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Galling Gull

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Galling Gull

October 11th, 2007  · stk

Randsco goes to the birds! Yet another story about one of our fine feathered friends - only this time, it's a "fiend" not a "friend". Video footage of a shoplifting seagull caught stealing potato chips in Aberdeen.

A Fine-Feathered Fiend that Filches Food shoplifting seagull

shoplifting seagull

It would appear that Randsco is going to the birds, as this is our third post in a row about some type of fine feathered friend. The first was about our recently acquired baby chickens (which are doing well, by the way), the second about a really smart parrot named Alex and now this story about a comical seagull in Scotland who, over the course of the summer, has developed a penchant for potato chips (or "crisps" as they're called there).

 shoplifting seagull steals chips

The seagull began nicking bags of Doritos brand tortilla chips, from inside a local store in Aberdeen, Scotland, in July. The shop assistant reported that the gull had his stealing "down to a fine art. He waits until there are no customers around and I'm standing behind the till, then he raids the place."

The shoplifting seagull has been nabbing snack-sized, tangy cheese flavored Dorito brand tortilla chips. Once safely away from the store, the seagull rips open the bag to share with pigeons and other seagulls. Apparently, he always steals the same brand of crisps.

Customers have warmed to this fine-feathered fiend, often paying for the seagull's stolen loot ... (cause they think his stealing behavior is a hoot!) Locals have nicknamed him "Sam - the Shoplifting Seagull".

Makes me wonder though ... why do people pay for the stolen chips? Couldn't they just put it on his bill? :)) :roll:

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