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Randsco can help to promote your products & services. We have over 10 years of web experience. Our site has authority - currently w/a Page Rank of 5 - & we're constantly adding new material.

We're a family-run website with international readers. Our original articles appeal to a large target audience. Rachel is a nurse and Scott a web-developer and volunter firefighter. We're professional and offer custom promotional opportunities at reasonable rates.

Look below at what we have to offer. We're sure you'll agree - Ad space on Randsco makes good business sense.

About Randsco

Randsco is a family-run website based in Canada (Vancouver Island). We focus on web-development, outdoor adventure, family stories and various local & international news. We launched Randsco in 2004, as a way to share our adventures and keep family & friends up-to-date (Scott is from the United States), but it has turned into much more.


Why Randsco?

  • Longevity: Online since 2004
  • Authority: Currently Page Rank 5
  • Prolific: Over 400 relevant articles
  • Audience: 40,000+ visitors per month
  • Interactive: Over 2,500 comments
  • Appeal: World-wide readership
  • Unique Content: Lots of original material on varied topics
  • Professional: Over 17 years of corporate experience
  • Reasonable: Our rates are reasonable
  • Customizable: Need something different? No problem


Randsco Advert Policies

We practice "White Hat SEO". We don't try to "fool" search engines & we write lots of original, engaging & relevant content. Content is King.

Google is constantly tweaking their algorithms & our Page Rank has been as high of 6 and as low as 4. While it always gives us a giggle to see a Randsco article when we're searching on Google, PR and SERP rankings are not the end-all-be-all for us.

Because of this, we don't mind sharing our authority with advertisers. It helps pay for electricity. We have, however, come up with a number of advert policies, to protect our readers & our "White Hat SEO" practices.

  • Relevancy: We don't write about gambling, medications or replica watches, so we won't advertise those products.
  • PG Rated: We're a family-oriented blog, so we don't advertise sex, porn or condoms.
  • Sneaky Ads: We don't allow advert links buried in body copy (all ads are clearly marked).

Note: When we say that adverts are clearly marked, we mean "for our readers (eyes)" ... not search engine spiders. Accepted text links will appear in a visually-separated DIV and have a graphical link (to this article). Below is a demonstration. - Quality products at great prices.

For readers, the advert is clearly separated and marked as such. For search engine spiders, the word "A D V E R T I S E M E N T" never appears (because it's a picture) and the link is indexed along with the rest of the page content. Everyone is happy!

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