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Oop @ 10 Months

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Oop @ 10 Months

August 8th, 2004  · stk

She continues to be a delightful source of fun (and frustration)! She is (generally) a very happy baby and has become our goodwill ambassador(ess) everywhere we go. Take her to the grocery store and she gurgles at everyone she sees, tries to make eye contact and even REACH OUT to touch old and young alike. "She's such a HAPPY baby," is what we hear everywhere we go. She loves to laugh and giggles at practically everyone and anything. Though we still hear a lot, "What a delightful little BOY."

As Scott says, "She needs more hair."

She's now standing (supported) and with that, her World has grown proportionally (read: Everything below 3 feet is now FAIR GAME). She's got a box of toys in the living room to play with, but NO ... pulling 100's of CD's off the CD rack is WAY MORE FUN ... or maybe slobbering all over the remote control on the coffee table ... chasing the cat ... or (her new trick) ... CLIMBING THE STAIRS!

The other day, Scott was working on the PCT slide show, in his office, and Rachel was taking a shower. Scott noted that things were WAY too quiet and went to track Alex down. He looked all over the living room, the kitchen, dining room (TWICE), wondering where his little girl could be. He looked in the steamy bathroom - no Alex. Where the HECK was she? Happily playing on the SECOND FLOOR LANDING - pulling books from the bookshelf. Oh MY GOD!! Guess it's time to put up that kid gate.

She bounces to music. "Dances kinda like her Dad," says Rachel. HA HA.

The poor kitty cat can find no rest and spends his days outside, avoiding the squealing, grabby, squirmy, crawling kid. She still loves the poor furry creature to DEATH and anytime she sees him, squeals and gives chase. We used to feed him on the landing, half-way between the 1st and 2nd floors, but we're going to have to find a new spot soon - as this one has now been breached (or should we say - REACHED - though, we're happy to report - Alex DOESN'T LIKE the taste of cat food). At least his food is safe. The same can't be said for his WATER DISH, though.

Alex has had her share of falls and her poor head just seems to take a licking, but thankfully, keeps on ticking. (At least, we think so! Her vocabulary hasn't grown very much - but her VOLUME HAS! She can play quietly for some time, but God forbid if we should try to carry on a conversation with someone - in person or on the phone it doesn't matter - she's got to chime in with her 2-cents-worth ... more like a DIMES-WORTH, if judged by volume. It does help get rid of unwanted telephone calls, however!)

Alex has now made friends in the neighborhood. Neighborhood community centers are a big thing in Edmonton and ours was celebrating it's centennial a couple of weeks ago. They had a big BBQ dinner outside the community hall and we thought we'd go and meet some new folks. Well, we didn't meet too many people, but while we were lined up to get our dinner, we let Alex crawl around on the floor and SHE met lots of people. One girl, Taylor, who - it turned out lives only 3 houses down our back lane - took a real liking to Alex and has been by to visit her, many times. She's brought friends by to introduce THEM to Alex, too. She's not shy and will even change Alex and plays with her nicely. Alex loves it when Taylor comes over - the more the merrier. Our little Ambassador(ess)!

We splurged and bought Alex a wading pool. We used it during our heat wave this summer (which lasted for a week). She loved it - as she loves her baths! Splish splash! We think that she can sink just about ANY boat we toss in, but it's not the toys she loves the most - it's the OTHER things (empty milk jugs, golf balls, anything really that's NOT a toy, it seems).

She still goes to bed easy and wakes up too early, usually around 7 AM ... but sometimes earlier.

She's a delight and a joy. We just wished that we had half her energy and a quarter of her enthusiasm. We never really felt our age before, but we do NOW, watching Alex squirm and move - nonstop.

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