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Half Birthday #2

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Half Birthday #2

April 4th, 2005  · stk

I had a tough time getting this video posted, for some reason. (Probably because it's vertical). BUT ... because it took so much time ... her highness (the Oop) is already up from her mid-morning nap and READY to eat some lunch, chuck a few balls around and wreak havoc on the house. So the rest of the post (and pics), will have to wait till LATER.

Later ... (after a big lunch, play time, a poopy diaper, a visit with Paul across the alley, a walk to the postal drop box 5 blocks away, trying to carry too many pine cones, several chocolate covered M&M's (Smarties), and some cookies for snack ... finally, the Oop went down for a nap and I can finish the entry)!

Faster than Alex can put toys in the trash can, her second half-birthday came and went. Not that we had a big celebration or anything, but at this age, a half birthday is more of a milestone than Dad's (or Mom's) birthdays are. It's been a full THIRD of her life since celebrating her first birthday, back in October.

Dad made a cake and decorated it (Mom and Alex enjoyed licking the frosting off the spatula). On her first half-birthday, we were in Vancouver under sunny skies. This year, we were under sunny skies, but 1200 kilometers north and east, with snow blanketing the backyard (but melting fast). Last year, the cake was among her first attempts at 'solid food', but this year she's a solid-food pro and managed to eat with her own fork (well, sort of). Last year, she blew out her diapers. This year, she blew out the candles! Ahh, the difference a year makes.

Alex had a fun time, eating cake and we hope that you enjoy the footage of her milestone candle-blowing ceremony (too cute).

The video file is about 1.5MB in size, so those on dial-up may wish to download the AVI video instead of trying to view the Flash version online. (The AVI file is 1.9MB in size.)

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