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April's Fools

April's Fools

May 24th, 2007  · stk

Randsco SPAM statistics for the month of April. SPAM-free record blemished by a single SPAM message. Not bad, considering how many were turned away! When will these SPAM fools learn? Randsco has a zero-SPAM policy and wide open commenting. Take your SPAM elsewhere.

A Month of Mirth, Courtesy of SPAM Fools

April marks our second month of public SPAM reporting. In our first report, we revealed that 17,209 SPAM attempts were made on the website, during March, and that ZERO were successful. We also posted a nifty excel graph that reveals some insight about how the SPAM attempts are made. (Many one-off SPAM attempts are made using disposable IP addresses and there's a pesky bunch that keep on trying, over and over, using the same IP address).

How does April compare?

Suffice it to say that Randsco staff are laughing at the SPAM fools who attempted to SPAM the website, during April! In this month's report, appropriately titled "April's Fools", we reveal how foolishly persistent a couple of our favorite SPAM fools can be. No graphs, this month, but we do reveal the IP addresses of the top SPAM fools, so that you can be sure to add them to your own list of SPAM fools that you don't want around your website. (We recommend a dose of htaccess and a fat 403 forbidden message for these top SPAM fools).

And without further ado, on with the April's Fool show...

SPAM-Free Record Marred by Single SPAM Comment

Perfection is rarely attainable on the Internet. (Anyone who has tried to make a web page that appears identical, in every browser, can attest to this fact). Being SPAM-free falls into the same boat and our perfect SPAM-free record fell during the month of April. Boo hoo! :(

Randsco Comment Policy

  1. Open to Anyone
  2. Links Allowed
  3. Immediate Publishing
  5. No Questions
  6. No Hoops
  7. No Black Lists
  8. No SPAM!

It fell on April 9th, when Bridget commented on our PZ2 tutorial article. She came to us from IP Address, which happens to be a Bakersfield, California Road Runner ISP. Her SPAM message was straight forward and simple. She said, "I want sex."

None of the normal "Great site!", "Work from home", or "Cheap Meds" messages we normally see. Nope. Poor Bridget is just in some kind of dire need for human contact.

Actually, because Scott's home town was Bakersfield, he's beginning to suspect that the message isn't SPAM at all. It's just a old girlfriend, crying out for lost love! ;) (Shhh. Don't tell Rachel.)

Was it a SPAM message or a forlorn cry of lust aimed at our hunky *cough* - um ... chunky - editor-in-chief? We'll let you decide. Either way, it was stricken from our site and considered SPAM, during our technical team review.


April's SPAM Fools

IP Address SPAM Attempts 2,546 593 179 170 122 121 120 89 80 69 67 66 64 58 53 52 50

A lone, lusty SPAM message isn't bad, when you consider that 17,449 other attempts were made, during the month, from 6,562 unique IP addresses. None of those SPAM fools got through! (Raspberries to all you SPAM fools!)

The interesting statistic of note, is that the top SPAM fool (who happened to be the top SPAM fool from last month) - that's Mister to you (he never leaves his real name) - stepped up his game this month. Read: He banged his head against his wall, even more times, trying to leave his SPAM messages on Randsco!

How many times?

Try 2,546 on for size, which is nearly a foolish SPAM attempt every 15 minutes for the entire month! (Enough for any hard-headed SPAM Fool to get the message - It's a waste of your time to SPAM Randsco!)

Apparently, this SPAM Fool was so frustrated that none of his 541 March attempts worked, that he dedicated five times the effort, during April. This guy is, hands-down, our SPAM Fool of the month. We even made our front article graphic - the SPAM Fool in a Jester's suit, sitting at his computer - with Mr. in mind, because that's how we picture this poor idjit.

Maybe next month, he'll learn.

The rest of April's fools fell pretty much where we would expect. There were 17 SPAM fools that foolishly made 50 or more attempts for the month. And the best part? Very few resources are wasted on these SPAM fools! And we even allow links in our comments. Oh yeah, did we mention that anyone can comment? We even make it easy, as there's no CAPTCHA images to decipher or silly questions to answer. We don't even moderate our comments. You make a comment, it goes on the site, with links and all.

Geez, you SPAM fools, we make it as easy as possible to comment on the blog!

We're looking forward to next month's SPAM report. We're certain that April's SPAM Fool showers are will bring out May bloomin' SPAM pansies.

 April's SPAM Fools - What a bunch of wankers


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