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Winter's Last Gasp?

Winter's Last Gasp?

March 10th, 2007  · stk

After cycling in the sunshine last week, the weather Gods decided to spit out the last bit of winter and we got SNOW! We're wondering (hoping?) that it'll be the last of our winter fun this year. (We built a snowman) ... check it out

The Old Man Spits Some White Stuff

The day after we went cycling last week, in the sunshine, it snowed.

It started as little balls of white stuff which bounced off of the car, stuck to the leaves and it didn't look like it would stay around. But the temperature dropped and the small balls turned to big fluffy flakes and soon it was practically a white-out. I began to wonder if Rachel was going to have a difficult time driving home from the hospital, in the snow.

It snowed all afternoon and through into the night. By morning, everything was covered in a layer of white.

The temperatures hovered around freezing, all day, but the sun came out around noon and snow was rapidly melting off of the trees.

"Let's go sledding!" said the Oop, eager for an adrenaline fix.

"We can't go sledding Oop," I said.

"Why?" she asked (a very common question, I might add).

"Because the snow's not deep enough," I said, "You've got to have more snow than this to go sledding. See the patches of ground through the snow?"

"Yes," she said.

"Well, that means the snow's too thin for sledding."

"But I want to go sledding," she whimpered and the tears began to well up.

(Disappointment for a three-year-old can be very traumatic indeed).

Continue for more about "The Building of the No-Man" ....

Building our First Yellow Point Snowman

Her disappointment lasted about 10 minutes, then (thankfully) she was onto something else. She was, however, determined to go out and play in the snow, so she put on her boots and went outside to play with an orange, neon-colored plastic ball. I thought I should join her, because it's unusual that she volunteers to go outside and I wanted to encourage it.

So, I went out and we tossed the ball around the yard.

"Hey, the snow is sticking to the ball!" I said.

"Uh huh," said the Oop.

"It's perfect snow for making a snowman!"

"May I, you please help me make a snowman?" asked the Oop.


"Thank you, Daddy!"

So I rolled the base, the body and the head, using nearly all the snow in the grassy clearning that is our yard. By the time we were adding the finishing touches, we had to walk some distance to get more snow. (The Oop participated by grabbing small chunks of snow and patting it on the growing man, wherever.)

We used snow-covered poles for arms, pine-cone eyes, traditional carrot nose and fir needles for "hair". Gradually, our snowman began to take shape (or mis-shape, as the Oop kept trying to give it "boobs" in funny places). In the end, our snowman is a working man, sporting a brand new shovel (after Dad broke the handle of the old one, trying to dig up some roots, 2 days ago, back when the weather was nice).

Vancouver Island, Canada - Where else can you go cycling in the bright sunshine one day and build a snowman the next?

Going, Going, Going ... Gone!

I noted that our snowman was facing the house. In most neighborhoods, I bet people build their snowman facing away from the house, or toward the street (greeting passer-by's). I guess because we're secluded and don't get many visitors, we built our snowman facing the house (so we could see him).

Our frosty bit of art lasted barely three days.

True to Vancouver Island form, we were getting light rain the very next day, which took a huge toll on our 'man in white'.

His arms lost snow first, but his nose hung in there (as did his hat, for a while). I kept expecting a deer to come along and make dinner of his proboscis, but it never happened.

Three days after he was built, our man had withered to a small clump of snow and (right now) he's nothing but a shriveled up carrot, and two broken shovel handles. (The new shovel has since been used elsewhere and the plastic "hat" -a recycled garbage item- taken by garbage men on Wednesday). Alex's sopping-wet glove, finally made it into the house too.

The remnants of winter have melted away and we're now looking forward to some sunshine, more spring flowers and daylight savings (which has been moved forward 3 weeks, in a big North American experiment, and happens TONIGHT!) YAY for spring!

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