CSS Photo Zoom - Example 2

Paul Griffin (Original Design)

Aug 25, 2003

Link to Paul's Photo Zoom Page

Pure CSS Photo Zoom

Demonstration of the technique

Some Cacti

Paul was inspired by Dan's post over at Simplebits. He used some simple CSS to make a thumbnail image 'pop' to its full size when the mouse hovers over it. The CSS and HTML code are below, and also in the this page source.

Here is Paul's contribution to the fray. It has several major improvements, compared to the original 'proof-of-concept' method by Dan Cederholm. First, it uses the exact same image for both the small & large photo. Second, there isn't any background image shifting involved, so there aren't any calculations required for images of differing sizes. The method Paul documented is elegantly simple.

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Notes on the method

  1. Define only the width or height - not both,
  2. Define the width or height in the HTML code (to accomodate different image sizes on the fly, rather than bloating the CSS file).
  3. Add a caption.

Paul's Original Code


/* Photo Zoom CSS */

#zoom a img { float:right;
border:1px solid #000;
margin:0 0 5px 5px; }

#zoom a:hover img { width:300px;
height:225px; }

/* The rule below makes the effect work in IE */
#zoom a:hover { padding:0; }

/* End Photo Zoom CSS */


<!-- Photo Zoom HTML Code -->

<div id="zoom">

<a href="cssZoom02.jpg"> <img src="cssZoom02.jpg" alt="Some Cacti" /> </a>





(Note: Paul wrapped his <div> around his text - so the closing </div> isn't till later.

<!-- end Zoom code -->

This led to: Kimler Caption #2

Click the above link to see this technique with a caption. It is the best pure-CSS caption method presented and IMO, the second best solution overall. (Explanations 'why' are on the linked page). The modifications that were made to Paul's code include: