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Oop Shots

Oop Shots

June 10th, 2009  · stk

A slide show consisting of 75 photos taken by our 5-year-old daughter, Alex, over the course of a year and a half, using her "Little Tikes" 640x480 digital camera. Our world from a three-foot-something, kid's perspective.

Photography from a Child's Perspective

Shortly after our daughter, Alex (AKA "the Oop"), turned four, we gave her a digital camera for Christmas. She's now five and a half years old and has used the camera for a year and a half, taking roughly 750 pictures all-told.

It's interesting to see what catches her eye, even though many of the pictures didn't turn out well. While we really like the rugged quality, ease of use and child-oriented design of her "Little Tikes" digital camera "My Real Digital Camera" by Little Tikes little tikes digital camera We bought this durable camera in Canada for approximately $30 CAD. It's worked well for Alex for a year and a half. Pros: The camera is well designed for little fingers, it's rugged and will take abuse, it has both a 1.3" LCD screen and a view-finder for framing shots, it's easy to use, has auto flash and stores about a 1000 pictures (64 MegaBytes). Cons: Picture quality could be better (it takes 640px by 480px shots with some spherical aberration and blurring). There is an appreciable shutter delay, which children must understand, before they can begin to take non-blurry shots. (One needs to hold the camera steady for about a second, after pressing the shutter button). It uses 4 "AAA" batteries & also comes in pastel colors. Thinking of getting one? Click inside this box or the link for more information & reviews on the Little Tikes website. , it has one major flaw - there is a one second delay between pressing the shutter button and when the image is captured. It took Alex a while to work out that she needs to hold the camera steady during and after she presses the button.

We figured that it was high time to show off our daughter's photography "skills" and share her visions through the lens. Life looks a lot different when you're only three feet tall and the things that she's pointed her camera at ... well, you can only conclude that they're important to her!

Oop Photos

Click a pic to start the show

  • Xmas '07: 4-year-old Alex
  • Tuxedo
  • Thu-the-Window Dad
  • Blurry-Midriff Mom
  • The Woodshed
  • Scary Dad on the Phone
  • Treehouse on Television
  • Some Kid
  • Dora the Explorer
  • Close-up Dad
  • Lite Bright
  • Blurry Oop
  • A Better Oop
  • Dear Deer
  • Dolly
  • Chickens
  • Chicken Product
  • Dad Again
  • Meet Max
  • Sasha
  • Fawn Lily
  • Goofy Dad
  • Some Dog
  • Nice Oop
  • Grandpa
  • Max on the Ferry
  • Mom & Max
  • In-Your-Face Max
  • Looking for a Bone
  • Max at the Playground
  • Planting Tomatoes
  • Stacked Lawn Furniture
  • Drying Dishes
  • Grandma Kimler
  • Dad in California
  • Grandpa Kimler
  • Camie
  • Reclining Mom
  • Kitchen Floor
  • Oop Nose
  • Cousin Ella
  • Two Guys
  • Happy House
  • Alex's Room
  • Girl Guide Cookies
  • Girl Guide Emblem
  • Shopping Trip
  • Mom at Photo Kiosk
  • Printing Supplies
  • Shopping Cart
  • Store Floor
  • Show & Tell
  • The Other Half
  • Mom at 8:30 AM
  • Day-Care
  • Jack
  • Blurry Mom
  • Mom & Dad
  • Party Animals
  • Dawson & Victoria
  • Cameron and Dawson
  • Cameron
  • Riley
  • Victoria
  • Alex and Cameron
  • Alex Climbing
  • Hummingbird
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1.flag Gary Comment
Nice work Alex, I like your photo's, the one of your Dad with his tongue out is a good one.

Look forward to seeing more pictures :-) Enjoy taking those photo's.

2.flag stk Comment
LOL ... Since you commented, I photoshopped that image a tad and made it my FaceBook profile picture!

Alex seems to take photos sporadically. I kind of wish she was more "into it", because I find the results quite interesting.
3.flag Danny Comment
4.flag Gary Comment
Nice one Scott, A few people keep saying to me, when are you going to get facebook ? Guess I will have to start one up one day :-)

5.flag Yabba Comment
Alex takes better photos than you :D

6.flag stk Comment
@Danny - Thx. She's due a new camera soon and I'm eager to see what new things she photographs.

@Gary - Yep @ getting a FB account. Soon?

@Blabba - Arse. :p