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March Madness

March Madness

April 18th, 2007  · stk

Blog SPAM is a pain. Our stats for March: 17,209 attempts from 6,001 unique IP addresses. ZERO successful. Our comments are open to anyone, we allow links, no CAPTCHA, no htaccess black-lists, no moderation. We're here to say that having wide-open commenting and a SPAM-free site is NOT an oxymoron. Find out more

"Wash that SPAM Right Outta Yer Blog"

It rained a lot, on Vancouver Island, in March. It rained on our web site too, as we logged 1.5 million hits and over 200 thousand page views, during the month. That's a lot of visitors!

Not all visitors are interested in the articles we write, our lives or the pictures posted. Many try to redirect visitor traffic to another website or collect 'inbound' links so that their website-of-choice rises higher in search engine rankings (appearing more "popular"). Yes, we're talking about spammers. That lovely breed of individual who leeches bandwidth, clogs blogs with unwanted and sometimes offensive material - porn, pills, sex, easy loans, penis enlargement promises, weight loss wonders, work at home offers, get rich schemes, easy college degrees - it runs the gamut.

March marks the first time that we've decided to share our SPAM statistics. Read on for more spammy details ...



ALL in the Numbers

Statistics is all about numbers and the best number for the month was ZERO! That's the number of SPAM messages that actually made it onto the site. Zero! One may be a lonely number, but ZERO is king, when it comes to blog spam. Zero! Despite our open comment policy. ;)

Commenting on randsco

  1. ANYONE can comment
  2. Links are allowed
  3. Immediate publishing
  4. No hoops to jump
  5. No .htaccess black lists

If we limit commenting, because of SPAM, "they win". Nope, we're determined to leave commenting wide open and easy to do. Our only request is that it add value to the article and that it not contain foul language, blatant advertising or otherwise offensive material. Sometimes we edit comments, to correct punctuation &/or misspellings, add styling or remove offensive words.

While we're proud of our "SPAM-free" status, it's not something that we take lightly. We've spent a LOT of time collaborating, coding and testing, in order to devise a system that stymies the automated SPAM that can overrun a website and drive webmasters and bloggers crazy. We're knocking on our noggins and hope that we always stay ahead of the blog spammers of the world.

However, we're here to say that it's possible to have comments wide open and keep SPAM away. I can not reveal the specifics of the system we use, as sharing it would likely reduce it's effectiveness. All I can say is that the system can be utilized and installed on ANY website or blog application and it's super-simple to use (it's operates without user intervention, in the background). If you're interested in a SPAM-free Internet experience, contact AstonishMe and they'll quote you a price and get you set up.


March Spammers

IP Address SPAM Attempts 541 473 359 354 302 189 99 85 83 77 64 61 61 54 53 50

The TALLY: 17,209 SPAM attempts were made by 6,001 different IP addresses, in March. None succeeded in posting their SPAM comments. Better still, because of the unique AstonishMe system, none of the spammers used any b2evolution resources. We don't like SPAM and are determined not only to block their attempts, but utilize as few server resources on them as possible.

Looking at the March SPAM graph, one can see the breakdown for all 17,209 SPAM attempts. Red dots show the number unique IP addresses for a given number of SPAM attempts (blue dots). At the far left, the last red/blue dot indicates that 3,802 different IP addresses made a single SPAM attempt. As one might expect, the number of unique IP addresses drops off, as the number of SPAM attempts increases. At the far right of the graph lie the pesky few, who just can't quite grasp the fact that their attempts are repeatedly denied. They keep trying, over and over and over. These are the spammers with more CPU and bandwidth, than sense. The worst offender repeated his efforts 541 times, nearly 20 times a day, in a futile attempt to leave SPAM on our website.

The accompanying table identifies these pesky idiots. Feel free to include their IP addresses in your .htaccess file and deny them ANY access to your website, should you have one.


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