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David & David

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David & David

May 21st, 2008  · stk

OKAY ... I'm a closet American Idol watcher (mostly because I couldn't carry a tune if it had a handle on it). The only musical instrument I can play is a CD player and I can't play that very well. However, I was floored a few weeks back, when David Cook sang a Chris Cornell cover to "Billy Jean" ... have a listen

David Cook & David Archuleta

The David & David title takes me back to 1986 and the one-hit-wonder by the band of the same name - "Welcome to the Boomtown" (a great song in it's own right and inserted here - in 128 kilobits per second glory - for your listening pleasure and my listening nostalgia).

No, I'm talking about David Cook and David Archuleta, the two finalists of the 2008 "American Idol" pop television show.

OKAY ... I may be old(ish), but hey ... I'm a watcher of the show and have been rooting for David Cook ever since I heard his jaw-dropping rendition of "Billy Jean" (a cover of a cover by Chris Cornell), the original having been written by Michael Jackson, at the height of his career.

Talk about song selection! (The judges are always coaching contestants about song selection on the show) and I just have to say ... I think David Cook's selection of that song - I forget what week it was, but there were several contestants remaing ... 8 or so - was SPOT ON!

To listen to the cuts done by all three artists - (Michael Jackson's original version of "Billy Jean", Chris Cornell's stunning cover and David Cook's amazing spin on Chris' version) - carry on ...

Selection ... selection ... singing

I was floored when I heard David Cook's rendition of "Billy Jean". Admittedly, much of that awe was buried in the fact that I'd never heard Chris Cornell's cover version of Michael Jackson's original song. I know that Ryan Seacrest announced that David Cook was doing Chris Cornell's cover version, but that fact was lost in the noise and hub-bub of the show.

I'm not sure the judges even knew.

Rachel even said that she didn't recognize the artist, that she'd never heard the song before. (Then, after an audo re-introduction to Michael Jackson's version, said, "Wow. This is the first time that I've ever known what the song was about.").

(Me too!)

Besides the understandable lyrics, I also know that David Cook's American Idol version sounded completely original and (even after listening to Chris Cornell's version) - a completely awesome version of the original - AND an improvement on Chris' version!

If I wasn't a David Cook fan before, I certainly was in his corner after that song!

We don't catch many episodes, especially since the show airs on Tuesday nights - which are the nights that Scott has volunteer Fire Hall practices at North Cedar Fire Department (7-10 PM or so).

Too bad ... as this season seems like it had an excellent line-up of young talent. (It's fun to watch them progress, grow confident and change, during the show). What a crazy, amazing time in the lives for these contestents!

Of course ... I missed last night's final show-down (singing) and will have only tonight's finale (highlights) to go by.

Nothing against David Archuleta, who appears to be a genuinely great guy and there's NO DOUBT he can sing, is cute as a button, has a billion girls idolizing him, and all that. I'm just rooting for the more mature, grounded, innovative rocker that is David Cook.

I'm looking forward to tonight's finale.


The "Billy Jean" Trio - 3 MP3 Tunes

Michael Jackson's 1983 Original (not the year I was born, for sure ... more like the year I graduated from graduate school :| )

Chris Cornell's amazing cover version of "Billy Jean"

David Cook's improvement to Chris' cover & stunning American Idol song choice. (Yep ... this performance is definitely one to be remembered, right Simon?


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1.flag Rachel Comment
I'm with you babe. David Cook! What an awesome performer, and now 2008's American Idol.
2.flag stk Comment
;) :D
3.flag Gary Comment
How do you guys rate our Simon Cowell ? He is funny at times and cruel others huh? Since Pop Idol (called American Idol where you are) was shown over here, Simon (one of the Judges) has done another show called X Factor, where he searches for someone with that certain X Factor !

If you have not had that yet over there, it will be something for you to look for and enjoy, its basically the same show as Pop Idol.

Like the Billy Jean done by David Cook, real good version of Wacko Jacko's song.

You won't believe this, Yabba was showing me the AM Audio Player plug-in yesterday after I saw it on Astonish Me website and he showed me how to use it (as it never said on the AM site :-/).

Its a cracking good player and I look forward to making some podcast in the future !

4.flag stk Comment
Simon Cowell ... lol ... besides being the consummate arrogant Brit, he's actually the only judge whose opinion is (generally) spot-on! (The other two judges, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, each have their quirks. Paula tends to praise everyone, which, at times, is annoying. Randy Jackson keeps using the same catch-phrases all the time - "What's up dog?" - which is equally annoying).

Not sure if I've heard of X-Factor at all (there's so many bloody "reality shows", it's difficult to keep up).

Hmmm .... someone should really update the AstonishMe website! :|

I don't use the player often, but it's got an elegant, simple interface and works! (Basically a b2evo port of a WP player by 1 Pixel Out)
5.flag Gary Comment
I know what you mean about Simon, he gets ribbed over here in the press for wearing black clothes all the time and for his high waisted trousers! You guys may not have picked up on this yet? but then again you might have?

One things for sure, he's a multi millionaire :)

6.flag stk Comment
I don't really keep up with the tabloid stuff, but the host of "Amreican Idol" (Ryan Seacrest), enjoys picking on Simon - and why not, it's so easy!

Simon is given a hard time for many things - his goofy, short hair; his ill-fitting, way-too-tight t-shirts and (of course) being so critical of the contestants.

I suppose when yer a multi-millionaire, you just do as you please, eh?

7.flag A.P. Comment
Simon Cowell. Arrogant? I suppose so, but I prefer people who speak their minds to the type of false 'Have a Nice Day' crap that you hear so often from Yanks. I applaud Simon for telling it like it is, but lets realise that he does it to boost the show's ratings. Plenty of people tune in just to see Cowell destroy the never-ending stream of deluded no-hopers, and I think he does a pretty good job. One last thing. Has anyone else noticed ths striking resemblance between David Archuleta and Gordon Brown, or esteemed prime minister? Poor kid!