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Island Caretaker Job

Island Caretaker Job

February 12th, 2009  · stk

Scott's application for the Tourism Queensland "Island Caretaker" position has been approved and is available for viewing. He's made a quick, holding post on the main blog, with the link. Check it out, if you haven't already. Check it out AGAIN ... if you have!

Queensland Tourism Seeks "Island Caretaker"

You probably heard about this amazing offer during the weather segment of your local news. The weatherman said something like, "How would you like a 'dream job'? Tourism Queensland, is hiring a 'caretaker' for the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. It's billed as 'The Best Job in the World'. The successful candidate will live on Hamilton Island for six-months and must be willing to explore the other Great Barrier Reef Islands. The only catch: you must report back on your adventures to a global audience (via weekly blog updates, photo diaries and video snippets).

For consideration of their duties, the successful job applicant is paid $150K (AUS) for their six-months of work, provided with airfare and travel insurance, and will live in a 3-bedroom, ocean-view home (complete with swimming pool, golf cart and a computer with the latest video equipment).



Scott's "Island Caretaker" Video Approved

It took Rachel thirty minutes to convince Scott that he should apply for the position. After that, it's been "Island Caretaker" nearly 24/7, as he drafted a storyboard for his 60-second video application, re-drafted it, watched competing videos and then finally taped his own, which he uploaded on February 7th. Approximately five days later, he received word that his application had been accepted and was "live" on the website.

Watch the Video!

Scott then told as many friends, family, acquaintences and - embarrassingly enough - complete strangers about his quest to win the job. He'd tell people to, "View my video every day, vote for it twice a day and spread the link around - like you would spread manure!"

Kind of a crappy analogy, don't you think? We did.

Use the mini-menu below to read through a variety of front-page topics about Scott's "Island Caretaker" application. Head to the "latest news" section, to see all the gory detail. (We did warn you that Scott has been living 'down under', from 'way up top' - which has been, for the rest of the family - a little 'over the top'!) :p


"Island Caretaker" Pages
Front Page: (Video Accepted)
Video: Scott's Island Caretaker Application
Video Bloopers: Wry on awry
Deeper Meaning: Hidden Info & PZ3 Demo

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1.flag Daniel Comment
Good luck!
The job sounds awesome and your video is great!
2.flag stk Comment
Daniel - Thanks! :D

It'd sure be great exposure for b2evolution to get the job. ;)
3.flag Yabba Comment
Roll on six month holiday :D

4.flag stk Comment
Have you sent in your 60-second video application for the Hutton House House-Sitting job? :p
6.flag stk Comment
Thanks Ed!

Others in the mix ... John, ¥åßßå, Danny & Gary

Mates all!!
7.flag EdB Comment
You're quite welcome! Hey your "Gary" link isn't what you want it to be (I get a randsco forbidden page), and I'll bet isn't exactly the type of thing you'd like to link to ;) But hey if it gets you a job that's cool eh?
8.flag stk Comment
Are you kidding? It shows I'm edgy & cool. Besides, when do I ever get a chance to use the "f-word" around here, eh?

(Unless R and I are having a really, nasty fight over who gets the last pickle in the jar, I mean.)

Thanks man! :D
9.flag Leslie Comment
I really like your video.

Check out mine!
10.flag stk Comment
Cute! (Did the fish swim away or float away?) :p
11.flag Candace Comment
12.flag stk Comment
Whatever voodoo magic you're doing ... keep it up! :D

We're now rocking on PAGE 3 of "most viewed"! (Since the video wasn't posted till the 11th or so, I never thought in my wildest dreams that we'd rank anywhere on "most viewed"!) :p
13.flag Tamara Comment
Hey! Nice video and nice blogging. I know exactly the same feeling you discribed as you waited for your video to upload. Sorry it didn't upload properly. I know now that I've looked at so many there are some really good ones and my video is not as great as I thought it would be. Oh well, it was a lot of fun!!!
That's mine...but check this one out. It's something else!
14.flag stk Comment
Tamara - Thanks. Tried to check out your links, but the site is down (again) for maintenance.

Hopefully it'll be back up at some point soon.
15.flag Roman Comment
Good luck for you!!! Your video is great! The great video, for the great work! :)
16.flag stk Comment
Thanks Roman. I went to your site and tried to leave a guest comment (had to babelfish it, as I don't read Russian!)

Not sure if I was successful or not, but thanks for your kind words. Good luck to you too!
17.flag Glenn and Tina Comment
Ok I posted to the Blog, I sent out some Twitter action and all over Facebook Go Scott Go
18.flag stk Comment
Thanks Glenn and Tina! Your support means a lot to us! :D
19.flag Paul Li Comment
I got this link from ClustrMaps. I know this activity 1 month ago.

I am supporting you, and your vedio is good.

And, don't forget, this supporting arm is from China!!
20.flag Paul Li Comment
But I don't know whether there is Chinese participating in. There is one Chinese person in every five people of the world.

I'd love to, but i know I can't go that too far in this game.

So, Scott, go, go, go. For me!! Yeah!! Haha, haha.
21.flag stk Comment
Paul Li - THANK YOU for your support! It means a lot to us. ;)

We have made lots of friends around the world with our blog and are happy that you took the time to comment.

Please help to spread the word! :D
22.flag Aunt Karen Comment
So, did you make it?
23.flag stk Comment
Aunt Karen - Nope. :'( Read all about it
24.flag Bill Comment
Sorry to hear you didn't make the Top 50. Me neither. In any case, check out my site for reviews of the remaining candidates...

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