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Randsco can help to promote your products & services. We have over 10 years of web experience. Our site has authority - currently w/a Page Rank of 5 - & we're constantly adding new material.

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About Randsco

Randsco is a family-run website based in Canada (Vancouver Island). We focus on web-development, outdoor adventure, family stories and various local & international news. We launched Randsco in 2004, as a way to share our adventures and keep family & friends up-to-date (Scott is from the United States), but it has turned into much more.


Why Randsco?

  • Longevity: Online since 2004
  • Authority: Currently Page Rank 5
  • Prolific: Over 400 relevant articles
  • Audience: 40,000+ visitors per month
  • Interactive: Over 2,500 comments
  • Appeal: World-wide readership
  • Unique Content: Lots of original material on varied topics
  • Professional: Over 17 years of corporate experience
  • Reasonable: Our rates are reasonable
  • Customizable: Need something different? No problem


Randsco Advert Policies

We practice "White Hat SEO". We don't try to "fool" search engines & we write lots of original, engaging & relevant content. Content is King.

Google is constantly tweaking their algorithms & our Page Rank has been as high of 6 and as low as 4. While it always gives us a giggle to see a Randsco article when we're searching on Google, PR and SERP rankings are not the end-all-be-all for us.

Because of this, we don't mind sharing our authority with advertisers. It helps pay for electricity. We have, however, come up with a number of advert policies, to protect our readers & our "White Hat SEO" practices.

  • Relevancy: We don't write about gambling, medications or replica watches, so we won't advertise those products.
  • PG Rated: We're a family-oriented blog, so we don't advertise sex, porn or condoms.
  • Sneaky Ads: We don't allow advert links buried in body copy (all ads are clearly marked).

Note: When we say that adverts are clearly marked, we mean "for our readers (eyes)" ... not search engine spiders. Accepted text links will appear in a visually-separated DIV and have a graphical link (to this article). Below is a demonstration. - Quality products at great prices.

For readers, the advert is clearly separated and marked as such. For search engine spiders, the word "A D V E R T I S E M E N T" never appears (because it's a picture) and the link is indexed along with the rest of the page content. Everyone is happy!

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Updated: 25-Jun-2011
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Website house-cleaning. Moved our list of adventure journals inside our CMS, from a static file. (Dunno why I didn't do this from the start). Backpacking, bicycle touring, sea kayaking, hiking ... adventures ... explore your world

Our Online Adventure Journals:

  • Sunshine Coast Bicycle Tour (2010)

    Scott & Alex Racing cycling the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

    Join us on a wholesome family adventure, as we continue to explore our own backyard in beautiful British Columbia. For the first time, our 7-year-old daughter, Alex, hopped on a bike saddle and pedaled all on her own! See how she fared on our 6-day loop trip along the Sunshine Coast. Camping fun, four ferry rides, beautiful views, glorious sunshine and - yes - a few bike repairs along the way! (Detailed journal, interactive route map & plenty of photos).

  • Southern Gulf Islands Kayaking (2009)

    Canadian Southern Gulf Islands Kayaking adventure

    With magnificent, eroded sandstone shorelines, tree-covered hills and blessed with Mediterranean-like weather, it's no wonder that the Gulf Islands is Canada's top kayaking destination. Join Scott & Rachel on their first sea kayaking adventure - a six-day journey exploring the Southern Gulf Islands: Saltspring, Wallace, Galiano, Mayne, Saturna, North & South Pender and Prevost Islands. (Detailed journal, maps & photos). (Warning: Continuing will likely whet your appetite for a kayaking adventure!)

  • Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit (2008)

    Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit

    Outdoor Magazine listed the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit as "one of the World's 10-best canoe trips". The circuit is comprised of six major lakes and sits in the center of British Columbia, deep in the heart of the Cariboo Mountains. Elk, deer, moose, beaver, bear and other wildlife are commonly spotted. We borrowed a canoe, dropped off our 4-year-old daughter and then added "canoeing" to the list of self-propelled adventure traveling that we enjoy. Join us for a 6-day adventure, where we saw spectacular scenery, got up-close and personal with several moose, witnessed the sky on fire, had a pot-luck dinner with others and laughed, while we "sailed" home. (Complete journal, photos, slide-show and "plan your own paddle" resource section).

  • Nanaimo - Seattle Loop Bicycle Tour (2007)

    Nanaimo to Seattle Loop Bicycle Tour

    Cycling from our home on Vancouver Island, we made a loop that included the following: Salt Spring Island (a Canadian Gulf Island), Victoria, the Coho Ferry, Port Angeles, the Olympic Discovery Bike Trail, Sequim, U.S. Hwy 101, Bainbridge Island, Seattle (via Ferry), the Centennial Bike Trail, Snohomish, Mt. Vernon, the famous Chuckanut Drive, Bellingham, the Tswwassen ferry back to Vancouver Island. Whew! 350 miles of cycling and half a dozen ferry rides. It was Alex's third cycle-touring adventure (the Oop is now over 3½ years old). The early September weather was beautiful. Washington is a very bicycle-friendly state. Join Scott, Rachel, the Oop on this unusual, looping cycle adventure.

  • The West Coast Trail (2007)

    West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

    The West Coast Trail is a rugged, breathtaking, beautiful backpacking trail that follows the western shores of Vancouver Island. Making up the southern one-third of Canada's Pacific Rim National Park, the West Coast Trail is one of the World's classic hikes, equally difficult as it is beautiful. Here, the coast is made up of rocky, impassable headlands, sand and pebble beaches, sandstone shelves, alluring seastacks and dangerous surge channels. Join us for our 5-day adventure. (Raw text journal only ... yeah, yeah ... we have photos and stuff ... but posting it takes TIME!)

  • Glacier & Waterton Lakes Cycle Tour (2005)

    Glacier Waterton Lakes Cycle Tour

    This was our second cycle-touring adventure with our daughter, Alexandra (aka 'the Oop'), who was 22-months old at the time. We cycled a 400-mile loop from Whitefish, Montana ... through Waterton Lakes, to Glacier National Park. The views were stunning - glacier-carved mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, and lush alpine meadows, covered with colorful wildflowers. Join Dave, Rachel, the Oop and Scott, cycling among peaks of the Canadian and US Rockies. They followed the "Highway to the Sun" (or "Going-to-the-Sun"). Either way you call it ... it was a great cycling trip!

  • Icefields Parkway Cycle Tour (2004)

    Banff-Jasper IceFields Parkway Tour

    This was our first cycle-touring adventure with our daughter, Alexandra (aka 'the Oop'), who was 10-months old at the time. We cycled approximately 300 kilometers along the "Icefields Parkway", the road that connects Alberta's Banff & Jasper National Parks. Cycling with a toddler was an adventure in itself & towing her in the buggy, with all the extra gear, up some very steep grades, made for a challenging ride. The Oop was a 'hit' along the roadway, as fellow cycle-tourists & automobile vacationers marveled that we would be out cycling with such a tiny tot.

  • Pacific Coast Bike Tour (Vancouver to S.F. - 2002)

    Washington,Oregon,California Coast Cycle Tour

    8-Mar-2006 LOST Journal Entries! - (How You can Help!)

    What do you do after hiking 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada? You hop on your bicycles and pedal back! We were pushing the cycle-touring season, by leaving Vancouver in early October, but we felt that a trip down the PCH, down to Scott's parent's ranch near Chico, California was a fitting end to our 5-month Pacific Crest Trail adventure. Read the online journal of our trip (no photos).

  • Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike (2002)

    Pacific Crest Trail - Forrester Pass 13,620 feet in the High Sierra

    After several months of planning & dehydrating our own meals, we embarked on a through-hike of the Pacific Crest Trial. This National Scenic Trail is 2,650 miles long and is a crest trail that goes from Mexico to Canada, through wilderness mountaintops in the San Jacinto, Tehachapi, Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains. Over 500 people followed our live website 'trail-updates'. We stayed at a Rave house, suffered through a 17-hour ice storm, saw bear, were licked by deer, fell down (a lot) & had some hairy high-altitude mountain pass crossings in the Sierras. Read about the trip, look at the slideshow, learn about the PCT & plan your own adventure with the tools & resources on our PCT website.

  • Wonderland Trail Backpacking Trip (2001)

    Wonderland Trail - 100 miles around Mt. Rainier

    We prepared for our Pacific Crest Trail adventure by backpacking the 100-mile "Wonderland Trail" around Mount Rainier, in Washington State. Rated by Backpacker magazine as the overall 'BEST' long trail in year 2000, the trail lives up to the accolades. It's a rugged, mountainous trail, but affords a continual, awe-inspiring view of gorgeous Mt. Rainier. Wildlife abounds, as does wildflowers & wild berries. We saw bear, deer, elk, marmots and mice. We crossed alpine meadows afire with colorful lupine, paintbrush and other wildflowers. Read about our trip, the mishaps, view photos & maps. Plan your own adventure.

  • Oregon Coast Cycle Tour (2001)

    Oregon Coast Cycle-Tour

    Our first self-supported cycle-touring adventure! We cycled our own 12-day loop, from Astoria to about halfway down the Oregon coastline, returning via an inland route. We learned about the kindness of strangers & how to ask for assistance. In many respects, we had more fun during the inland return, than we did during the trip down the infamous PCH. Read about our run-in with marauding raccoons & finding odd places to camp. View photos & maps.

  • Rachel's Big Ride Across America (1999)

    American Lung Association Big Ride Across America 1999

    We met on the second day of a 3,250-mile, charity bicycle SAG tour across the United States that benefited the American Lung Association. One hundred thirty five riders, plus a 20-person support crew spent 48 days, averaging 80 miles per day, bicycling across America, from Seattle to Washington D.C. We were a traveling 'city', with semi-trucks that hauled showers, toilets, a bicycle repair shop & gear. Follow along on our amazing & life-affirming adventure! Read Rachel's journal & see how we met. (Complete journal - No photos)

  • Scott's Big Ride Across America (1999)

    American Lung Association 1999 Big Ride Across America

    135 cyclists, 48 days, 3,250 miles ... Seattle to Washington D.C. Most people fly. We cycled every inch of the way, raising more than a million dollars to help the ALA win the battle against lung disease. The first day over Snoqualamie Pass was hot & tough. The rest? All downhill! Ha! Follow Scott on his "Big Ride Across America" during his 1999 adventure, from training for the 100-mile days, through the uncertainty of fund-raising, and of course, the Big Ride itself (as well as a budding romance with a certain Canadian). (Journal, ride map & photos)

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Updated: 20-Oct-2012
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privacy policy

About Randsco


Randsco is a family-run website that focuses on web-development, adventures, interesting tid-bits and local news. We currently live on a rural 5-acres near the ocean, on Vancouver Island (western-most coast of Canada). Our website began as a way to share our adventures and keep family and friends informed (Scott was transplanted to Canada from the United States), but it has turned into much more.


What's Randsco IS

Scott is a web-developer, designer, father, adventurer, scientist, handyman and volunteer firefighter. He's posted a lot of original material since he's been "online" in 1999 ... and it's still growing. Here's a short list of what you'll find here:

  • Family stories (About Rachel, Scott, Alex & Tuxedo) - written with the "general public" as an audience.
  • Web Development Articles - Learn what's new, what works, tips, tricks, design - stuff that interests Scott (e.g., he loves bending CSS).
  • Adventure Journals - Backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, cycle-touring - many with photos, maps, slide shows and more information
  • Informative Articles - Analysis, personal observations, humor and serious discussions covering a broad range of topics.
  • Educational Articles - How-to articles, tutorials, b2evolution blogging software, CSS techniques and other web tips and tricks
  • Free Stuff - Maps, music, brochures, cut'n-paste code and Penn State football live-radio links (exclusive to Randsco)
  • Local Issues - politics, environment, water, firefighting and other things for Nanaimo, North Cedar, Ladysmith and the Yellow Point areas
  • Product & Book Reviews - Stuff we buy and use, companies we like and don't like and books we've read.
  • And More - We regularly update the site with more than what's included in this brief list.


What Randsco IS NOT

Here's a brief list of what you won't find here:

  • Porn - We're a family-oriented website.
  • Foul Language - We believe that intelligent people can find more suitable words to express their feelings.
  • SPAM - We have a ZERO-tolerance policy against SPAM
  • Blatant Advertising - We offer a nearly advert-free reading experience for loyal readers (those who type our URL or bookmark us)
  • Poor grammar & punctuation - We're from the old school and believe spelling, grammar and engaging writing are important.
  • Coding Errors - We constantly update and maintain our pages and code. We try to maintain a high 'visitor experience' rating for ALL visitors.
  • Closed Comments - We believe comments should be open to anyone. We don't moderate our comments, we don't ask you to decipher and type funky letters or answer silly questions. We even allow links.

Spend some time and poke around. There's a LOT more to Randsco than meets the eye. Scott particularly enjoys adding depth to online content and websites he builds, which translates into not-so-obvious treasures (easter eggs?) for readers who like exploring. (e.g., Some "internal" links will you to separate websites, while hovering or clicking will yield hidden features, information, photos and other online "goodies").

We hope you enjoy your stay and find what we've put up adds value. Please comment, sign the guestbook or contact us - we like to get feedback - good and bad - from our readers.

-Scott & Rachel

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Updated: 18-May-2010
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Don't know why I didn't do this sooner, but we've created this post as a special guestbook page. We'll port over any and all 3rd-party guestbook entries, open this up for general comments (non post-specific) and then ditch the advert-riddled BraveNet guestbook we've had for ages.


One of the things we've enjoyed about sharing our adventures online, is meeting new people. We'd love to hear from you, so don't be shy ... just use the comment box below and tell us what you think ... say "hi" ... or just whatever is on your mind. We accept links and images! (We don't cotton much to SPAM, so we don't allow any of that stuff, so don't even try!)

Hope to hear from you soon!

- Scott & Rachel

Guest Book History A Checkered Past We've relied on various free, online guest-book services, since 1999 - mostly with ill-fated luck (e.g., we lost all entries made during our 5-month, Pacific Crest Trail adventure, because the service experienced a server failure in 2002). We were very sad. :( After the PCT debacle, we waited a couple of months, hoping that the old guest book would magically reappear. It never did. Afterwards, we went with a larger provider - - and their free service for 5 years. We didn't like all the adverts, so we eventually moved it here.

Instructions The Art of the Entry There are some nifty features that puts this guest book light-years ahead of our very first guest book (in addition to the fact that our entries are now backed up, along with the rest of our site, on a regular basis - no more lost entries!):

  1. You can use 'smileys'! :x ;) Which is fun. (Type in the smiley face and it will be converted after you hit "send")
  2. You can use XHTML code: <strong>; <em>; and even <a href="" title=" your title ">links</a>.
  3. Your email address doesn't show. (You must enter one, but if you're ultra paranoid, you can use a fake one ... provided it looks like a real one).
  4. You can also "subscribe" to comments. (Anytime a new comment is added to the article to which you've subscribed, you'll receive an email notification about the new comment.)

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Updated: 24-Jun-2009
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mQuote: If you track your portfolio with Quicken, you've likely encountered problems downloading price data using Quicken's "One Step Update". mQuote is a multi-ticker, historical ticker downloading tool, which offers a variety of enhancements



Quicken Price Download Problems?

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• You try to download quotes in your Quicken portfolio, but 'One Step Update' refuses to connect, no matter how many times you try? Sometimes such 'outages' last for days, leaving you frustrated.

• You add several stock or mutual fund symbols (or been away for longer than a month) and you want to download daily price data for the entire time, but Quicken won't download daily data further back than a single month?

• You get an email from Quicken, saying your 'Online Services are being discontinued' - buy a new version or lose the ability to download quotes?

If so, then you'll like mQuote.


What is mQuote?

mQuote is an online tool that provides a painless and simple way to download historical stock or mutual fund quotes, for multiple ticker symbols!

• Use it as a back-up for when the Intuit connection goes down.

• Use it for obtaining daily historical prices after you've been away for long periods or when back-filling new positions or watch-lists.

• Use it if you've been bitten by Quicken's "Sunset Policy" and the only Quicken online service you need is downloading quotes. (Why shell out $60 - or more - for new versions that don't contain substantive improvements; have work-flows "improvements" which are actually more cumbersome; or take the risk of bugs or worse - data transfer problems?).


Coming Soon

mQuote has been helping frustrated Quicken users since April 2008. Membership is free and there's no software to download or install. You can test it using the demonstration link below.

mQuote Demonstration

User:demo | Password:demo_mquote

Remember to log out. ;)

If you like mQuote, you'll want to have your own registered account. The account is free and it allows more ticker symbols and remembers your tickers in a saved list, just email and ask. Include your first & last name, a contact email address, your preferred username and an initial password.



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Updated: 5-Mar-2011
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