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Autumn in Edmonton

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Autumn in Edmonton

October 5th, 2004  · stk

We weren't the only ones that freaked out when it snowed on September 9th, as most of our neighbors said such an early snow was highly unusual. Fortunately, it hasn't snowed since then, but we have had a killing frost (recently, there was a particularly cold night that got down to 25°F). Days have been very pleasant lately - sunny & in the mid 60's to low 70's. The leaves are falling & it seems that every other day, Scott is out raking leaves with Alex (who loves to "help"). The leaves are bagged, then left our for the garbage people. Ultimately, they're composted and the resulting compost is sold to local farmers & anyone who wants it.

The Edmonton Waste Facility had an open house, one weekend in early September and we decided to drive out and have a look. Wow! Edmonton has the largest composting facility of it's type in the World. It's 8 football-fields in size, cost $100MM, and combines 200,000 tons of residential solid waste with 22,500 dry-tons of biosolids (poop) into 80,000 tons of compost each year. That's a lot of compost. We got to go inside this huge facility (it stinks), but is really amazing. There is also a Material Recovery Facility (recycle plant) that processes 40,000 tons of recycled materials, collected from residents, each year. Who knew that as far as waste goes, Edmonton is a World leader? Take an online tour here.

With winter right around the corner, we've been working at doing all of those things needed before the snow & cold come. One of those tasks, was to install a block heater in our mini-van. California-boy (Scott) is very apprehensive about a winter so far north that one needs to install a heater so that the engine block doesn't freeze and CRACK! (That's too COLD for him). He's been dragging his feet about installing the block heater, thinking that denial is the best way to ward off the upcoming weather. Well, when he finally got around to purchasing one and when he went to install it, received a pleasant surprise - the van ALREADY has one (the cord was just buried in the engine compartment). Apparently, ALL Canadian-manufactured autos have one. Good deal!

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