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Miss Marilyn Dyer

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Miss Marilyn Dyer

July 19th, 2008  · stk

See how searching for an EXIF program, led me to find a 50 year old photo of my mother on the Internet! (She was then "Miss Marilyn Dyer") SURPRISE MOM!!

The Things You Find on the Internet!

I didn't get much done today, as my nose led me tripping across the Internet. The bloody web, eh? It can be such a time waster.

During my travels however, I happened to dig up an old photograph of my mother (a certain Miss. Marilyn Dyer) taken in 1957! If it surprised me, my bet is that it will really surprise her!

When she met my father, she was working at Camp Wolters, just outside of Mineral Wells, Texas. (They were both living there, my dad as an army dude - not sure his rank or duty. Funny how little we actually know about our own parents.) Mom however, was the Assistant Director of the Camp Service Club. (I bet she had lots of guys asking her out on dates, because, being single and setting up all those social activities, you're just bound to meet lots of cute guys.) ;)

So my dad stood out from the crowd at Camp Wolters. They met there and married there too, at the little church that was on the base. The church is still there, but Camp Wolters (later called Fort Wolters) is no longer. An Army camp from 1925 to 1946 Camp Wolters was deactivated for a time. It became an Air Force base in 1951, but in 1956, it reverted to the Army to house the U.S. Army Primary Helicopter School. Camp Wolters was renamed "Fort Wolter" in 1963, when it was designated as a "permanent" military base. The base was deactivated in 1973 and now the site is an industrial park, National Guard training center and a Weatherford College branch campus.

To find out what led me to discover my mom's old photo, to see the photo and a bit more about Camp Wolters ... trip on to the next page!

Scan-tastic Mate!

The Oop and I took our little vacation to visit paternal grandparents, in California, last month. One of the things on the agenda was to return home with the family photo album. I wanted to get all of the images scanned, as a form of backup, but also to include in blog articles.

For the past two days - solid - I have been scanning old photos. The good news is that they're all done (about 900 photos total). The bad news is that they're just raw scans and need rotating, cropping, cleaning and some, a bit of photo-correcting. I'm sick of scanning, I'll tell you!

I started the morning by looking for a good batch EXIF editor, which I'll use to add things like the year of the photo and a description of what's on the photo (names, places, etc.) There's nothing more useless than an old photo of "who were those people?" or "was this on the trip to Sequoia in 1968 or Colorado in 1970?"

Oddly, I began with the very first photo in the family album, which was a picture of the Camp Wolters entrance sign - where my parents met.

My Not-Yet-Mom at Camp Wolters!

I thought, "Hmmm, what do I know about Camp Wolters (besides it being an Army base where my parents met and married?"

The answer, sadly, was "not much".

So, I typed "camp wolters" into the address bar of (not the best of browsers, but the one I use most often) IE7 and immediately spied the wikipedia entry - which I utilized, when paraphrasing its history. The wikipedia entry had some external links and one was to A Pictoral History of Fort Wolters.

My gosh! What a lot of data is stored on that site! I found maps, pictures, esoteric information, documents, etc. A person could get lost in all that data. (And I did, for a while).

After discovering the cool search function, I gave it a whirl and that's when "Marilyn Dyer" popped up with a text-link (and the photo on the preceeding page). Cool! Mom before she became "Mrs. Kimler"!

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1.flag Marilyn Dyer Kimler Comment
WOW, what will you find next? I remember that night well. See, I was thin and young once!
2.flag Tom Kimler Comment
She was the best looking girl on base and a great 'catch'. And after fifty years together, my opinion remains the same!
3.flag stk Comment
Mom - You never know what else might be out there! (Yeah, I was thin and young once too) :p

Dad - Fifty years! Congrats! (Now hurry up and buy her that house). :|
4.flag Gary Comment
Memories huh? You can't beat them;) Glad you managed to scan in all those photo's into a digital ever lasting format, gosh, you have still got them all to resize and enhance - just remember Rome wasn't built in one day!

It was only the other month I was thinking along the same thoughts when I came across some old photo's of the children when they were a very young. I too though I must scan some of these in, but then I realised that I might need to get a scanner first ;) oh and put aside a day or two to do it :(

5.flag stk Comment
LOL ... yeah, tell me about the work that remains (rotate, trim, add date and description ... just for starters) ... eye veh!

You don't have a scanner yet? Gosh, if you're going to have a computer ... you need all the toys to go with it! :D
6.flag Aunt Karen Comment
Just think, one month before I got married your mom and dad got married. For a honeymoon of sorts, they came to our wedding. Yes, we all were young, gorgeous and svelt.