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Grandma Milly

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Grandma Milly

February 3rd, 2008  · stk

My grandmother, Mildred (Hoyt) Miller "Grandma Milly", passed away today around noon. She would have been 98 years old on March 29th. Rest in peace, Grandma. I love you.

March 29, 1910 - February 3, 2008

The last email I had from my Grandma Milly was on February 12, 2007. She sent us a Hallmark online greeting card. She was thoughtful that way, always sending cards, notes and emails. The amazing thing, of course, was that at 96 years of age she was using a computer (even more amazing, considering she had advanced macular degeneration and could barely see)!

But that's my Grandma Milly. Always outspoken, full of spit and vinegar, having a huge zest for life and an indefatigable spirit.

After a year in the Glencroft Care Center, Grandma Milly passed from our lives today, around noon. Rest in peace, Grandma. You will be missed and you are loved. (I shall heap upon Alex, tall stories about "my favorite grandmother"!)

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1.flag Gary Comment
I am so sorry to hear of your sad loss Scott and family. Take care of yourselves.

2.flag stk Comment
Thanks. She was a very special lady.
3.flag Karen Comment
Scott, nice thoughts of your grandma. The memorial service will be 14-Mar at 11 AM with her ashes being interred at that time at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church. She probably took you there a few times.

Aunt Karen
4.flag stk Comment
Wished we lived closer.

I saw the photos of your 50th wedding anniversary! Congrats. Looks like y'all had a pretty good time. (My parents buggered off to San Francisco, for their celebration).

My thoughts are with you.

Lots of love.

5.flag Karen Comment
We're taking your parents out when they come to a really nice place and we saved a bottle of champagne for them too. I think we will deserve it!

Lots of hugs too

6.flag stk Comment
After 50 years? You think? :p

(None of yer offspring, me included, will likely make "50 years" ... and we'll all have had multiple stabs at it) ;)

Sounds like a fun night!!
7.flag Karen Comment
I ran across this today and it made me tear up. Mom was such a huge part of my life and I still miss her every day. I still have a lot of her paintings to remind me what kind of lady she was She started art lessons at 62. In her 80s she Learned the computer and would call me at work so I could help with something she did to the computer