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Costa Rica Trip

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Costa Rica Trip

February 15th, 2005  · stk

Scott's parents have recently returned from a 3-week trip to Guatamala and Costa Rica. They had a very busy time and Marilyn commented, "We were so active, that I need a vacation from my vacation!"

They traveled in a group of about 15 people, which they said, "was a good size."

I did my Master's Thesis research in Costa Rica, during the early eighties. I spent just over two months there, traveling extensively over the Nicoya Penninsula and around the Gulf of Nicoya. I was very eager to hear of my parent's impressions and amazed at how much they did, while they were there.

In Guatamala, they saw volcanos erupting, visited a remote village where they speak a Mayan dialect (one of 60 dialects in the Country), sampled unusual fruits (zapota), saw giant carrots over a foot long & measuring 4-5 inches across, and visited the ruins of the ancient Mayan capital "Tikal".

They traveled more in Costa Rica than I ever did, touring San Jose (the capital), visiting the lush rain forests along the Caribbean coast (where they spotted the lethargic three-toed sloth & went white-water rafting down a class-III river, recently swollen from flooding). They spotted colorful poison frogs, howler monkeys, toucans, & white egrets. At the hotel, they drank and ate with a "Tony" Toucan, who helped himself to fruit off their plates! They visited a school and were treated to lunch at a student's home, helping to prepare their meal and sampling authentic, local fare. En route to Lago de Arenal, they got to squeeze sugar cane using an old iron press, sampling the juice & drinking "guardo" (the National drink). They saw tons of howler and capuchin monkeys and witnesses "Jesus Christ" lizards.

What's a "Jesus Christ" lizard? "You know, the ones that walk on water and when you see one, you say, 'Jesus Christ! Look at that lizard!'," Dad explained. Ha ha.

Witnessing more volcanic eruptions, snorkeling, mud baths, horse-back riding, a ride on a 75-foot catamaran, seeing 12-foot-long crocodiles, hiking in the steamy jungle ... Good God! No wonder they need a rest!

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