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New Shop

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New Shop

October 5th, 2004  · stk

We're still settling into our new home & Scott has been dying to get the garage organized. (It's been a junk pile ever since we have arrived, boxes strewn everywhere & hardly any room to walk around). Now that the Honda is in Edmonton, we're planning on storing it in the garage & it's become a priority to free up some space. So Scott has been working on designing and building a set of shelving units that we can break down, move and use in ANY living situation (we're finally getting wise to the ways of moving, having made six moves in the last two years!) As weather permits, he's been out measuring, cutting, hammering & applying polyurethane to the six 4-foot, stackable shelving units. One day last week, shelves completed, we moved EVERYTHING out of the garage & onto the lawn, installed the shelves and moved EVERYTHING back in. WHEW ... what a day! He's since added florescent lights, but there is more work to be done - organizing, insulating, installing electrical outlets ... BUT he's really glad to have a place to work & play 'tool man'!

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