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Gran Visits

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Gran Visits

August 8th, 2004  · stk

Grandma Pilley made the trip out from Vancouver because it's hard to pass up a round-trip airline ticket for less than $100 (well, a bit more, actually, because of fees, taxes & an airport improvement 'donation' - don't you HATE that?).

She came out to visit us, help with some window-coverings (she runs her own 'soft furnishings' company in Vancouver - upholstery, covers, drapes, pillows & such). She was a BIG help and instrumental in getting two very nice sets of drapes up in the dining room window. We think that the neighbors appreciate the drapes too, because now, when Scott gets up in the middle of the night for a 'midnight snack', in the buff, he's NOT flashing the neighbors when he flips on the kitchen light!!

Anyway, we didn't leave Gran locked in the basement sewing ALL the time! We took her & the Oop out for a picnic lunch at one of the big Edmonton parks - Goldbar Park. We took the Oop, because we wanted her to have her first experience feeding the ducks, but even though we ate our lunch by a pond, none came.

Later, when we walked back across the North Saskatchewan River on one of the pedestrian bridges, we spied a bunch of Canadian Geese hanging out near the parking lot. Dubious about both the size and nature of these pooping machines, Scott was hesitant about letting Geese be Oop's first experience with fowl (FOUL?). Rachel had her heart set on a bird-feeding experience, however, and convinced an over-protective Dad that we should try. The birds were interested in food, no doubt, taking all the bread crumbs that were brought for that specific purpose - even FIGHTING over them. Alex laughed with glee and squealed with delight! Right until the very end, when the food was gone and the birds decided that MAYBE the Oop's fingers could be consumed.

Thanks for coming out Gran! It was a fun visit.

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