CSS Photo-Caption Zoom

"Photo Zoom 3" (PZ3)

March 10th, 2007

Pure CSS Photo-Caption Zoom (Version 3)

Demo: IE7 Overlay FIX & CSS Integration w/older PZ3 Code

An IE7 Overlay problem was identified in November 2006 and a fix made. The fix has been integrated and the PZ3 code modified today (March 8, 2007).

Follow the links on the PZ3 Home Page for more information and the updated code.

The same two right-hand images that demonstrated the problem, are presented. Notice that the right-most image now properly overlays the left-most image? Changes were made to the CSS and XHTML to effect this change (which also provides for consistent viewing, regardless of whether the page is rendered in Quirks mode or Standard mode ... another issue that was resolved at the same time).

This page (standards mode), isolates and demonstrates the PZ3 fix for the IE7 problem.

Because the XHTML changed, for the IE7 and quirks-mode fixes, I've thrown up a third image (at right) that uses XHTML prior to the fix. This demonstrates the compatibility that the CSS/XHTML has with older XHTML. The idea here is for anyone already USING PZ3, they can add the fix (replace the existing CSS and use the new XHTML), and it will continue to work with the old XHTML, without conflict.

The goal is for every version of Photo-caption Zoom to be backwards compatible with any and all previous versions (all versions can run on the same page). Like ... our family page does.

I've also thrown up a "Check Mode" button, left, which is a bit of JavaScript that interprets whether the page is rendered in QUIRKS MODE or STANDARDS MODE.

(This page should be rendered in "standards mode").

Tested in IE6, IE7, Opera9, FireFox2 & Netscape.