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Don't know why I didn't do this sooner, but we've created this post as a special guestbook page. We'll port over any and all 3rd-party guestbook entries, open this up for general comments (non post-specific) and then ditch the advert-riddled BraveNet guestbook we've had for ages.


One of the things we've enjoyed about sharing our adventures online, is meeting new people. We'd love to hear from you, so don't be shy ... just use the comment box below and tell us what you think ... say "hi" ... or just whatever is on your mind. We accept links and images! (We don't cotton much to SPAM, so we don't allow any of that stuff, so don't even try!)

Hope to hear from you soon!

- Scott & Rachel

Guest Book History A Checkered Past We've relied on various free, online guest-book services, since 1999 - mostly with ill-fated luck (e.g., we lost all entries made during our 5-month, Pacific Crest Trail adventure, because the service experienced a server failure in 2002). We were very sad. :( After the PCT debacle, we waited a couple of months, hoping that the old guest book would magically reappear. It never did. Afterwards, we went with a larger provider - - and their free service for 5 years. We didn't like all the adverts, so we eventually moved it here.

Instructions The Art of the Entry There are some nifty features that puts this guest book light-years ahead of our very first guest book (in addition to the fact that our entries are now backed up, along with the rest of our site, on a regular basis - no more lost entries!):

  1. You can use 'smileys'! :x ;) Which is fun. (Type in the smiley face and it will be converted after you hit "send")
  2. You can use XHTML code: <strong>; <em>; and even <a href="" title=" your title ">links</a>.
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1.flag Allen & Diana DeForrest Comment
Hi Rachel and Scott,

What an adventure to go on. You go girl! B) Two years and you'll be doing all the work the Doctors claim they do. So Scott, you'll be playing Mr Mom and hiking with little tyke? Best wishes to the three of you. Time will go by fast.

Al & Diana from Wild Ideas in the Santa Ynez Valley
2.flag Bill & Ann Comment
We met you guys on your recent cycle tour along the Banff - Jasper Icefields Parkway. You two are quite the inspiration and we still can't believe that your little girl was loving the trailer ride so much.

Keep spinning. All the best,
Ann and Bill (the couple from England)
3.flag Sarah Comment
I can't believe the wee one is almost one! Congratulations on keeping on doing the stuff you like to do and finding ways to bring her into it.

Good luck in school and Mr. Momming!

4.flag Heiner Jäger Comment
Nice web site. I always thought we get the first snow! :))
5.flag Darrin Comment
I just read your story about your Icefields Parkway cycle trip. Wow! That's what I'm talking about!  high-five  -- High-Five -- Great Journal --

I live in North Carolina, 3 hr. from the beach and 3 hr. from the mountains. I live 2 hr. from the Blue ridge parkway.

I want to ride it from end to end and camp along the way. You have the "Why Not" reasoning that I think most should have.

With a little planing I will make this trip! Thanks for a great web site, you made me feel like I was riding and hiking with you!

If you come this way look me up, the A. T. is only a few hours away as well is the blue ridge parkway.

Thanks again, Darrin
6.flag stk Comment
Darrin - Glad you liked it! The "Motivation" section that Rachel wrote speaks from the heart. Click HERE to read it. - Scott & Rachel
7.flag Chelsea Chowace Comment
Hi. You guys are great! I love to come visit. Well, talk to you later. Bye for now.

:D :x :lalala: |-| :)) ;D :roll:

8.flag stk Comment
Chelsea - Thanks! The Oop really loves it when you and Taylor come 'round. (Have you seen her WALK yet?) You're welcome to come over ... any time! If you ask, I bet Rachel will bake cookies ... not that you need sweet stuff after Holloween. Is your candy all gone? -Scott, Rachel & "the Oop"
9.flag Brenda Comment
Hi! My name is Brenda. I read your journal at CrazyGuy and also read through some of your dehydration recipes on your PCT site, and am thinking of doing some meals up before I cycle the continent next summer.
  I originally was going to take my two kids (my son will be 16 in December, and my daughter turned 10 in August), but they've both rebelled, so I'm going to do it solo.
  I also have a journal I'm working on at "CrazyGuy" about a trip I took in 1993 with my son (then 4.5 years old) down the Pacific Coast. There's a link to it in the "With Children" section.
  I was tickled to read on your website about Alex taking her first steps. Now you'll get more running in. ;)
  Take care!
10.flag Peggy & Dan Comment
My first thought on the Xmas letter was Rachel and Scott - but now that I look further, I see Rachel, Alexandra and Scott.

Oh well if I don't win the $100 that is too bad, but I loved reading both your Xmas letter, (as well as mum and dad's) and come to your site to read a little more about whats been going on.

I will see you at Mum and Dad's in the New Year, and Dan will be looking forward, as I will, to visit with Alexandra.

Merry Christmas Scott, Rachel, Alexandra and Tuxedo. Love Peggy, Dan and Chevy.
11.flag Mairin Comment
The pictures of Alex are soooooo cute! :D
12.flag Krystie & Jesse Comment
Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! We found your site through a google search for "thru hiking PCT". Your site was a pleasure to read and full of great info. The PCT slideshow was really a joy. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl. We wish you the best and look forward to visiting your site again.

Krystie & Jesse
13.flag Linda Jeffers Comment
Hi you two,

What a great site you have here. I guess now that you are home with Alex and not on the trail you have plenty of time to tweak your site.

If I haven't told you lately - thank you for the great memories you made for me being with you on Forrester Pass. I admire and respect you both.

Hope we meet again.


14.flag Heather Comment
Thanks so much for posting your journals online. I really enjoyed reading your PCT journal, and now that I am planning a trip on the Wonderland Trail, I'm reading that journal as well. I'll be hiking with my husband (who has hiked the JMT with me twice) and my baby (who went along for the ride on our last JMT hike at age 12 months).

Any thoughts or suggestions on what you would have done differently? What are the most beautiful sections and/or camps along the trail?

Thanks again!
15.flag Karen Lovegrove Comment
I like the looks of this website guys!
16.flag Colin & Judith Knipe Comment
Hi Rachel & Scott

Had the pleasure of having Rachel's Mom & Dad visit us several times over the last couple of weeks and Mom and Auntie Ann visit for lunch today. We were introduced to your (magnificent) website and the splendid pictures (and mp3 sounds). We almost felt as though we were with you. Keep up the good work .. and make sure you preserve a copy of it all to embarrass Alex with when she gets older!

All the very best,

Judith & Colin Knipe
17.flag Dad Comment
The animal sounds that Oop made were priceless. Now how about updating pictures for year two. :)
18.flag John Comment
Hi Scott, Rachel, and Alex (I feel like I know you all after viewing your PCT slide show). :)

I just wanted to thank you for your website I stumbled into your site while reading reviews of the HP Photosmart 735 at The journal and slide show look like something my wife (also named Rachael [note the spelling]) and I would like to do. I didn't have a chance to look at your photojournals yet - cause I'm at work and should be working - shh! don't tell - but maybe you could pass along the software you use in publishing the different aspects of your site. I read that you use B2 for your journal?

If you all are ever up to hiking in the Chihuahuan High Desert, do come to El Paso.

Regards, John
19.flag Sarah Comment
Hey guys! I just wanted to get back it touch with you Rachel! Hope we can catch up soon. Take good care.
20.flag Greg Comment
Thanks for a wonderful narrative of your Wonderland Trail adventure. More than I could do even in my wildest imagination. I read this because my son is currently in his fourth day of his solo Wonderland hike. He started at a place called Frying Pan Creek ( I can't find it on any map I've looked at.) He called us last night from Longmire saying he was having a wonderful time. He's an experienced outdoorsman so I don't worry about him to much. He'll come home with some wonderful tales. Hope your other adventures have gone well.

21.flag Rob Comment
Wow,this is a nice site you have. I stumbled on you from the b2evo forums and followed your www link. Love all the css work, "The Zen of CSS Design" is an inspirational site. One day when I am not trying to "FIX",or install things,I hope to explore that aspect of cyberland in more depth. It's just too easy to get bogged down with the nitty-gritty crap.
I will be back some time to have a better look around.
Cheers, Rob.
22.flag Wendy Comment
Thinking of you all. Great video and story about George. Terry and I both got a laugh out of it!
23.flag Candace Comment
Hey guys - hope all is well.. I finally have e-mail!
24.flag Kali McCrady Comment
I wanted to compliment you on your Wonderland Trail webpage. I have several online journals, but yours has some nice features.

I am a 44 year old matronly lady, and my best friend, of similar description, are hoping to tackle mowich to longmire. 9 years ago I did longmire to mowich. We live about 45 minutes from Rainier, so we do day hikes and occasional overnighters, so it isn't like we don't know what we are in for. We'll leave our guys behind, and pray like crazy! haha

Your rainy description is my number one pause that I have for our trip that we have planned for mid to late July. I am afraid you guys were on the hil when fall fell.

Thanks for an interesting weblog. Best wishes on your future journeys!

Kali McCrady
25.flag stk Comment
Kali - We're glad you enjoyed the journal. Good luck on your hike and here's to hoping the paths are clear and the rain abates.


Scott and Rachel
26.flag Mike Comment
Hey, I was just browsing around and came across your page. Great webpage with some things that I haven't seen before in my past browsings.

Well done and keep up the good posts and creative web stuff.

27.flag Dan & Doris Comment
Hi Folks,

I just came across your website and had to talk to you. We are one of the groups who tried and failed the TRAIL last year due to an "injured" party member. We are going back this year ( Sept. 1 to 13) and have some questions.

1) We use coleman fuel: how much for 2 for 13 daze?

2) how were the river crossings? Any problems?

Now I am going to read all your journals. Hopefully you can respond before we leave.

hey, thank you for the info and keep in touch.

Dan and Doris
28.flag stk Comment
Dan & Doris,

We hope you like our journal!

Your Questions:

(1) Fuel consumption depends on how you cook, your stove and how often you cook too. For us, we used an MSR WhisperLite and cooked a hot b-fast (cereal and drink) plus dinner (heated a 1 quart pot for pasta, potatoes or rice + another 1 quart pot for simmering the main sauce/meal). We got by on a single Sigg fuel bottle for the trip, though we topped it up at Longmire. I doubt we could have lasted a whole 10 days, but it woulda been close.

I'd recommend that you resupply fuel for sure, since you're planning on being out 13 days.

(2) Crossings - All are supposed to have bridging of one type or another. The year we went, one had washed out and we had to ford it. Best advice if you have to ford - try to cross as early in the morning as you can. The hot sun will increase glacial melt and there's a big difference in river volume between 9AM and 3PM. ;-)

Have FUN!!

-Scott, Rachel and the Oop
29.flag Eleanor Comment
We enjoyed meeting you yesterday on the Cable Bay Trail and making Alex an honorary member of the Manzanitas. Our usual rule is "No children, no dogs, and no men"
but it doesn't hurt to make an exception once in awhile! ;)

I don't know why my mind went blank, but the Municipality of North
Cowichan office is on your RIGHT (if heading south), not left, after the Mays Rd. traffic light. They have a number of pamphlets with hiking trail maps,
for the Duncan and Chemainus areas.

Weren't we lucky to be hiking yesterday in the good weather? I've just
come back from an hour-long dog walk and both of us got soaked!

30.flag stk Comment
Yes, it was nice meeting your group on our first "official" hike, since we moved to Yellow Point. It was a gorgous day and we're proud that our 3-year-old, was able to walk the entire 4-km trip!! (She's such a social animal that she forgot all about "hiking" on the return, because she was enjoying being the center of attention with your hiking group).

We'll definitely follow up on the Cowichan office, gleaning all the local hiking information they have. We're hoping to start taking Alex for longer and longer hikes, exploring any and all hiking trails that are nearby.


Scott, Rachel and "honorary Manzanita" Alex :D
31.flag Dave Comment

I came across your site while trying to figure out how to blog via email, and I just wanted to say how nice your site looks. I was wondering if it is available as a B2Evolution template? I am a Montrealer living in Pittsburgh, with family everywhere, including Burnaby, BC & Holland!

Anyhow, like I said, I love the style of your site & was wondering if it was available as a template? Obviously if it was I would change some of the colors & the banner & such, but generally speaking, it looks really 'neat & organized', which is what we are looking for!

Let me know!


32.flag stk Comment
Dave -

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

We started using b2evolution in Jan 2005 and we ported our (then hosted at GeoCities) family website to a new host and into b2evolution. The goal was to keep the same "look", but with an XHTML-valid, liquid design.

We chose the "London" skin. It's still around. Here's a demo of it:

Hope this helps.


Scott & Rachel

33.flag Ric Comment
Just finished reading about some of your trips and they looked great. Not quite sure how I got onto your site, probably linked to Jscript>photo> etc... in an effort to jazz up our site, I dont know. I havent been traveling for a couple of years now and your site certainly gave me itchy feet. My friend and I have a site at


34.flag James Comment
Just thought I'd let you know I found your site while looking for info on the Icefield parkway. My wife and I rode from home thru the parks to Jasper. Home being Nanaimo! So I was very amused to see Yellow Point listed as your home. Maybe we'll run into you at the Crow and Gate one day.

I have to say that while the Icefield parkway was maybe not as hard as I thought it might be, I would think twice about hauling a baby and trailer over it. I hope you are able to continue touring with your little one.

35.flag Dave Comment
Was browsing other AT sites and came across yours. You have a very nice web presence. My site I recently developed is
36.flag Sieg Comment
Just checking in after my return from R&R. We had a great time skiing while back in Germany. You can see some of the ski pics at Tina's new .mac page. Sorry to hear about your Grams passing. Tina just lost hers last year as well. Whats your next adventure? Were planning a run to South Africa on my return. I'm also taking a stab at podcasting to help fill the time here.
37.flag Dicentra Comment
Hi there! I am working on putting together a PCT page for my website and I found your site. There is some great information here! I hope you don't mind, I've added a link to your site. :)
38.flag Jen Comment
Wow, I enjoyed the sunflower project! We just planted some at the end of May and were wondering when we could expect blooms. I almost hope ours don't get that big since I'm trying this out on a balcony garden. =) Your daughter is adorable by the way and thanks again for posting all that!
39.flag Shari Comment
Hi there! I'm planning a thru-hike of my own and have been reading your site with interest. You mentioned a couple of times that you'd update the site with the actual expenses, and if we didn't see the updates, to let you know. So, here's my nudge to let you know.

I hope you do update. I've found your site to be invaluable in my own planning. The level of detail you offer is hard to find on the internets. :)

40.flag Richard C. Comment
you have lived my dreams....

I just surfed in and love your PCT journal. I been wanting to do the Pacific Crest Trail, since I got discharge from the military in 1969. I just retired in 2005 and started hiking/backpacking this year (2008). I'm going to do parts of PCT in 2009, probably from Red Meadows to Tuolomne meadows. I'm planning stages right now ... you guys have inspired me ... thanks!
41.flag Jim Comment
Seems like a pretty good web,if one understands it. I am trying to learn HTML and to put a photo or image on my page I need:

&amp;lt;img src="url" width="xx" height="xx"&amp;gt;

What is the "URL"if the image is in "my photos" on my computer? Yes, I'm computer illiterate, but am busy learning for an old man. (wow,I previewed my ? and it doesn't show the code I wrote for the html format.)

42.flag stk Comment
Jim - I'll have to email you to help get you sorted out. Sounds like you have a tad of learning to do, but good on you for giving it a go!

The short answer is that the photo needs to be accessible from the web (i.e., having an image on your personal computer isn't the same as having an image on a "web server", even though both are "connected" to the Internet). While it IS technically possible to turn your local computer into a web server, from a security point of view, it's not a very good idea. A better option would be to UPLOAD the image to an "image hosting service" (there's a lot of them on the web and if you Google "image hosting service", you'll find lots ... some of which are actually FREE).

Also ... the reason your code didn't show is because the computer literally sees &lt; and &gt; as "oh, that's telling me there's HTML between these and I'm going to do that command" ... you have to "fake" the computer out by typing in the entity value for these characters ... (which I've done for you)

&amp;lt; or &amp;#60; for &amp;lt
&amp;gt; or &amp;#62; for &amp;gt;

Hope this helps.


PS - LOL ... typing code into this Bravenet guestbook isn't fun at all!!

43.flag Charis Comment
I was browsing through the Canadian entries for the Best Job in the World and saw your entry. "Hmmm, I know this guy...." Sure enough, we shared a potluck our last night on the Bowron circuit last summer. Fun to find you! Good luck with the job!
44.flag stk Comment
Charis - One of "the three kayakers"! What an unusual way to "find us"! (There's something like 12,000 Aussie "Island Caretaker" video applications. Mind you, how many from Canada?)

Thanks for commenting and I'll have to read your journal of the Bowron trip. (We had a good time and the pot-luck dinner with Gord & Dave and you guys was memorable ... as was the mouse that visited us inside our tent @ 3AM that night!)
45.flag Paul Comment
haha, I am reading so slowly on all of your messages. You are all so live. this is a great site for our Chinese to learn more culture and dailylife of your west. You known, this is better than have to read Chinadaily news.
46.flag stk Comment
Paul - Thanks for writing!

I know you "found" Randsco when I put my application in for "The Best Job in the World".

Although I didn't get into the Top-50, I thought it was really nice that you liked our application and that you voted for me.

If our blog helps Chinese people learn English, that is a bonus! It is much more fun to learn a language through friends and real life, rather than from a newspaper or textbook.

Tell your friends (and I'll remember that some of our "audience" is Chinese and learning English - and about the West - through our writing).
47.flag Anon Comment
Hey, from a Whitsundayan, sorry you didn't make it.

I enjoyed your report and thought I could give you a bit of info 'from the other side'.

Tourism QLD is in charge of 15 quangos which are called Regional Tourism Organsiations (RTO's). Each RTO has a government paid CEO, but the board of directors is elected by the membership, which are mostly made up of owners of the local businesses.

Most of the income into these RTO's comes from membership and government funds.

In some regions, like the Whitsundays, membership of the local RTO is so poor (less than 10% businesses represented), that what happens is a 'certain crowd' gain control of the RTO.

The RTO's then have influence which could persuade Tourism QLD to make decisions in certain ways, like who is to be their internet experts, or advertising agency, or who will film their videos, etc.

Some of the suggestions to use a particular service may have been for reasons other than 'to provide the best service'.

What I am trying to say is that your experience with our tourism organizations should not distort your view of 'the real people' in Australia, who are not advertising 'gurus', PR Consultants, or Spin Doctors . . . . especially here in the Whitsundays, and that probably accounts for 90% of the businesses and residents.

Yes, I agree, as a resident, I get upset with some of the prices charged here as well, but I deal with that issue every day, but I choose to live here because of the people who live here . . . most of them are laid back and genuine.

Hey, still come out and visit our beautiful region and its people . . . I will put you up for a couple of nights if you wish, just to prove we are genuine.

To make your own protest, when you visit, why not patronise the businesses who are not members of our local RTO?

Best Regards with sincere intentions.
48.flag stk Comment
Anon - Thanks for your comment, providing insight into the politics of the RTO and for your offer. In fact, it was your offer - of putting us up for the night - that intrigues me more than any marketing done by Tourism Queensland.

We are 'salt of the Earth' people. We prefer camping to 4-star hotels and cycling, walking or kayaking, rather than driving. Our best adventures are ones where we've met and gotten to know the local people.

Australia is quite a distance from Canada and we're not even close to exploring all that North America has to offer, so it will likely be some time before we venture 'Down Under' (which was a great part of the appeal of TBJITW - an opportunity to experience Australia sooner, rather than later).

My criticism is aimed at Tourism Queensland, but it hasn't dampened my desire to visit - that was cemented firmly in place prior to TBJITW. It's doubtful, however, that I'd make a special effort to visit the Whitsundays as a result of the campaign, especially in light of that criticism.

When we do come to visit, your suggestion of patronizing businesses that are not represented by the local RTO sounds like a good one. Is there an easy way to tell if a business isn't a member?
49.flag Lea Comment
We have a 1993 bayliner boat and are having problems with it big time. Can you be of any assistants please? Do you know how to fix the timing? Thank you
50.flag Lea Comment
I am the one with the 1993 bayliner boat. My name is Lea & my e-mail address I am new to thi site. I was trying to google how to fix timing and this site came up. So if anyone can help me that would be great. Thank you very much.
51.flag stk Comment
Lea - We will contact you via email. Cheers -stk
52.flag Richard Comment
Hey Scott: Not sure if you remember me but I graduated from HHS in '76 and was at Davis 79 to 80. Really fascinated by your website. Looks like you've had the chance to explore a heck of a lot of places and it inspires me to blow the dust off my backpack and explore, whether it's along the PCT or remote places in Southeast Asia. Anyway, mostly wanted to say thanks for sharing the adventures.
53.flag stk Comment
Richard - Had to look at a yearbook to remember! Thanks for the positive feedback about our site. I look forward to catching up with you on Facebook.
54.flag Carlos Negron Comment
Taxpayers are now paying for the political campaigns indirectly so why not do it directly and exert some influence on what these candidates say.l

I'm all for public financing of all political elections.
55.flag Bill Comment
Got to listen to the game Saturday on the Pottsville PA Station here in Rehoboth Beach DE. Reception was very good ... only a few beginning stream glinches. Thanks for the WEB PAGE and Info!

Bill - You're welcome for the page. We've been searching for ways to listen to Penn State games online since 2005. Tell your Penn State football friends! - Scott
56.flag Devon Allcock Comment
Sounds like a great place, do you ever rent it out? My friends and I have been fishing out of Ucky for a few yrs and would like to find a float home to use for 3 to 4 days in summer.

Devon - I assume that you're talking about our floating cabin. No, we don't rent it. That's part of our agreement with our shared owners is that we don't rent. Sorry. (A quick Google search for "rent float cabin ucluelet" turned up a few hits? Good luck!) - Scott

57.flag Neil Comment
So get this, it's not bad enough that Chrysler could never make a reliable 4 speed transmission (we had trouble with our '89 Caravan transmission) or anything else, but now they want to make bad 8 speeds. Have you seen their commercial with the 70's music. They are horrible. Never by Crapler.
58.flag George R. Jenkins Comment
Thanks for sharing your Wonderland trail experience. We've ventured on various parts of the trail and have gasped at parts where the line on the map has tight squigglies as it goes up 2000' in a mile or so -- but you've actually hiked it. A great read and advice for our next hikes. Keep it up.
59.flag Joe Campana Comment
Thanks for keeping this website up and up to date.
Will be using it to refresh my memory of a trip I and my two sons took in 1991. Am putting a project together and although I have quite a photographic memory of places visited and photographed and have a fairly detailed journal, I'm having trouble recognizing bodies of water and skylines in my slides. So will probably find your site very useful to match the descriptions of your images with mine.