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OMG It's Snowing !

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OMG It's Snowing !

September 9th, 2004  · stk

You know those postcards that people send while they're on vacation? The ones that have a picture of a warm, tropical beach and say, "Wishing you were here?" Well, we won't be sending any of those from Edmonton this year. As you can see from the photo, taken in the early morning light, it snowed last night, in Edmonton! Oh My GOD ... it's September 9th!! I guess we won't have to be worried about having a white Christmas this year? Shoot ... Scott's thinking he might get a white birthday (which would be a first)!

This is freaking us out (OKAY, mostly freaking out the California-boy ... the cat hasn't gone out yet, so he doesn't know. He won't be happy, that's for certain. The Oop could care less and Rachel ... well, she is Canadian, after all.) Nope, fun-in-the-sun, been-in-123°F, California-boy is scared he's gonna freeze before the New Year arrives! It's time to install block heaters, insulate the garage, put up the vegetables, get out the sweaters, buy electric socks, plan a Mexican escape and take a steamy, hot shower! Scott never thought he'd be jealous of a duck, but when he looks up in the sky and sees the flying "Vee", headed south, he's thinking, "There go some ducks ... smart birds ... lucky birds ... Damn - wish I was a duck!"

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1.flag Guillaume Comment

I'm a french meteorologist, author of several books on the weather. I'm writing a book on weather records of the world. Would you allow me to publish your photo? Your name will be mentioned and I will send you a book.

Thank you very much - Guillaume Séchet
2.flag stk Comment
Guillaume - Sure. I took three photos that morning, so I'll send hi-res versions of each and you can pick the one you like the best. Thanks in advance for the photo credit and book. (Postal information and pictures to come in a separate email).

Cheers - stk
3.flag Guillaume Comment
Thanks very much - you are very sympathic.

-Guillaume Séchet
4.flag stk Comment
We got the book ... here's an article that shows the book, the photo and the photo credits.