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Paint Colors

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Paint Colors

March 18th, 2008  · stk

House Colors: When you live in the "North-wet", the painting season is very short and if you want to protect your house from rotting, you need to plan ahead.

Painting. Not the most fun of projects, but it sure can make a difference to the appearance (and help protect) a home.

Trouble is, one is always left with half-used cans of paint and (one of my pet peeves) - forgetting the name or formula for the paint that was last applied. Yeah, the hardware store can do a color "match", but often it's off by a shade or two (or maybe three).

This exciting post is my effort to eliminate the paint color issue by keeping tabs on the paints we use around and inside our house. No more worrying about losing the formula because the top of the paint lid has paint on it, the sticker has come off or the print is so faded that it can no longer be read. No having to remember smooth-sounding emotive paint names.

Once I've actually painted some bit of the house in these colors (the "Japanese Maple" is slightly different from what's on there now and the "Whispering Pine" is a new accent color), I'll put up a photo. Maybe it'll spark a whole new trend in house colors? - or NOT!

House (Exterior)

japanese maple

Japanese Maple
Behr 120F-6
(House Trim)

Paint Behr Premium Plus (Deep Base) Int/Ext Hi-Gloss Enamel Latex.

B-Lamp Black [1-36-0]
KX-White [2-16-0]
R-Exterior Red [6-40-0]
T-Medium Yellow [1-8-0]

whispering pine

Whispering Pine
Behr 450F-6
(House Trim Accent)

Paint Behr Premium Plus (Deep Base) Int/Ext Hi-Gloss Enamel Latex.

C-Yellow Oxide [0-14-0]
D-Thalo Green [0-27-0]
KX-White [0-28-0]
L-Raw Umber [1-18-0]

cedar natural tone on cedar

Cedar Natural Tone
House (on Cedar siding)

Paint Behr Premium Semi-transparent Wood Stain

Tint Base 5-77
C-Yellow Oxide [0-34-0]
F-Red Oxide [0-9-0]
L-Raw Umber [0-35-0]


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