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Hello BC

Hello BC

May 14th, 2008  · stk

Clever British Columbia Tourism Ad

wonder lake yoho national park bc wonder lake yoho national park British Columbia

An online (pure CSS) replication of a lenticular, transforming print ad put out by Hello BC. (Photo donated by Tom Dempsey)

"Beautiful British Columbia" is what it says on automobile license plates in these parts and why not? When the heavens dump as much water on such a mountainous landscape, it's bound to be green and beautiful, filled with streams, lakes and waterfalls!

Tourism plays a huge roll in British Columbia's economy, accounting for nearly $5.5 billion dollars in 2006 (about 4% of the Province's GDP). One out of every 15 jobs is in the tourist industry. Unlike timber and fishing, tourism is actually a booming industry in B.C., growing nearly 5% a year since 2004.

As a result, clever people at advertising agencies are hard at work, coming up with new ways to make a British Columbia vacation sound irresistible. One such print ad landed in our mailbox (courtesy of the previous owner). It was an ad extolling the beauty of the province with a 6-inch by 9-inch photograph of a lone canoeist on Emerald Lake, in Yoho National Park. Using a lenticular printing process, the image transforms from one to another, depending on the viewing angle. One image is a the photo, with a puzzle grid overlain and a piece of the puzzle is missing (the canoeist). The tag line at the top reads, "The only thing missing ... ". The other image is the original photo (no jigsaw grid and no missing canoeist) and the tagline is completed, to read, "The only thing missing is you".

It's not your typical print ad. It was made by Tourism BC, to promote their 2008 BC Escapes Guides. I thought of a way, using CSS styling, to do something similar on a web page, so a had a play and came up with the image on the left. (The photo isn't identical, but it is of the same Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. The photographer - Tom Dempsey - lives in Seattle and graciously donated the image.)

Hover over the image to see an online version of the lenticular ad effect.

To see the original print ad and learn more about tourism in British Columbia, read on


The Original Advert

hello bc wonder lake yoho national park hello bc wonder lake yoho national park British Columbia

Original Hello BC ad. (Tad distorted, because of the different viewing angles required to capture the images).

British Columbia Tourism Links

Tourism British Columbia (Stats: customs entry, room revenue, restaurant receipts; Regional Profiles: Vancouver Island, etc; Tourism Market profiles; Sector reports: Sea Kayakers Report, River Outfitters report, etc.)

Tourism Vancouver (Information about Vancouver Tourism, including virtual tours of part of the city)

Outdoor Recreation Council of British Columbia (Various information on outdoor activities, including outdoor reports, etc).

BC Tourism Industry Monitor (2006) (Released Jun 2007)

Trends in BC's Tourism Sector (from the 2008 issue of Business Indicators)

Hello BC (Wealth of Visitor Information)


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LMFAO ... and sadly ... I didn't even think of using the technique for that. :( :|
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LOL ... I was replying to Ed (didn't think my wife would read it) :p
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