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Alex is One

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Alex is One

October 5th, 2004  · stk

Alexandra had her very FIRST birthday on October 3rd, just two days ago. While the meaning of the occasion was all but lost on our little girl (it was more a celebration involving Mom & Dad), she DID enjoy eating ice cream & cake. She also had fun 'reading' her cards (many cards had images of animals on the front - which Alex interpreted as either a DOG, or a CAT, making the appropriate sounds. Some of the DOGS, however, WERE CATS and visa-versa. Hey ... it was HER birthday & she was gonna cry if she wanted - (which she did only once, in a frustrated temper tantrum that fortunately didn't last long!) She also enjoyed her presents, the clothes and the toys. (Of course, the wrapping paper kept her amused for a great while, as well, ripping it up into tiny shreds - CONFETTI!) Our landlord, Laura & her daughter Mairin, stopped by, bearing a Pooh dish & cutlery set, staying part of the afternoon, helping Alex celebrate. Because Alex LOVES company, it was a nice treat for the birthday girl, in lieu of family. Of course, the celebration was scheduled around Alex's morning nap, and as a result, was conveniently limited to her awake time - 2 to 7 PM. She and Marin had fun together and all-in-all, Alex had a very good birthday. By 8 PM, however, she was ready to go to bed, tuckered out from all the excitement & activity.

It's hard to believe that our baby girl is now one year of age. Seven teeth, an expanding vocabulary, a pleasant disposition & just on the verge of walking ... she's growing up right in front of our eyes. Scott put together a slide show that chronologically covers Alex's first year - (over 100 photos!) View it Here. (Note: You can always access this show from the banner menu, oddly called "Slide Shows".

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