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9-Month Oop

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9-Month Oop

July 5th, 2004  · stk

Alex celebrated her "three quarters of a year" birthday between Canada Day and the 4th of July. No special cake this time, just her normal fare: oatmeal cereal and a few un-sugared Cheerios (that she barely chews, just plops them in her mouth, gums them a while and then swallows them with a grimace). A little breast milk mid-morning, right before a nap, then a variety for lunch - banana, applesauce in yogurt, a cracker maybe or some other solid food concoction that we've blended up and saved for her (leftover big-people dinners). More breast in the afternoon followed by a bottle of formula, perhaps. The afternoon nap is sometimes long, sometimes a 10-minute power-nap, or sometimes non-existent. Dinner must come around 5:30 PM or we have a fussy little girl on our hands (she takes after her dad, apparently - ha ha). Dinner is the BIG meal ... nearly two Gerber bottles of solid food (again, rice & beans mixed with other things, parts of our leftover meals - blended and frozen, fruit and yogurt for dessert, punctuated by crackers, bananas or "O's" (Cheerios) and other 'finger food). A bit more breast in the evening, then it's off to bed and quickly asleep around 8-8:30 PM.

She has a bath every other night and OH BOY, has she been enjoying those baths! She's got rubber duckies and colorful plastic tugboats that swirl and splash around the tub! She gurgles and coos and swims and splashes herself (the wall, the floor and the towel) till she's clean. Yep, our little girl is eating and growing.

And of course, what goes in, must come out ... so we're very busy in that department too!

She knows three words: kitty cat, mom and dad. Of course, it's more like "Pitty-blat", "maaaa-maaama" and "plah-dah" ... and they're often said about MANY things OTHER than kitty cat, mom and dad ... but you know how parents are about interpreting child-speak. So, in our eyes, she's quite conversant. To anybody else, it's just so much blather!

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