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Oop Trash

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Oop Trash

March 24th, 2005  · stk

What a difference a week makes! It seems that we were premature in extolling the weather Gods for our glorious spring weather. The jet stream jetted off on its meandering path, leaving us on the frozen side of things. Then a low pressure system descended and we've been snowed upon since. Temps are again in the 17°F (-8°C) range, during the day and we have been covered with as much snow as had previously melted. The cat, again, has had to resort to boot-holes for his (much-hurried) morning constitution. Spring has again, been delayed, much to our dismay.

Alex has been oblivious to the weather, content to gander out the large picture window and say, "cheep, cheep" to all the birds alighting on the suet. She doesn't know that Easter is approaching or that April 3rd will quietly mark her 18th month and her 2nd half-birthday. Both of her great grandmother's, on Dad's (long-lived) side of the family, will have celebrated their 89th and 95th birthdays on (what can only be described as a strange twist of fate) the same day - March 29th! "Happy Birthday Great Grandma Sally and Great Grandma Milly!"

Alex received gifts from both sets of Grandparents, for Easter. She enjoyed opening the envelopes and cards! One of the gifts came in a brown-wrapped box and the box itself was the highlight of her afternoon. Upon rising from her nap, after having slept very hard (the imprint of her precious, soft, hand-made blanket plainly visible on one side of her face), she awoke to find a BOX. She took her time opening it (delayed gratification NOT being one of her better suits, there was no question that the gift should be opened IMMEDIATELY and not postponed until Easter!) Gradually, she made her way through the coarse brown wrapping, joyfully tearing small pieces off the box and scattering them about the room, leaving a right-mess for dear old Dad (AKA the maid) to pick up. When she finally got down to brass tacks, she opened the card and then extracted each of the 4 tissue-wrapped items from the box, only to (just as carefully) put them back! She amused herself for nearly an hour this way, extracting the items, then puzzling them back into place, closing the lid and beginning the process anew. It was finally Dad, who insisted that the tissue be removed and the actual presents revealed! "Thank you," she said, after dad prompted with, "What do you say?" Alex enjoyed her gifts, cards and especially the nicely-wrapped tissued items!

That's our Alex. A little organizer. (I wonder where she gets that from?) One could almost say that she's a compulsive organizer, although the criteria for organization appears to be quite random. And so does her choice of 'containers'.

The other evening, as Rachel was preparing a dinner, she asked Scott, "Where's the lid to the pot?" Scott, thinking that Rachel couldn't be looking too hard, replied (rather curtly), "In the pot cabinet or the drying rack." (Where ELSE would it be? Hello?) When Rachel said (rather curtly in return), "No 'dear', I've looked and it's not there," Scott got up from his desk and wandered out to the kitchen to SHOW Rachel that she hadn't been looking too hard. Hmmm. "No pot lid. That's odd," he said. Finally, it dawned on us .... ALEX! She must've gotten into the cupboard and "organized" things. The question - WHERE did she put the damn thing? We looked high and low, in her toy box, in other cupboards - no pot lid. Finally, Scott looked in the trash. There was the pot lid, buried under coffee grounds, egg shells, dirty disposable diapers and other garbage. But the lid was not the only non-trash item discovered. Alex had 'organized' a toy and Scott's 30-year-old momento which, until recently, was carefully secured in an office drawer! The real question: "How long has THIS been going on?" (And, of course, THIS is the answer to the question that the neighbors have: "Why are those people rooting through their garbage in the alley? What an odd family!")

Odd indeed! We've now had to fortify the garbage canister and "Oop-proof" it. (Weren't we just saying a week ago, "How cute! Alex knows that ripped up paper goes into the trash!" If we had only suspected! What else have we "lost"?)

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