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Site Feature - Clustr Maps

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Site Feature - Clustr Maps

November 16th, 2005  · stk

I've been looking for a way to represent the geographical, world-wide diversity of our readership. I believe that "ClustrMaps" (a unique service that graphically shows (on differenct scaled maps) the world-wide distribution of our readers) might be the solution ....

World-wide Visitor Count & GIS Mapping

Visitor Locations Around the World

Ever since I began tracking online users using an IP address database, I've been looking for a way to represent the geographical, world-wide diversity of our readers. I believe I've found it!

"ClustrMaps®" is a unique online service that tracks website visitors and displays their geographic distribution on various scaled maps. The maps are updated daily and for users with less than 1,000 visits per day, the service is free. An upgrade (costing less than $1/month) offers greater storage, zoomable continent maps & is ad-free.

Check it out by hovering your mouse over the globe in the "Site Tools" area. Doing this will bring up a thumbnail image of a world map (like the image above). At a glance, you can see our current visitor distribution. This thumbnail is DYNAMIC, as it is updated every day (about 4AM GMT). Click on it for a larger detailed map, served from the clustrmaps site. Then, drill down by clicking on a continent and get an even more accurate assessment of visitor distribution.

We are thrilled to have found a way to help show Alex, our daughter, about our interconnected World! We think that this is an innovative service. Perhaps it is something that you would like to add to your site? Thanks ClustrMaps!

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Updated: 26-Feb-2006
Web View Count: 12147 viewsLast Web Update: 26-Feb-2006

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1.flag Savage Comment
Oooh, I could track all my SPAM hits! heheh
2.flag stk Comment
Are you trying to undermine my faith in the accuracy of our new site tool?

You do raise an interesting point.

Currently, the map tally is done on "page views" (displaying the map thumbnail triggers a count). I'm counted, along with everyone else ... and a page refresh, bumps up the count. (The plan, according to the developer, is to use "sessions" to record a more accurate visitor count and to ban IP ranges, so one can discount themselves).

Regarding SPAM, it is unlikely that they will skew the stats.

Automated comment/trackback/referral SPAM wouldn't be counted, as no one is actually viewing the page (hence, the thumbnail wouldn't be served up and the tally wouldn't be incremented).

Manual comment SPAM, would (of course) be counted. But that's really a page-serving visit (just an undesirable one ).

Your smileage may vary.
3.flag John Comment
You might want to consider Google Analytics.

You get a map there as well
4.flag stk Comment
Tough to consider since they've suspended new sign-ups.

Seems like Google wants to rule the World!

5.flag Don Comment
Scott, I just checked and the map doesn't show my location. Am I in your banned IP list :-) /

I live in a Southern state in India and there is no cluster anywhere in that area.

Are they racking on region based or a range of IPs ?
6.flag stk Comment

Where is your ISP server located? It is likely that you're connected by a large ISP company with regional servers? That might explain the lack of local hits.

Your answer is "IP Address".
7.flag stk Comment

Just as a followup ... I was finally invited to open an analytics account.

Date: July 13, 2006.

So far ... I have no data!! But the world map looks a tad smaller than the clustr map. :(