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Old Man Winter

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Old Man Winter

November 14th, 2004  · stk

Scott's parents returned home just in time. The night before they left, on Oct 16th, it began to snow. In the morning, we awoke to discover that half of our electricity was out, including the central heater, oven, stove & several outlets - all the IMPORTANT stuff (one of the two feeds into the house had shorted in a neighbors tree)! If Scott's parents hadn't already made plane reservations, we might have accused them of timing their departure and wimping out because of snow. Shortly before noon, we made the blizzardy drive to the airport to bid farewell to Tom & Marilyn. Thank God for the All-Wheel & anti-lock brakes on the mini-van. We returned home to discover that the local utility company had fixed the power problem (wow - that was quick) and we were relieved to have heat again! We figured that in Edmonton, when you report not having heat, it's a pretty important call-out!

It snowed for several days, with varying degrees of intensity. Unprepared, Scott shoveled snow with a variety of garden implements, trying to find something that worked and vowing to purchase a snow shovel the first chance he had. (We weren't the only ones caught unprepared, as most stores we visited were sold out of whatever snow shovel stock they had, so we just muddled along using brooms, rakes & a square shovel until a couple of weeks after this, our first major winter storm). The cat, decidedly hydrophobic, ventured out only when necessary, moving through the snow, tentatively placing his paws in inches of the white stuff, shaking each paw after lifting it up out of the snow. As you can imagine, his morning constitution is consummated quickly & shortly, we hear pitiful & plaintive mewing at the rear door. "Let me IN!" We took the Oop out into the snow, all bundled up in her new snowsuit (a timely birthday gift) and watched her make tracks across the front lawn, heading straight to the porch. (If you should ever come across such unusual tracks in the wild, there'll be no mistaking them for a pre-biped infant.) The snow abated after a few days, though temperatures remained below freezing most days. We watched, as the snow slowly melted off of our roof, creating ever-changing icicles. The largest, just outside of our living room picture window, we dubbed "The Tentacle". We watched it grow and bifurcate, wondering if it would reach the ground and become a column of ice. Though it never did, it was the last icicle to melt & provided much discussion and amusement.

Temperatures have been warmer lately (as high as 9°C during the day, or 48°F). There is still snow from that first storm on the ground, but much of it has melted away, making for dirty cars & muddy lanes. Only recently, with the melting of snow, has the desire to resume outdoor activities returned. Yesterday, Scott raked leaves off the front lawn (the back is still too snow-covered). Today, we took the Oop out for a walk, stopping at the park to give her a push on the swing & repeated runs down the 5-foot slide. She loved both, but with a reindeer-red nose and cheeks, we figured we ought to head back indoors, for a cookie and (eventually) a nap. There's no question that we'll be having a WHITE Christmas this year!

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