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A Slice of Life

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A Slice of Life

May 4th, 2007  · stk

What's the World coming to? Slice TV ... that's what. Sad to see that the dumbing down trend is alive and kicking ...

Slice™ Channel - Calling All Dummies

slice tv

With highly addictive, must-see entertainment, Slice™ is the juicy channel women have been waiting for ... With guilty pleasure viewing, Slice™ will become every woman's vice.

There's a new cable channel in town and in keeping with the 'Dumbing Down of Audiences' everywhere, it launched with a print advertising campaign that caught Rachel's attention. Why try to hide what you are? Just give the people what they want!

Geez. When she showed me the print ad, I could barely believe my eyes.

Slice TV ... proud sponsor of public voyeurism and the "Just say 'No!' to Education" campaign.

Have a look and you decide .... (print ad shown on next page to protect the innocent).

What's Wrong with This Ad?

Let's put it this way ... there's not much right about this advertising campaign. Slice is targeting people who don't want to be smarter. Maybe they sell "Proud to be Stupid - I watch Slice TV" t-shirts? Seems a fitting match.

They picked a good model to run their campaign, I must admit. With her gapping yap, the woman looks the part of an unintelligent, uninformed, opinionated boob, who understands it all because, "I seen it on TV". :-/

"I'd watch a book"? Huh? Their target audience is either so stupid that (a) they don't know books are to be READ and not WATCHED or (b) they don't know how to read and so must be 'read to'? Either way, it's not a crowd with which I'd associate. (Watching a book would be a tad boring. No matter how long you watch, it'd just 'sit there')!

Some of the shows in their line-up:

  • Brat Camp (follow 6 anti-social teens sent to a wilderness camp)
  • Bridezillas (brides who morph into crazy maniacs when planning their special day)
  • Crash Test Mommy (replacing real moms with 'know-it-all' friends or family for a weekend)
  • Party Mommas (Moms who plan over-the-top parties for their precious little darlings)
  • Plastic Makes Perfect (Hidden cameras test real-life experiences of plastic surgery patients)
  • Weird Weddings (The bizarre lengths people go to when tying the knot)
  • And More ...

OKAY ... enough. My brain is hurting because of the ramifications of this print advertising campaign. The sad part is that people across North America will probably eat this stuff up. I mean, it's the same reason why I despair at news programs having (oxymoronic) "Hollywood News" segments.

I now know why old-timers make the statement, "The world is going to hell in a hand-basket". (I guess that puts me squarely in the "old-timer" camp, eh?) :p

Slice™ TV is brought to you by Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc., offering Canadians 13 specialty channels. Some of these channels are actually very good (Showcase, History Television, HGTV, National Geographic Channel, BBC Kids & Discovery Health Channel). They also own a 50% stake in the CSI franchise.

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