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Alex on Art

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Alex on Art

March 1st, 2005  · stk

We try to expose Alex to something new, each day (whether it's big or small, no matter). We've been keeping some of them in a growing list, which you can read HERE.

Yesterday's project was a 'first' for Alex ... a bonafide 'art project'. I confined her to (er, sat her in) her high chair and placed before her, a bevy of highlighters. She promptly grasped the idea (as well as few pens) and using her artistic flair, put her vision on the canvas. She had a good time of it, but did need encouragement.

The project was a success and we now have our first, of a long series, of "refrigerator art". And now, as parents, we're now presented with the question: What do we keep? Where do we keep it? Where do we draw the line?

We cherish all the things that Alex makes. Well, maybe not ALL things, cause some of the stuff she makes STINKS! We don't cherish that very much at all! ;) In fact, we often try to pawn THAT chore off on the other. "I did it last, it's YOUR turn," we say, with varying degrees of success. "I've been with her ALL day and you need some 'bonding' time with her!" (one of my oft-employed lines).

We were first faced with this question when Alex returned from her trip to Vancouver, just after the New Year. She returned with her very FIRST drawing (a study in pencil, below). It was just a small slip of paper, her very first, so we kept it in a folder. (We also have decided to keep the paper towel drawing, as it is her very first COLOR drawing. But I tell you, it's got to STOP! Otherwise, we'll be holding on to projects (some of which won't be so small) for WAY too long. (Ask my parent's about a certain "Wilbur the pig" or Rachel's parents about a doll-house that's 4-foot tall and three-feet wide ... though it was Syd's project, not Rachel's, but you get the idea.)

Are we destined to have drawers crammed full of 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade art projects? Is there ANY way to avoid this? (I thought by taking a digital picture and posting it on the Internet, we could just do away with the 'original' ... yet I find myself hesitating). I'm thinking of it more as an INSURANCE policy, in case the precious original is damaged, somehow. If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE let us know, before we become buried in a pile of momentos that take over a drawer, a desk, a closet, or *eek* a WHOLE ROOM!

In the meantime, enjoy a quiet moment of fine art, brought to you by Alexandra Lynn - a blooming artist ... or is that BUDDING artist?


P.S. - This particular artwork is a one-of-a-kind! Not so much because she'll never make something similar, but rather, because she ATE the tips off of three of the markers ... so she CAN'T make another such drawing. (At least, not until we buy more highlighters. Ack! :roll: )

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