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Feeding George

Feeding George

March 2nd, 2005  · stk
Alex feeds george of the jungle

If Alex has a 'best buddy', it ISN'T Tuxedo (our cat, who flees from Alex). No, it's a rather well-worn, stuffed monkey named "George" (after "Curious George" or "George of the Jungle" - take your pick). He's almost as tall as Alex, when erect, which isn't too often. He's usually slouched over, somewhere in the house, arms akimbo and tail drooped. He's missing an eyebrow (oops, I just noticed that he's now missing BOTH eyebrows! A rather recent change). His smile is rubbed off & his 'fur' ratty and worn. To top it off, George isn't very 'curious' anymore. "Why?" Because he was sprayed by Rachel's parents cat, "Pushkin", once, which made George rather incurious and precipitated multiple washings (and further wear)! He may not be curious anymore, but least he smells decent again.

Poor George has been around the block a few times. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, George is almost 'REAL', so loved by Alex is he. He's beed diapered, well - sort of. He's been dragged, tossed, hugged, kissed and thrown down the stairs. But until recently, he had never been fed. Poor George had NEVER had a proper meal.

Leave it to Alex to remedy THAT problem! Watch the video, as Alex 'feeds' George a bowl full of "Oh's" (short for Cheerios).

PS: When I posted this video, I showed it to Alex. She SCREAMED, she was so excited! When Rachel started talking, she yelled out, "Mommaa!" Then, recognizing George ... she made a monkey sound. THAT melted my heart and made all the time it took to get a video solution TOTALLY worth it! What a cutie.

Because we are evaluating this product, it is important that we know about any technical difficulties. IF you're having problems viewing the video, please tell us what is happening (or NOT happening) HERE. Thanks in advance for taking the time to let us know.

About the Video: This video was made using a trial version of Riva Producer (though it could have been made with their Lite version). This choice is a superior solution to the "Blue Pacific" video we published a few days ago in two ways:

1) Streaming: This means you don't have to wait for the file to be fully downloaded before play begins. It utilizes a new file type known as 'flash video' (FLV). For most broadband users, this means that the video begins playing 'immediately' (though there may be a delay, locating the file on the server, which has more to do with our service provider, than the video). Dialup users may still experience problems, as the download probably won't occur faster than the video plays. (In an effort to be more forward-looking, we've made the decision to offer better quality content, aimed at the majority of current computer users (i.e. - faster data connections). However, we appreciate ALL visitors and invite dial-up users to DOWNLOAD the video instead (700KB-AVI) and view at your leisure.

EDIT (3/12): Originally, the FLV file size I posted was on par with the AVI file for download (just under 697KB ). After viewing it, we decided that the quality was not good enough for broadband and pumped up the quality (and file size) to the version you see here. File size has more than doubled, but remains under 2MB (1.66MB - 15% more than fits on a standard 3.5" floppy diskette).

2) Preloader Using the Riva Producer program, we were able to construct a SINGLE video, which shows the downloading progress, when you hover your mouse over the video window. (For the last product, we LOST the preloader progress bar, because it was hidden behing the 1st video, which loaded the MAIN video in the background, before playing. Annoying.)

Now that we have a solution, we hope to bring you even MORE videos of Alex, or whatever other video we might happen to capture using our HP 735 digital camera. We hope you enjoy watching Alex "Feeding George".

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