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Oop gets a Piggy Bank

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Oop gets a Piggy Bank

December 3rd, 2005  · stk

We've been trying to find an honest-to-good piggy bank for Alex. It's more difficult than on might imagine. Finally, an old college friend came to the resue. Easthouse Design Studio, a ceramic business run by Kim Easthouse, makes hand-painted ceramic piggy banks.

Once upon a time... we were in the market for a piggy bank for the Oop. Around Easter time, her paternal grandparents mailed some money for the acquisition of such a child-appropriate gift. We delayed in the purchase because we were looking for a special bank, a classic "piggy bank". Though we kept our eyes open for such a swine, none of our shopping forays unearthed any such beast. (Of course, neither of us are avid "shoppers", so it wasn't like we were on a city-wide boar hunt or anything. But we DID keep our eyes peeled!)

A solution came as an epiphany, one day, when Scott remembered that his UCD friend, Kim Easthouse, runs a successful ceramics business from her Seattle home. A quick telephone call confirmed that she did, indeed, make ceramic piggy banks and that she would be happy to craft one for the Oop.

The summer months slid by and although we did get a chance to stop and visit the Easthouse clan - it was fun seeing you guys ... as always - the bank (like so many of our own projects) had yet to migrate from "the drawing board", into an amorphous clay creation. We had all but forgotten about the slotted swine, when ... out of the blue, we get a large postal delivery! (The Oop immediately thinks that it's for her and of course, she's correct again ... nobody sends Scott or Rachel presents any more! Grrr.   :-/   They're all for the cute little Oop! How fair is that? )

When Rachel returns from her day at the University, we help Alex tear into her package, eager to reveal the contents and meet Mr. Piggy. Lo and behold ... we unwrap the well-padded, delightful, ceramic pig, which is personalized with Alex's name written across its haunches. The Oop was thrilled with her bank, but Mom and Dad were a tad leery of letting her spend much time with it alone ... for fear that it would be immediately broken. So ... we supervised, as she moved her coins from her temporary piggy bank, into their new home.

She's on her way to becoming a gazillionaire and we owe Kim Easthouse a big "THANK YOU" for such a special piggy bank! (And to Grandma & Grandpa for sparking the idea in the first place).

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