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March 14th, 2005  · stk

Alex is nearly a year and a half old. It's difficult to believe that this much time has passed since we left with her from the hospital. How tiny she looked in that infant car seat. How frightened we were of her! And my, how she has changed our lives.

Every day is exciting for her. She wakes with a huge smile on her face and is often amazed at the world. "Wow," is a word that she uses often, when faced with something new, something that amazes her. She has a whole bevy of words now, which she loves to repeat for an admiring Dad, any time he asks. I took advantange of her good nature and sat her down for a recording session. I wanted to document WHICH words she learned first (Maa-maa and kitty-blat). Which words have become very well enunciated (thank you), which sound identical (cheese = shoes and ack (duck sound) = sock) and which are of her own creation (banana = mah-'mah).

She continues to add new ones. Between the time of the first recording and today, when I finally spliced together the final version, she's learned two new words - "poo-poo" and "baby". I managed to get the former included in a recording, but "baby" is just a bit too new.

Every once in a while, she'll repeat something that we say, so clearly, that it makes us turn our heads in disbelief (generally, never to be repeated again). She's even LOST words. "Kitty-blat" was one of her first (developed from her strong interest in a rather uninterested cat). Now, if you ask her to say "kitty-cat", her response is consistently "meow"!

Not knowing words doesn't stop our little girl from reading books or talking to strangers. She'll open a book and just babble away, pretending to be "reading." Our neighbors have gotten an earful of Alex-opinions, listening to her babble at a rather high volume, as she pointed at this and that, explaining (in no uncertain terms) her views! And her loquaciousness is lubricated by conversation, whether it's Rachel and I, talking to each other, others or on the telephone. (Especially on the telephone!) I have to continually walk around the house, trying to stay 2 steps ahead of her, so I can hear the person on the other end of the line, otherwise I get high-volume Alex-babble in my ear, drowning out whoever I'm trying to listen to, on the other end.

And the funny part? Put a phone to her mouth and ask her to say something. SILENCE. As if!

We should enjoy this short moment, as I'm sure they'll come a time when we think that the phone is permanently glued to the side of her head!

So sit back, listen to Alex rattle off the words she knows, at age 1.5. Enjoy.

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1.flag Judith Aka Mom Comment
Scott: I thoroughly enjoyed reading your updates on Alex's progress and milestones. Great job. What with your updates and Rachel's letters we are really spoiled.

I have had trouble getting Alex talking. I must be doing something wrong opn the laptop as I cannot get it. Syd managed to hear it on the desktop. Any suggestions as I do not get upstairs very often.

Hope you've had aa good Easter weekend. Love to you all.

Judith aka Mom aka GRan