CSS Photo-Caption Zoom

"Photo Zoom 3" (PZ3)

March 10th, 2007

Pure CSS Photo-Caption Zoom (Version 3)

Demo: IE7 Overlay Problem

FIXED: This problem is fixed. Follow the link on the PZ3 Home Page to get the updated code.

THE PROBLEM: This is an issue for IE7 only and it only happens for right-floated images IF multiple images are used. This page demonstrates the problem. (Note: Obviously, you need to be using IE7 to see it).

In IE7, when you mouse over the right-hand image, it will zoom (pop, explode, expand, enlarge), as it should. However, it doesn't correctly overlay the left-hand image (the left-most image shows through). Whoops!

In a way, this is good news. It means that IE7 correctly interprets CSS selectors better (and the PZ3 CSS that hides stuff from IE6, is seen). But, it's also bad news, because it means that the IE6 z-index bug is still around in IE7. Grr.

I've also thrown up a "Check Mode" button, left, which is a bit of JavaScript that interprets whether the page is rendered in QUIRKS MODE or STANDARDS MODE.

(This page should be rendered in "standards mode").

Problem ONLY for IE7 browser.