

Thanks for passing it along.

It looks nice, but we would have been more interested in his video before our PCT hike, as the video would have shown us what was in store for us. As it is, they're HIS memories of the hike, not OURS.

Make sense?
3.flag Vincent Navarino Comment
4.flag Tom & Sheila Comment
HEY!! We just looked at all the IAT information a few weeks ago and now BANG there it is on your site! We were thinking if we did the AT that we might just as well keep on going into Canada to the end.

Oop looked like she really enjoyed carving up that pumpkin. Very cool viewer.

Sheila & Tom