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If the computer Gods at PayPal are correct then you're supposed to reach this page after you've clicked on a "donate" graphic somewhere on our site (shown below) and successfully donated to We must have done something that helped or pleased you, or maybe you're just a philanthropist?

Eveyone on the entire staff here at Randsco thanks you for your support! ( *looks at self in the mirror* ) :p

I hope you continue to benefit from what we write and encourage you to donate lots ... and often! :D



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Updated: 8-Aug-2008
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About Rachel

Here's a spot for Rachel to introduce herself to the Randsco readers.

I've just put this here as a placeholder, so visitors won't get a 404 (File not Found), when they're looking for more information.


Yer hubby

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Updated: 30-Oct-2007
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1-Jun:  Rachel has completed her very last FINAL exam (her final final?) and has only her 'preceptor-ship' (i.e. - work without wages, as a guise to "learning") to finish her nursing degree! Yippee!! Come August, she'll be DONE and free to work as a Registered Nurse! (provided she passes the CRNE)
AstonishMe! has released it's first substantial plug-in for post-Phoenix b2evolution bloggers: Google Spell Checker. It's a simple-to-install and use plug-in that will spell check your blog posts and post comments.
Scott takes an amusing look at how demanding appliances control our lives. He's also thrilled that the local Edmonton Oilers are headed to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in 16 years. Go Oilers Go!!

June 2006


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Randsco Site FAQs

We get questions from time to time about this site, how it works, what services we use, etc., etc. This will be the place where we post some information. It will likely be multipaged and quite boring for most folks. (But quite informative for others).

I haven't had time to fully populate this page, but if you're want to know a bit more about Randsco, have a look here.

If you have any ideas about what you want to see, questions, etc. This is the place! Just drop me a line. The more questions ... the faster this will be built.

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About STK

stk == scott thomas kimler :: the designer and author for this site.

More information will be coming soon (at some point in the future ... not soon-enough future, but hopefully before too long, future).

Actually, there's a ton of info on the site ... have a look around. But I will fill this out. I promise.

drooling daze

college daze

working years

playing years

more drooling to come


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