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The World According to Oop

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The World According to Oop

July 7th, 2007  · stk

It's about time - an Oop Update! Artwork, photos and funny things that our three and a half year-old daughter, Alex, has been saying recently. Just try to keep up with the Oop, we dare you!

The Oop Bends a Knee

I'm driving home with Alex the other day, after having picked her up from day-care. It's a 15-minute drive, one-way, nothing like the two-block walk it was, when we lived in Edmonton. It's one of the things that we're still getting used to about rural life, having to drive so far to get anything, but it does give Alex and I some time to chat.

"Did you have fun at day-care today?" I ask.

"Uh huh," she says.

"What did you do?"

She then provides me with a long - mostly unintelligible - list of things that she was involved in, during the day, from an insightful 3-year-old perspective.

Alex's day-care is in a private home, which, in many respects, is much better than the sanctioned day-care facility we used in Edmonton. The woman who runs it has a daughter that's only 2 years older than Alex. It's nice that Alex plays with an 'older' kid, because it helps her learn faster. There are generally less than 5 kids there, at any given time, so we know that Alex is getting lots of one-on-one attention and there also far fewer germs being spread around. (Alex isn't sick nearly as often as she was at the germ-pit in Edmonton, which means Dad and Mom don't get sick as often too!) Yay!

With Rachel's hectic hospital schedule and picking up the odd overtime shift, having Alex at a private home also means a more flexible day-care schedule. The only thing we miss is the sheer number of kids, which helps with Alex's social development (Alex tends to be a tad bossy and a bit of a control freak). Wonder where that came from? :roll:

Alex goes to day-care, on average, about two times a week (on each of Rachel's 12-hour day shifts).

Anyway ... back to the story ...

So I say to Alex (as I try to make a conscience effort to do, just to let her know), "I love you bud."

"I love you too, daddy."

She's quiet for a while, after this, just looking out the window, watching the sun-dappled Douglass fir and Maple trees go whipping past. Summer has arrived at Yellow Point and the forest comes right to the road's edge, providing a mostly shaded drive, despite the sunny afternoon.

"Daddy?" she asks.

"What Oop?"

"When I grow up I gonna marry you," she blurts out.

"That's nice," I say, surprised at the sudden show of affection, "but I'm already married to mommy."

"She's too fat for you," the Oop says to me, logically positioning her proposal to her advantage (there's not one ounce of fat on her).

While it's true that both Rachel and I have put on weight since we finished hiking the PCT, it's Dad - not Mom - that shows it more.

"Alex, don't you think Daddy's fat too?" I ask, immediately coming to Mom's aid.

"No," she says, "You're not too fat for me, Daddy."

And just like that, I received my first ever marriage proposal - from my three and a half year-old daughter! As strange as that was to hear!

For more Oopism's, Oop-news and photos ... carry on ...


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