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A Taller Oop

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A Taller Oop

April 4th, 2007  · stk

Alex turned three and a half, yesterday! We thought we'd celebrate her half-birthday, by sharing a few recent photos. Happy half-birthday Oop!

"Girl of Style" turns Three and a Half

Yesterday, the Oop celebrated her half-birthday. She's now a "big girl".

We certainly agree that she's bigger! She's grown an awful lot in the last six months and the proof is in the measuring. Yesterday, we hung her height chart and measured her. She's grown a full two inches since July and is now a whopping 39 inches (99 centimeters) tall. :D

We thought we'd celebrate her half-birthday by sharing some recent photos. (next page)


Happy Half-Birthday Alex!
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1.flag Gary (UK) Comment
They certainly grow up quickly ! I blinked and my girls are 11 and 14 now !!!

If you don't mind me asking, why do you call her 'The Oop' ???

Shear noisiness, but I see it so many times on ya blog !

Have a great weekend.

2.flag stk Comment

Sorry for the late(ish) reply, we were out catching crab and prawns, watching bald eagles and generally having a good time!

Oop. Hmmm. Good question.

Three possible answers:

1) OOP == "Object Oriented Programming" (something that b2evolution switched to recently and I'm fairly heavily involved with b2evo)?

2) OOP = "Oops" because Alex came in year 1 of our 3 year plan?

3) OOP = "(p)Oop" because we found out Alex was more prolific in that department, than most toddlers.

Not really sure the answer, because nicknames have a funny way of evolving and some "stick" and some don't. However it evolved, Oop stuck!

(Funny, Alex refers to herself as "Alex" in context with other people, but for family stuff, it's always "Mommy, Daddy and Oopers" ... so she knows it's a family thing) ;)


3.flag Gary Comment
Lol, nice one Scott.
I love the way se calls herself Oopers, thats great :-)

Out catching crabs and watching bald eagles, thats sounds awesome and beats watching the ducks eat bread ey !

Catch ya again soon, take it easy