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Ninth Inning Oop

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Ninth Inning Oop

August 8th, 2004  · stk

This is the last year for the Edmonton Triple-A baseball team. (We're not sure about the full details, but they're headed to someplace in the States next year - financial reasons, no doubt. It's up in the air whether Edmonton will even HAVE a team next year). We got two tickets, courtesy of our neighbor across the lane, Paul. We got to watch the Edmonton "Trappers" play against the Tacoma, Washington "Rainiers". We thought we'd introduce Alex to baseball!

It was a WARM day (by Edmonton standards) ... probably somewhere in the mid-80's. Warm enough that people were flocking to get out of the sun and all the seats around us (way up in the nose-bleed section, in the shade) were jammed with people. Paul's seats were in the VERY LAST row, well protected from the sun (and rain), under the canopy.

Alex took it all in with her usual aplomb. She got pretty fidgety after the 6th inning and we even contemplated heading home, but Scott was adamant that she experience her first "Seventh Inning Stretch", so we stuck it out. By the end of the song, heck, the game was close and near the end, so we just stuck it out. We're glad we did because it was a GREAT finish. Edmonton went down a run in the top of the ninth and with two outs, two men on base, the Edmonton batter blasted one into right field to score both the tying and winning runs!! The Oop clapped and cheered (mostly because everyone else was clapping and cheering), but she was really in good spirits, despite the sweltering heat.

It's a great ballpark and we're thankful to Paul that we were able to add another experience to Alex's growing list. They were handing out "Trapper" rub-on tattoos to the kids, so Alex got one and sported it on her shoulder for two days (until her every-other-day bath, anyway). We even had a ball-cap for her to wear, though she kept pulling it off, because those of you who know Alex, know that she HATES HATS! Some things never change.

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