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Oop Goes Dental

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Oop Goes Dental

February 19th, 2007  · stk

Alex's first dentist visit, although not nearly as soon as recommended, was a huge success (she's not afraid of the man in white, as much as her Dad) first dentist visit

Alexandra's First Dentist Visit

A couple of weeks ago, Alex made her first trip to the dental office. Perhaps it should have come sooner, but at 3 and a quarter years of age, we felt that the time was "right" to introduce Alex to a dental pick. (Mostly, it's because, for the first time since Alex was born, we have family dental coverage).

Alex made the 12-minute car ride to Cedar, the closest town, in relative silence. She wasn't sure what to expect, being her first time and all, but she did know where she was going.

Rachel took her. So this is a third-hand story ... hearsay, I think, is the legal reference to the quality of such news! (Still, I expect that Rachel will correct any bits I get wrong.) ;)

To hear the story from a comfortable distance ... read on!

Alex's First Dentist Visit (Continued)

For a couple of days prior to Alex's visit, we discussed "going to the dentist" and what it meant, so that she'd be prepared for her upcoming visit. It was obvious that only a small bit of what we had talked about, sunk in, because on the way into the dental office, heading up the small flight of stairs, Alex said, "Candy is good for you!"

This was not exactly the message we were trying to get across to our daughter, who's less like a toddler every day and is becoming more like a real kid.

The Oop got to experience the waiting room and she played with some of the toys, looked at a few of the books and watched TV, until it was her turn. She met the dentist (Michael) and the hygienist (Lisa), then Lisa cleaned her teeth.

Lisa was great with Alex. She gave her a very big set of sun glasses to wear (to block out the bright lights), which Alex thought that was neat. The Oop dutifully opened her tiny mouth, while the hygienist probed and scraped. She was given a fluoride treatment.

She didn't cry and took it all like a big girl.

The dentist returned and there was a discussion about candy and soda pop (we don't provide Alex with any carbonated beverages). There was also some talk about sucking thumbs, which the Oop is still doing (quite regularly, I might add).

And then blammo ... the visit was over and Alex returned home.

Obviously, the dentist made an impression, because on the way out of the dental office, heading down the stairs, Alex said, "Candy is bad for your teeth!"

Mind you, it must not have been a lasting impression, because she's still sucking her thumb (and thinks candy is quite yummy)!

Alex's teeth bushing's have always been a nightly ritual, with Scott generally doing the honors. She uses a children's toothpaste (which is so sickeningly sweet, Mom and Dad nearly gag, if they happen to take a pull from the wrong tube). Likewise, Alex doesn't like Mom & Dad's Crest toothpaste.

"It's too spicy," she says, making a face and closing her mouth.

Around the bottoms, over the tops, a brief time to spit (which she never does, preferring to swallow the foamy lot), twice for good measure, then a cup of water (mostly poured out and rarely drunk greedily) ... then it's off to bed (and maybe a bedtime story). :D

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