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Dear Santa

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Dear Santa

December 21st, 2008  · stk

Alex "wrote" her very first letter to Santa Claus, with a list of what she wants for Christmas. Her wants are few! She also visited Santa at the local mall and is eagerly awaiting the red-man's trip down our chimney. Merry Christmas everyone!

alex's first letter to santa claus


Alex's first letter to Santa Claus!

Well, it was more a dictation that actual writing, as Mom played the part of "secretary" and Alex acted as "the boss" (a role she plays all too well).

The Oop did pen the salutation to Jolly St. Nick and then - at the end - penned her name, which was followed by an alternating, ungulating row of X's and O's - for hugs and kisses. (I think she's pretty smitten with the rosy-cheeked, gift-giving man)!

You can see from the above image that Alex is still struggling with the letter "S" (and also has a tough time writing the number "3"), though she fairs pretty well with the others. There's always the occasional "backward" letter and sometimes - guess this is common? - Alex writes a whole word (her name, usually) in mirrored reverse. I couldn't do that if I tried. I wonder if that's why Dad and Mom are palindromes? Makes it easier for kids to spell!

Although the body of the letter was in Rachel's handwriting, the words belong to our 5-year-old kindergartner.

To read Alex's cute Santa Claus letter, Merry Christmas greeting and pictures ... carry on


Dear Santa,

My name is Alexandra Lynn Kimler. I am 5 years old. I have been a really good girl all year. I am in school at Woodbank Primary, in Mrs. Pettit's class.

- I would like some olives to share with my Dad.

- I would also like some new coloring stuff, please.

- I also really like Play Doh and would like some new stuff, if you could.

(Oh, that coloring stuff, if it could have Princesses on the crayons, I would really like that.)

- I really enjoy beading as well. If you have any beading stuff, I would love it!

I love you too, Santa. Please drive carefully on Christmas Eve.


PS. My Mom helped me write this letter, as I can't write very good yet.


That's our Alex! (She likes olives ... and her Dad!) She generally doesn't ask for much in the way of gifts, for either birthday or Christmas. It's not hard to grant her gift wishes, when they're so unusually modest. (I think "Santa" has the list covered, while Mom & Dad have a few other gifts up their sleeves).

Alex & Santa
  • Alex with Santa Claus at Port Place Mall

One thing's for certain ... Alex will have a great Christmas!

(Oh ... and it's now looking like we'll be having a VERY white Christmas this year, as it's forecasted to snow about a foot today and then snow a bit every day this coming week. Joy!

Rachel's worried about driving to work, as she's scheduled for a 12-hour night shift on Christmas Eve and again the night after. Scott's worried about keeping up with snow shoveling, freezing water pipes and keeping the chickens from turning into feathered popsicles. Only the Oop is thinking "snowmen" and "tobaggans"!

We hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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1.flag Gary Comment
Lol @ 'rosy-cheeked, gift-giving man' I din't know she knew Yabba ;)

It's wonderful when they are that age Scott and they write the letters to Santa. I like the fact she wants Olives and her Dad ... Ahhh that's nice. Cracking photo with Alex and Santa BTW.

Snow and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we have never had that :( Still we dream on.

Well I hope Santa brings Alex everything she asks for and that he drives carefully on Christmas Eve.

Gz ;)
2.flag stk Comment
Any resemblance between Santa and Yabba is either completely coincidental - or - drug induced. :|

Yeah, we're very pleased with how this year's "Santa photo" turned out! :D

If we could mail you snow (and the postage were free) we'd mail you enough for many snowmen.
3.flag Gary Comment
Ha ha ha (or should I say ho ho ho) at drug induced :)

Thanks for the kind gesture of mailing snow for snowman ;) perhaps if you and Alex make a snowman this Christmas you will post a few pictures of it on your site for me to show the girls.

4.flag Yabba Comment
Santa takes drugs???!!!!ELEVEN!! :o

5.flag Glenn and Tina Comment
Tina and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Seems you have all the snow again and we are left here in Germany looking at all the white stuff on the news state side.
On geek news; I had to close the blog down and delete the whole thing, it got hacked again. Sooo I made the jump to WordPress don't yell I know I know, just seemed like the easy fix at the time.
6.flag stk Comment
Glenn ... I was so shocked that it's only just now, that I can talk about it.

(Actually, I was remiss in my reply. Sorry.)

*crosses self* WORD PRESS? :o What is the world coming to?

(Don't think I haven't thought about it!)

Belated Holidays to you and Tina. Hope this doesn't mean you'll stop, stopping by now and again? ;)