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March 7th, 2005  · stk

I was going to write about how the snow has been melting and how wonderfully warm it's been this past week. Daytime temps have been hovering in the 50°F range, during the day, under generally sunny skies. The cat has even volunteered to go outside during the day, letting his black fur absorb the warming sun. He sits on the front porch, one eye on the lookout for unleashed dogs, the other for unsuspecting cats he may wish to chase away (the brute that he is). :roll:

Besides the rapidly melting snow, there are other sure signs that warmer days are coming. First, it's now still light out when we get around to eating dinner at 6PM. (It's great not having to shut the drapes at 4:30 in the afternoon). Rachel actually hung a couple loads of laundry out on the clothesline and they dried, instead of turning into frozen objects that are hell to fold and can be used as a deadly weapon in the hands of an experienced laundry person. Scott cleaned the upstairs windows and screens (and because there are two sets of sliding windows in each window frame, that's 8 window panes to clean, per window!). Wow. Made a difference to look out through sparkling clean glass!

Of course, melting snow means a flood of water down the street. Slippery and icy sidewalks in the evening and early morning. (Rachel fell again today on her way home from the bus - OUCH.) There's so much water that we feel like were back in Vancouver, not so much because of the AMOUNT of water, but because if you walk to the back gate to put out the trash, the standing water in the alleyway gives off an aroma much like the smell of low tide. :|

We're seeing GRASS for the first time in several months. Rachel made the comment, "Alex has probably forgotten all about grass." Which, sadly, is probably true. If so, she's been learning all about it again. That and how easy it is to get mud on one's shoes, or how cold snow is in un gloved hands, or just how WET little girls can get when they fall while walking over slippery, half-frozen puddles. She's been venturing outside much more during the past week and we're already talking about actually being able to go out for a picnic!

All those dreams were put on hold today, as temperatures plummeted and it snowed. Great big flakes of wet, sloppy snow. It must've snowed for 3 hours and buried everything, including our dreams of warmth, under about 3 inches. The good news, if any can be found, is that it was just slightly above freezing and it began to rain late in the day. It made a real mess of the roads, but turned a great portion of the earlier snowfall to mush.

Locals are saying that it's been a very mild winter! Rachel and I look at each other, having just experienced the worst winter of our entire lives. It may not yet be spring, but we're already dreading whatever the Old Man might have in store for us next year. Bring on the sun!

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